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  1. I thought you could not have 2 accounts with the same pc? If its not breaking DE rules that's great I will set it up. Thank You for your answer.
  2. Family plays Xbox I'm on PC . I use twitch they want to use mixer. How can I separate the 2 accounts So they are able to do so without linking to me?
  3. went to link you listed instead of Prime Time stream I got " the dirty old man" stream PLEASE list correct link in the future. I don't want my kids watching Dirty old men. Thank you.
  4. Sure hope this stops the 10054 error. Not being able to use the chat to trade suxx. 😟
  5. It says to fight sargus ruck at the relay but it won't let me. I finished the 4 quest and turned in everything and it says its complete. Defend the relay but there is no way to defend there. ITS stuck for me
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