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  1. Yes! Can’t wait to get Gauss again and mod him right! Been enjoying him a lot on PC since the update.
  2. Is there going to be one this year? The last anniversary was August 31st, 2018, so its already been a full year since then. I want more Noggles and weapon skins!
  3. I’d switch Mag out for Frost, since she is a really hard Warframe to make work at beginner level. Frost would be a great help for low to high level Defense missions, plus he is a early Defense/CC frame to farm.
  4. I highly doubt TennoGen will be available to buy with Platinum for a long time, because buying it that way doesn’t benefit the creators as much as a purchase through Steam does.
  5. It should be in your Decorations, Noggles are ship decorations.
  6. I forgot I’m in The Architect too, I love to make my orbiter look nice, and it keeps growing and growing with decorations and whatever knick knacks I love using.
  7. The frame I come back to, is Frost. I don’t know how I fell for this Frosty boi but I’ve always been glad I did, he makes my Warframe experiences so much better. His appearance and play style remind me of a Mage type or Warlock, then all the pieces fell together. Frost is a fantastic frame in general and I’m surprised he has stayed my favorite for almost a year since I downloaded Warframe. I intend to keep him as my 1# for a long time!
  8. This is a tough one to answer, if I can pick anyone else, it would be Ember and Hildryn. I don’t play Ember much but she feels like a representation of my temperament, the more fiery and aggressive side of me, and she is my go to for Exterminate missions. Hildryn is just plain fun to use, great on Corpus maps, Energy Reduction Sortie and Fortuna, plus she is stronk. CC is my favorite way to play in Warframe, so frames like her give me interest. I really would say Frost but those two frames deserve a mention here.
  9. Frost and Frost Prime, used to like Zephyr Prime for less than two months then I tried Frost again after leveling him. I liked him way more than Zephyr and has been my favorite Warframe since. Lots of reasons why I love Frost, design, abilities, theme, TennoGen, and the little quirks to his animation sets.
  10. Tenno Runway and Descendants of Destiny fit me pretty well, because I like looking good and I played Destiny for a long time before getting into Warframe.
  11. Hey! Unfortunately there isn’t another way right now to receive the Lotus Ephemera if you didn’t didn’t get it from TennoCon.
  12. Favorites: Frost Harka, Nidus Phyrke, Nyx Pasithea, Nezha Empyrean and Nekros Irkalla Least favorites: Ember Vermillion, Chroma Dynasty, Vauban Citadel, Loki Knave and Valkyr Gersemi Honorable mention goes to Limbo Limina because it looks cool even though the dangly things are a little excessive. But my main gripe with it is that it doesn’t fit Limbo at all.
  13. Vesper Relay on Xbox looks like the TennoCon Relay. Larunda is still destroyed over here.
  14. Where’s the fix for the Frost Zastruga helmet? It should be with this update right?
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