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  1. I caught one of the Carriers behind the entrance to Fortuna recently, so it could be in specific places.
  2. Xbox and Switch don’t have a exclusive Ephemera at this time.
  3. Fae Path was never said to be PC exclusive, so this claim that it is is false. I haven’t bought a single Prestige Pack myself, haven’t seen a skin in it I want yet.
  4. DE said that Fae Path would come to Console after it released on PC, and now we have it after several months. I don’t see a reason to ask for that ephemera, its a PS4 exclusive, so it will never release anywhere else.
  5. Saryn Ion has been in game since Old Blood, is that a oversight?
  6. Having those skins on PC defeats the purpose of it being exclusive to Console.
  7. How are people being entitled? If it was free at all, since it took so long to be brought to us, I would accept that more than what DE’s current plan is for it. The price for it is pretty reasonable imo, its a drop in the bucket compared to all the other items Baro brings with him on his bi-weekly visits.
  8. Really? Thats quite cheap for a lot of players. I’ll happily pick up and build it if its a blueprint.
  9. A Frost and Ember unvault is way too soon, they were available last January. I’m hoping for Nekros+Trinity since those are the next pair waiting for a Prime Unvaulting.
  10. Personally, seeing my Xbox GT for my Operators name is a little out of place, so I wouldn’t mind being able to give my Operator a separate name from my account. And for Console, my GT is the same across all games on Xbox. For Steam, my ingame name is HeartofAnubis but my display name is Heat of Bastet.
  11. I’m a Frost player because he clicks with my playstyle, and Harka skin is bae too.
  12. Personally, I don’t like every frame in the game so I like specific ones, I don’t see a reason to spread yourself thin with multiple choices.
  13. I feel that putting a Vidar Mk III Reactor in the Store is a P2W move, since it bypasses the insane grind for it and is one of the better Reactors available out there. Warframe Reactors can be bought through Nightwave, or earned by playing Invasions or Gift of the Lotus alerts, those are in game ways to get it, plus I’d rather not spend a measly 20p when I can use that Plat for slots or fashion.
  14. Even though I don’t have much to do in Warframe nowadays, the gameplay and loop is pretty satisfying, and I get to see how creative I can be with my loadouts and fashion.
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