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  1. double sheaths, no sheaths post first attack. look at any of my other posts, many contain instances of these issues, but they exist nonetheless. the aesthetic cohesion and glitchiness of a weapon really does assist people in using it image for posterity
  2. i'm not getting a new image since we all already know they're broken since you're 'balancing' everything, can you please fix them? if someone has an image of the double-sheath meme feel free to post it. godbless lmao
  3. Oh right and don't forget the double sugatras bro.
  4. There are multiple issues with them, from the weird double-scabbard, to no scabbard permanently after the first swing of the weapon. I'm gonna just keep posting about this till it's fixed. Why did I pay for this skin if I'm only allowed to see half of it?
  5. From the double sheath issue, to the scabbard vanishing on the first strike. This is my second post about this, I'll post a third tomorrow (or the day after), and a fourth after that, etc.
  6. i'm gonna post about this every day till it's fixed because half of the ninkana's model is in the scabbard and why did i pay so much for this particular ninkana scabbard if i don't get to see it? while it's nice to see the blade of this thing, it doesn't change the fact that half of what i purchased is invisible in short idiot is angy because thing broken fix thing idiot not angy anymore thank
  7. Can we please get this to be toggleable for #*!%'s sake
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