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  1. Why do you continue to insult me, it's almost as if you don't choose to understand what Im trying to say you actively refuse to and get mad at me for it. Let's put it this way then u think having umbra forma has such a petty effect on gameplay? Do you not use all 3 umbra mods on a warframe ur looking at a 36% increase over a base intensify and the boosts to ur health and armour with all of them maxed and stuck onto the warframe I can go from 1300 health on a saryn to 1600 or even 1700 and the armour that's more than a basic steal fibre. You clearly seem to lack the knowlage of how these nods work and the ways you can unorthodoxly build ur warframes with more power than they normally would have using builds if you don't believe this has an impact you must be blind and also the tau resists gameplay will eventually require them and maybe one day you might feel sorry for ur blabbering and insults towards others. When you get sick of carrying people through things and tell them to "git gud" all because you were able to get something they will never get not even through trade you might realise things
  2. The thing is with what you are saying mods are trade-able i remember how tempo royal and those mods cost thousands of plat all coz they were limited time things that nobody thought would come back, but they were trade-able and moved hands it may have been rare but it happened. put it this way what if we removed normal forma entirely stuck it into nightwave at the same rank as the umbra forma how would u feel then when all of ur warframes progression to being more powerful is gimped and locked behind the time gated system, lets also lock you away from playing the game for 80% of the nightwave system so you will never get it does that change ur perception on it or not? im guessing not. Like someone said the next one should be at like mastery 30 not in a time gated system, it gives incentive to actually grind n do mastery rank and it is achievable by everyone if they so wish to have it if anything it should have just been a mastery rank thing like mastery 25 gets one mastery 30 gets one. the people that already have an umbra forma shouldn't receive one when they hit 25 as they already have one as a "get it early" kinda thing. it would meant people that actually work for it gets and allows for everyone to be able to get one if they so wish. and stopping a divide of the players that could never get it because they cant no life the game
  3. There's still the fact new players will never experience it leaving a hard division they will never ever reach items that have such a impact being completely lost to time yes it should be hard to get but not locked away time gated #*!%ing bullS#&$ grind, everyone needs to be able to get it if they put the effort in at any time not the tome gate 1 off thing that leaves the OMG look at me I'm super special coz I got the umbra forms shame u won't ever have as many as me kinda S#&$, this is why I say it should just be given to the people that missed out fix the #*!%ing system so people can go brain dead grinding for the next one and be done with it. Yes the division should exist but all players should be able to reach being sweat lord and timegating something like umbra forms leaves a hard division stopping a lot of people from even getting it ever and if they keep it up they will understand how deeply they #*!%ed up and it will be too late to change it
  4. Please read into this as certain rewards should have really not been put into this system, in the future when more umbra forma is brung out and kept in this system it will bring implications between people that are starting and casuals that wish they could have the item but cannot have due to time restraints and all that nonsense. Please listen and give it to us not lock it behind such a system build a system that you can correctly deliver the item to players without locking it and allowing them to get it when they need it like a quest or something and give the item to the people that missed it or where close to it. Players should bot be punished so harshly for not dedicating their lives to the game
  5. I guess maybe there should be a division due to how much work is put in but when locking items behind the timed grind wall and not allowing people to catch up and get those items at a later date leaves a hard division not a soft division that allows players to catch up n match them, it needs to change n this is why I really feel they should just give us the items as they said it was a test of the system not leave this gap of missed out opertunity, it's not like the tempo royal and those kinda item things those are trade able n switch hands and move around n there's so many of it and by locking something like the umbra forma like this is just depressing
  6. I think in all honesty you put it better than me and the exact problem with the system, I use to be one of those no life hardcore players that has all the time in the world but now I have grown up I have a life n barely get to play a single day a week sometimes I even miss weeks on end and being forced to miss out on such a thing is disheartening but they won't change the system and they won't give us it all coz even though it was a "test" of the system they want to keep that division between players with the items and players without
  7. It seems what i have been trying to mention repeatedly on the feedback forum and people seem to ignore or not take a single care in the world about. The Nightwave system used to lock major progression/power creep items like the umbra forma behind a battle pass syndicate grind that is also time gated will have adverse effects in the future and will only divide the player base between the sweaty people that have way too much time on their hands. this shouldn't be a thing, forma gives a huge boost to the power a warframe can achieve and when locking something behind the Nightwave system that gives such an effect on game play limits the players that can get it. this should not be a thing but it is and nobody seems to have a care in the world for it. The reactions from people i get are that umbra forma was a waste of a thing and that it makes no difference but in all honesty they seem not to realize how much of an effect it has and by locking it behind such a system leads to a hard division between players that really shouldn't be there I really hope that someone that has the power to change this actually understands what i mean and that the item be handed to us, this shouldn't be happening but it is and its such a disgrace i have been playing for so many years on PC and Xbox seeing this happen is a shame and being a "cash whale" kinda player i would have expected my voice to at least be herd but it seems to just continue to fall on def ears
  8. You instantly have shown me you have no idea what you are talking about the huge difference in stats the umbra mods provide when maxed, you don't understand the freedom they allow you to expand apon take the umbra intensify when maxed and paired with the other two mods it's 66% power instead of 30% or do you still not understand what I'm blabbering on about and the power creep that is possible with these mods you are seeming to refuse
  9. maybe for you but you are limiting urself to specif frames it seems dedicated to a specific task or a certain thing, you mod ur warframes in a typical manner and yes the game is easy but compared to you i was once one of thoes sever hard core players that did stuff to the point where the scaling was so broken it was unbelievable. id also like the point that it seems you have no idea how much something like an umbra forma can modify a build and how much of a difference and power creep it provides, i have mained saryn since the start and umbra mods coming around has allowed me to have a full positive build on all my stats none of it goes under 100% and getting the forma allows someone like me to finally max those mods allowing such and increase in the performance to trump ur normal things and leaving that kind of "progress" behind a resetting time gated syndicate grind locks portions of the player base that can no longer dedicate their lives to the game or never will to even reach it and alienates them locking them away from things they wish they could have but cannot get all because timed exclusive grind, yes cosmetics are semi acceptable for that kind of thing even though it shouldnt but items that actually matter are another story something like the umbra forma maybe be useless to you but not for others
  10. I would like to come back to this, after reading that they want to add a catch up mechanic it doesn't seem they want to add it so we can finish season 1 and get to rank 30 effectively splitting the player base m people that have the things like umbra forma allowing for warframes to be stupid powerful if moded correctly and the players that didn't reach rank 30 completely miss out on Thor's rewards with no other way to get them leaving them inherently weaker,having this time gated battle pass bullS#&$ syndicate grind trash. Yes you should give people that have no life spend all week playing the game the rewards they need but people move on from that and sometimes can't even play the game and not allowing Those people a proper reasonable chance to get the rewards is Rude and separating the player base. The catch up needs to be there for season one and all seasons need to be playable no matter what.
  11. The Problem i have with this Nightwave thing is that its another syndicate grind more or less but you are also limited to the amount of rep ur getting, its just a disguised syndicate. another problem with it is how its time gated and your major progress in it lies in weekly challenges which i miss out on a lot due to having to travel a lot, i only get like 1 day a week if that and have missed out on multiple weeks of it. I have barely even reached half way and im apparently expected to get to rank 30. I'm at the point in the game were something like the umbra forma is my only sort of progression for me and its locked behind a grind wall i have to be stupid active to achieve. its as if i am to be punished because im not a child anymore and don't have time in my life to actually play the game, iv been playing the game since pretty much release on both PC and when Xbox came out i moved to that and iv never felt well so hopeless that the sense of progression i can do is time gated syndicate that resets itself, its as if the hardcore community is only what the game is about at this point and sure maybe please them but throwing out a bunch of ur players because they have lives and cant dedicate themselves to your game anymore is rude. The only thing i guess i can suggest would be: - Allow progress to be carried over into next season of it and until one get to rank 30 in it they cannot progress to next season or something - Allow us to use our wolf credits to buy levels something like i guess 10 per level - Alternatively let us just buy the rewards we wanted or give us a single pick of what we wanted from all of the rewards at the end of the season that we didn't reach, this i believe would allow people like me that have barely any time to play what we wanted even if it was one item some sort of closure I use to be a hardcore player playing every day nearly but now that i am out of school and have a life i feel like i am just getting punished digging my own hole and being buried and forgotten about in it
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