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  1. Muh elitism Thanks for bringing back Primed Chamber DE!
  2. Good changes, now actually keep working on this track with the new UI stuff and it might turn out to be usable.
  3. Having slept on this, it's downright insulting to think players get confused by too much information when the wiki has been an integral part of the game since its beginning. People in the past have even suggested an integrated wiki in the codex. The game doesn't tell us enough and we have to resort to the wiki for many simple things. Whoever is in charge of the new UI/UX has to change course. Hover or tab to get more information is a terrible design. No item labels is a terrible design. Wasting more than half of the screen for visuals instead of information that the player is looking for in that very screen is a terrible design. The new end screen is a perfect example of these mistakes. You're actually removing information we had before, replacing it with useless stats, flashy Warframe pictures and hiding item labels. It would waste even more of the players time trying to check what they got from the mission. For your point about too much information in the old ability screen, THIS is what I want to see when I search for an ability. The game is already missing so much information from basic ability use and you want to hide even more of it. Don't hide information from us, make the UI faster with more useful information to the player. Whatever new "design guidelines" you think you're following need to be ditched and looked at from a new perspective.
  4. Do NOT add more hold to confirm selections, we play on a PC for a reason. We have a mouse that points and clicks, we know what we click and that's enough. Slowing things down is not a good thing. UI is supposed to make things easier and faster, not look fancy and be clunky to use. More info, faster info, less flashy
  5. The change to not being able to stock up on Intrinsics means you just removed any reason to play Railjack for anyone with maxed Intrinsics. I'm not gonna butt my head against the Veil enemies just to get Void hole to complete the ship mods, atleast Intrinsics was a guaranteed reward, Void hole might never even drop.
  6. Just adding my own occurrence of this when returning to the orbiter, it was a simple super high pitched noise with max volume that hurt my ears. Entered a mission and it dissappeared, have had other people complain about sound issues too after Railjack update.
  7. Still keeps happening, even without Wisps attack speed buff simply spamming E with Berserker and Arcane Strike.
  8. You just plop it on its butt side close enough to touch the orb before it dies, party needs to be close to the effigy too
  9. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Chroma#Abilities
  10. Base 125k for Profit Taker 250k with Double Credit weekend 500k with Double Credit from Chroma #4 1M with Double Credit booster 2M with Smeeta 4M with Smeeta double proc 8M with Smeeta triple proc
  11. This is why, it's tied to your FPS and completely breaks when you have too high attack speed and over 120 fps:
  12. As per title, the new (old) 'Hold Melee' function is tied to your fps and attack speed and outright stops working when your FPS goes to 121 fps if you have 69% attack speed from Wisp. Testing was done with Mewan - Seekalla - Vargeet Jai II Zaw with 1.10 attack speed, and getting 69% attack speed from Wisp buff (348% Power strength). Bleeding Willow stance. At 75 to 120 fps and 69% attack speed buff, 'Hold Melee' activates at 150 milliseconds. At 60 fps and 69% attack speed buff, 'Hold Melee' activates at 175 milliseconds. At 120 fps without attack speed buffs, 'Hold Melee' activates at 260 milliseconds. At 60 fps without attack speed buffs, 'Hold Melee' activates at 300 milliseconds. Hold melee activating at 150 milliseconds is clearly a bug and causes accidental heavy melee attacks draining your combo counter. The time held should be a fixed time, say 500 milliseconds. A toggle option wouldn't hurt either.
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