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  1. The latest patch made the left side view a lot better, it used to be just a blob of yellow light but the metals still don't look quite right on the right one:
  2. After today's hotfix it still seems broken. Old one: Current patch:
  3. All of the prisma skins lost their old metallic and turned into cheap plastic with the rendering chance, wouldn't mind it getting changed back,
  4. The update seems to have broken the metallics especially on Landing craft Prisma skins, wouldn't mind getting my metals back. Old: New:
  5. Good job on taking action, puts a nice precedent for the next event for people thinking of exploiting a bug, rather than reporting that directly to DE.
  6. Still waiting for the 70% drop rate fix that never came
  7. From almost 200 runs now I can say quite certainly both low and high level Wolf alerts have the same exact 35% drop rates (also Mask drops from both). There are no 70% drops anywhere in the game, which isn't really a surprise given the track record, but I wouldn't mind them fixing it.
  8. After running 140 of the higher level missions I can say with certainty that the Wolf definitely does not have the claimed 70% drop chance. Also tested with 55 lower level ones to make sure you didn't accidentally flip them around, but both Wolf alerts are still 35% drop chance. Hope you are able to fix this with a hotfix Edit, there's also around 10 parts I had from before, farming Wolf running relic missions:
  9. What's wrong with you? All of these changes are only positive, your fun isn't taken away from you.
  10. This change is only positive to the game market. This "investment" of yours is player driven, players decided to pay crazy amounts for rivens and it's only them to blame. Riven mods were always meant to change in stats, it's time for people to wake up to that. Yes, DE did this way too late and they let the prices bloat, but that's why I hope they'll do these changes more regularly now.
  11. Thank you DE for the changes, the level of whining is glorious. Riven mods were always meant to change in stats, I hope this means we'll get updates more often now and people stop paying 10k+ plat for rivens. It's better for everyone if the price ranges fall down to more reasonable levels when stats could change at any time.
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