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  1. Finally Finished with my Corpus vs Grineer vs Mesa noggles

    That’s a lot of Noggles! Pretty sick!
  2. Last Post Wins

    We better hurry soon, it’s going to be a long ride then.
  3. Last Post Wins

    Take me to Mars please.
  4. Mounting juggernaut trophies in our rooms/lisets

    Interesting idea!
  5. ability to genderswap warframes

    Not going to happen. That would take a lot of time for DE to do that. Plus, DE have said no.
  6. [Captura + Photoshop] My edits for each warframe

    Whoa! That’s amazing!
  7. It's my five year anniversary with the game today

    Congrats Tenno!! Happy anniversary to you!
  8. Lancalyst (vomvalyst variant)

    That’s pretty sick!
  9. The War Within Summit (Captura)

    Damn, that’s a badass picture! Well done!
  10. My friend Has an ayatan problem...

    Pretty nice!
  11. I made around 50 artworks of...

    Pretty cool!
  12. Ghoul Purge Returns

    Not in-game right now, but it seems like it isn’t a bug. They will reappear everything month or so. Not a bug.
  13. It's like diamond cutting diamond

    Whoops, my mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Mesa Peacemakers glitch

    On the recent prime time, they’ve stated that it will be fixed in the upcoming update for console.