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  1. Kubrow gone

    Your Kubrow did sadly die. I’m going to be honest, DE should just get rid of the decaying system for companions, it’s an awful idea to have in the game ths5 really does not make sense.
  2. As of currently, no, we don’t know anything.
  3. No seriously DE. You need better introductions and tutorials.

    I do agree with this 100%. Hopefully DE does add tutorials in the future.
  4. Prisma Naberus

    You are going to get them, just at a later time in the future.
  5. I lost all my lens since eidolon update

    All of your lens are all refunded and unequipped from your equipment from Focus 2.0. They are in your inventory now.

    That’s some low quality bait.
  7. Which one, Nidus Bundle or Octavia Bundle

    Neither. Never buy Warframe bundles. Just farm the warframe itself.
  8. Miss those sounds. There is a radio station in our Listet, one with a radio and one which isn’t being used, DE could add it in that.
  9. The (not so) Brilliant Shard Breakdown: Endo/Etc!

    Thanks for the update!
  10. Akkad or Hydron?

    Hydron is definitely way better than Akkad.
  11. Jat Kittag is really good

    It is a really good weapon. It used to be the most hard hitting melee weapon back in the day. You don’t see most people using it anymore since there is better weapons than it, such as the War and Galatine Prime.
  12. The Second Dream Emote Bug

    Lol what? How is that bug still a thing? DE fixed that a day or two after The Second Dream came out, interesting lol.
  13. Insane Grind

    If you’re crying about the grind of Warframe, then Warframe isn’t for you. The grind is Warframe’s nature.
  14. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.8

    Sums it up lol. Also, that meme was a good movie.