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  1. xXDeadsinxX

    My Umbra mod has GONE

    If you’re 100% that the Umbra mod is gone from your inventory, contact support, they will help get it back for you. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  2. xXDeadsinxX

    Void Relics

    If you’re really that concerned about RNG, then it seems like to me that Warframe really isn’t the right game for you, the game is based around RNG.
  3. xXDeadsinxX

    The Pink Cyst (spot)

    Yes, Nidus can go in the Helminth Room with and without a cyst. For other warframes you need to have a fully grown cyst to go into the room.
  4. xXDeadsinxX

    The Pink Cyst (spot)

    Just adding that you can also make an infested kubrow out of it once the cyst is fully grown.
  5. xXDeadsinxX

    Void Relics

    It’s definitely not pointless at all. The point of making relics radiant is to increase your odds of getting a rare reward from that said relic. Of course RNG also plays into the system as well, you can get the same reward 10 times from a relic and get 1 new reward from that same relic, that’s just how RNG works.
  6. I absolutely agree with what @FashionFrame stated. DE is an amazing company, they take a lot of risks that could fail or could be a huge success. Lunaro and PvP as a whole was a massive failure, and DE have acknowledged that it failed and they likely aren’t ever going to put anymore time and resources into it. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever redo the entire PvP system, but for them to do that, they would need to put a lot of time into it which I’m guessing that they don’t have.
  7. xXDeadsinxX

    rubico's magazine size

    The magazine size is a reasonable amount for the Rubico, why does it need to be increased? It’s perfectly fine as is.
  8. xXDeadsinxX

    DE being predatory; Deluxe skin packs

    Dev bashing isn’t allowed and is against the Guidelines, you do know that right OP? I wouldn’t be surprised if this thread gets locked.
  9. xXDeadsinxX

    insta banned bad language

    Please post in the off-topic forum section since this is unrelated to Warframe. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/14-off-topic/
  10. xXDeadsinxX

    [suggestion] Fortuna Wrench = Hammer Weapon

    Not that bad of an idea actually.
  11. xXDeadsinxX

    Warframe Battle Royale PVP

    No they haven’t, I’m not sure where you got that information, but it’s entirely wrong since a Battle Royal mode has not been confirmed by DE.
  12. xXDeadsinxX

    Will Sniper rifles still be 'meta' in Fortuna ?

    No one will really know the answer until we get Fortuna in our hands or if DE shows us more gameplay of Fortuna and tells us that sniper rifles will be useful in Fortuna.
  13. xXDeadsinxX

    NOT asking for a BR mode, PLS

    So much this.
  14. xXDeadsinxX

    With WF on Switch, Disabled Gore should be the Default

    Yep, it’s been like that for quite some time now, it’s definitely Interesting.
  15. xXDeadsinxX

    Jupiter Junction Bugged

    You always need to complete the pathway to the junction, which the only node that I can see that is blocking your pathway to the junction is Ludi.