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  1. As said above, you can request a moderator to see if they can delete all your archived posts. Not entirely sure if they do delete archived posts but it’s worth a shot nonetheless.
  2. Cannot stress this enough, but you’re absolutely right. Let’s hope they actually change the game mode for the good from community feedback.
  3. Agreed. The whole riven system as a whole is a band-aid, which is rather unfortunate to say the least since they could’ve just buffed up the weapons instead of adding the system into the game.
  4. They will discuss more about melee phase 2 when they are happy and confident enough to reveal it in great detail.
  5. I’d love to to see a feature like this be added into the game for sure.
  6. Have you completed The War Within by any chance? I’m curious to know since that is a requirement to be able do do the Glast Gambit quest. If you have completed it already, then it might possibly be bugged.
  7. It’s been suggested before and I’d love to absolutely see it be added into the game for sure.
  8. Wouldn’t hurt to have animals roam around Vallis, it would definitely breath a lot of life into Vallis without a doubt.
  9. Nothing to really fix, that’s just how RNG works. You’ll eventually get the parts that you need.
  10. I’m glad that they are finally parting ways with the stasis system, definitely a long overdue QoL for sure.
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