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  1. What I’ve been saying as well. Does DE want Warframe to be a power fantasy or not? With the Vazarin nerf it feels like they don’t want certain content to be trivialized which doesn’t make much sense since this whole game can be trivialized. If they don’t want content to be trivialized, then nerfing everything so that we could have actual challenge would be the thing to do. But if they want Warframe to be power fantasy then yeah, content is going to be trivialized and being overpowered is just going to stay. They have to pick which one they want, it cannot be both.
  2. Why ask for feedback and then push the update out without said feedback, and still ask for feedback after the update? It’s frustrating to see since you’ve done this multiple times now and doesn’t make much sense. All that aside though, I’m not sure why Vazarin was nerfed. You say you want Warframe as a power fantasy (which entails being powerful as can be) but you start nerfing things, which is Vazarin in this case. Why? If you consider Vazarin trivializing certain content, then why wouldn’t you nerf everything else that trivializes content as well? You could even change the way certain content is designed before hand so that it can’t be trivialized by a certain item or equipment. That would certainly be difficult to do since there’s a lot of things in this game that can trivialize content. At the end of the day though, if you are considering in wanting challenge in Warframe then nerfing everything in the game is the right way to go so we’re not insanely powerful and can defeat everything easily. However, if you don’t mind players trivializing content and having no real challenge in Warframe, then leave Vazarin and everything OP in the game as it is. Simple as that.
  3. I mean, it’s certainly possible but I doubt it. It would definitely cause an uproar from the community but who knows if that’s DE’s intention or not to nerf everything. Though, I doubt they’re going to do that down the road since Scott stated in Shy’s interview video that he likes Warframe as a power fantasy which obviously entails being powerful as can be. Who honestly knows though.
  4. But if that was the case, then why isn’t everything else in the game that is overkill nerfed?
  5. If DE wanted challenge in Warframe then they’d nerf everything to the ground ‘cause of how insanely powerful we are. Plus, there will likely be no challenge in this game, Scott said in Shy’s interview video that he likes how Warframe is a power fantasy game so there’s that I guess.
  6. Pretty much yeah. Which is why I stated that they lost in touch with the community again. If there’s countless feedback on a topic, then you need to genuinely take a step back and start reading the feedback that is given to you and see if the feedback is reasonable enough.
  7. If it trivializes content then why isn’t everything in this game that trivializes content nerfed then if that were to be the case? There is more than one broken thing in this game and Vazarin wasn’t any different. If it was truly nerfed because it trivializes certain content, then that would be on DE designing the content and/or balancing the game a certain way. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. The Railjack revise is certainly nice, yes. However, the Vazarin changes are not despite people giving DE countless feedback as to why it shouldn’t be rolled out and yet they still did. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this either.
  9. You’ve lost touch with the community again DE, congrats. Feedback after feedback that is ignored or even disregarded.
  10. 1. Ripline - Probably needs a change since it’s mostly useless other than mobility 2. Warcry - Don’t really see an issue with this one, it seems fine as is for increased dps 3. Paralysis - I wouldn’t mind if this one was changed to be honest since it’s very rarely used much 4. Hysteria - Perfectly fine as is, it does have short range, but the trade off is the strong damage and having invincibility
  11. Please separate the story from the Nightwave store, it honestly holds it down severely. Adding lore and stuff is fine by me, but tying it to with the Nightwave store delays the new season(s) which is not a good thing. Just my two cents.
  12. I watched it yesterday yeah, I agree with what Reaper said. Reaper said everything I’ve been feeling as well, and I know I’m not the only one feeling that either. Hell, look at the comment section on that video, many of the player base feel the same way a lot of what the community is feeling these days. I probably won’t return either, unless DE drastically changes their game and their ways. Pretty much yeah. With them abandoning the old content, it will eventually pile up into something DE will have a incredibly hard time to fix since there would be so much of it, I guarantee that too. For example, if they keep expanding and adding new stuff to Railjack without fixing it first, it’s gonna be quite a rough time. As for the nerfing, does DE even know what they want anymore in Warframe? Does DE play their own game as well, that’s another major question as well since this game is incredibly unbalanced. Reaper Hunter mentioned a very interesting point perfectly in his video to be honest. Like, does DE want a power fantasy were the player is incredibly powerful all around with weaker enemies, or do they want us weak with stronger enemies to fight? I like DE still, but I’ve lost some respect from them which is sad to see.
  13. Fair enough lol. Not surprised you quit to be honest, like as for me, I do want to come back to Warframe, the main core game is still relatively fun, but I just can’t come back when it’s in the current state atm. I have not watched the latest Reaper Hunter’s video, but I have been watching Rahetalius’ videos recently though. I agree, it seems like they’ve been focusing more on the wrong side of things instead of fixing the old content. The last time I spent money on this game was back from the beginning of 2018, but only ‘cause I wanted to (I mainly bought ship decorations ‘cause I liked decorating lol). If they keep pushing out content like they’ve been doing with abondading the old content, I will assure you there will be so much more broken and unbalanced systems in the game which will be more of a disaster to fix them than it is now. Not saying it isn’t a disaster already, but if they keep pushing out new content without fixing the old first, then yeah, everything will get much worse.
  14. That’s all fine and dandy if DE want to get creative with things, not against that by any means. However, that doesn’t excuse them of abandoning old content in a broken state and moving onto the next update/next best thing without fixing said old content first.
  15. Well said. Warframe isn’t necessarily dying, but it definitely is declining in numbers. Even myself quit back in November and I’m not sure if I’ll ever play again unless they do change their ways honestly. They did address some of it on Prime Time last night, which is a good sign for starters, but hopefully they actually start acting on it.
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