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  1. I don’t think a mentor system is entirely necessary but what I will say though is that DE needs to do is make better tutorials for all the systems in the game, especially for newer players who inevitably get confused since there’s a lot of complex systems thrown their way. When you have to look at the Wiki more than just playing the game, all that tells me is your game is really bad at explaining things, which is not a good thing since that’s just a hassle to go back and forth which can be incredibly annoying and frustrating all at the same time.
  2. I’ve been wanting them to add a unique floof to each boss in the game as a drop, that’d be pretty cool to see.
  3. Well of course, SO does get played for a multitude of reasons and many players do enjoy SO for that reason, whereas Defection is really only played when you’re trying to farm that Harrow part, otherwise you likely won’t play it again since it offers no other rewards and that it’s basically just a waiting game trying to escort the survivors to safety, which can be boring to some. But again, just because someone dislikes a particular game mode doesn’t automatically mean that DE should just remove all the rewards from it and put it somewhere else because that person is begging for it because of their dislike of said game mode.
  4. Just ‘cause you don’t find the game mode enjoyable in anyway doesn’t mean that they should just automatically remove the reward and put it somewhere else where you do find it enjoyable to farm. I personally don’t like doing Sanctuary Onslaught but that doesn’t mean I should just start begging DE to remove all the rewards from the game mode and put it somewhere else because of the sole reason that I didn’t find that game mode enjoyable.
  5. If you successfully did the 3 Requiem mods in the correct order they now flee to the Saturn Proxima which is in Railjack and that’s where you can kill your Kuva Lich.
  6. Team oriented mission types surely are lacking within the game.
  7. I never understood this viewpoint, if anything this will bring in a lot more revenue for DE and their entire company. The more places available for people to play on the more money DE makes. It’s just supply and demand.
  8. I see what you mean, but I still disagree. It’s an interesting and cool mission type that doesn’t get the attention it deserves because of being unrewarding (and that it’s not on other planets for more variety). It should still be more rewarding as it currently stands even if it’s just a certain amount of Kuva at the very bare minimum.
  9. Depends on why you quit, but at the end of the day it’s ultimately up to you on whether you want to come back or not.
  10. Assault is not rewarding enough to do unfortunately, they definitely need to add guaranteed Kuva to it or something else as for a reward. I’d also love for them to add more Assault mission types to all the other planets as well, it’s actually a pretty fun mission type to do.
  11. Can’t really blame the players on this, this is all on DE for not play testing their game enough before the update released. We’re just using what they gave us.
  12. They need to address it for sure, the K-Drive ability is way too clunky to actually function on most maps, you’re bound to hit something over and over again, which is not fun, it’s annoying. If they are going to keep the ability the way it is, then they somehow need to touch up on all the smaller maps to expand them so that they are wide enough for the players to use Merulina in it, otherwise if you don’t and leave it the way it is, then players will just be constantly hitting objects.
  13. I’d absolutely love to see them add Corpus vs. Grineer PvP. It would be incredibly easier to balance for DE as well. Just add some dedicated servers and maybe some new maps to it and you’re good to go. Hell, you could take it a step further and add other enemies or even NPCs to be playable too, like Battlefront style. Imagine being able to play as Darvos or a different NPC in PvP, it’d be pretty cool to add.
  14. Players will play however they want, don’t like it? Then recruit/make your own squad with players that you know that won’t do that.
  15. Not gonna lie this looks absolutely incredible, well done!
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