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  1. xXDeadsinxX

    Are we getting any content this month?

    Jumping in here to put my two cents in. To be completely honest, there really isn’t much to do. By that I mean, we may get an update full of content of things to explore and do which is perfectly fine by all means, but after a week or a even month of completing said all new content, there isn’t much in the game to do after that. I feel like the main core problem is that we are in a dire need of sustained content in the game to keep us (the players) happy and content so they are able to work on other things so that there isn’t a content drought.
  2. xXDeadsinxX

    Tennogen release?

    Was never announced in the devstream when they will arrive in the game, but my guess is that it will be out within a few weeks since that’s usually the norm for how long it takes when they announce a new round.
  3. xXDeadsinxX


    Honestly, there’s really nothing to be concerned about. They’ve stated many times before that Railjack is purely PvE, I mean sure, they could eventually add PvP to it down the line since they like to experiment with things and take risks, but I do seriously doubt that would ever happen though. The reason why I say that is because for one, the majority of players don’t enjoy playing PvP to begin with as much as they do with the core PvE game, myself included. And two, the amount of flak they would receive would be incredibly high since I know for a fact no one would probably want to play it since it’s PvP and not PvE, which I why I don’t see DE adding Railjack as PvP.
  4. xXDeadsinxX

    Standing in Solidarity with space mom

    Possibly, I guess haha. Same haha, would definitely be cool if he did though.
  5. xXDeadsinxX

    Standing in Solidarity with space mom

    Same, I’d love to have Ballas as space dad.
  6. xXDeadsinxX

    Does -75% really exist?

    I haven’t gotten one recently since I haven’t been playing as much as I used to, but it definitely exists. I’ve gotten probably 10+ or so with 4 years of playing the game.
  7. xXDeadsinxX


    As said above, re-read the instructions.
  8. It’s a public mission, people in the squad can leave when ever they really desire to which is why it’s not reportable since they aren’t doing anything wrong. If you want a squad to do a certain mission for a long period of time then I suggest you to use recruiting chat for that instead.
  9. xXDeadsinxX

    Infested open world map?

    I’d love to see an infested open world be added into the game and how it would tie into the game, but only if it was different though since Fortuna is basically a copy paste of Plains of Eidolon, which is rather unfortunate to say the least.
  10. xXDeadsinxX

    32-bit mode will end?

    Yep, they will be removing 32-bit around sometime next month.
  11. xXDeadsinxX

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Can’t wait to watch!
  12. xXDeadsinxX

    Dark Mode Needs some changes

    Not quite sure either, I definitely liked the old dark theme as well.
  13. xXDeadsinxX

    Stances for Primary and Secondary Weapons..

    As cool as this would be to have in the game, it’s more than likely not going to be happening since that would take a serious amount of time and work that they would have to do since there are a ton of primary and secondary weapons.
  14. xXDeadsinxX

    To be honest, the gunship battle in Railjack is lame.

    And yet, you still made a thread about it. As to what @(XB1)GearsMatrix301 stated, the gameplay that was shown to us was very early development of what’s going to be once it’s released. Plus, IIRC Steve stated on a devstream that they were going to actually scrap Railjack entirely but worked on it for 15 or so days so they were able to reveal it to us in enough time at Tennocon. Just wait until it gets added into the game and then give your honest feedback of what you like and don’t like about it.