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  1. Would definitely be cool, it’d give Umbra more life which is nice.
  2. Speaking about the forums, why they’d remove reputation under our names? It was fine as is.
  3. They’ve stated that it’s expected to be released before Tennocon but that’s really it. All we can do is really just wait.
  4. DE are the ones who designed the weapon how it is, all we’re doing as players is using what they gave us as intended. We’re not the ones to blame here, they are. And yes, some players are going to go above & beyond to make the weapon more powerful than any other weapon in the game, but that is not the players fault at all, it’s generally DE’s failure to recognize how the game is designed with them not properly playtesting enough before launching the update into the players hands. So no, it’s not our fault.
  5. That certainly is true, it is ultimately up to DE whether or not they want to add it even with the feedback & responses that are given.
  6. No I do not have any suggestions to replace it at this point of time, but people have already shown their distaste with the purposed ability from the devs, so it should not be that obviously.
  7. I never said that I’m the center of the attention, many people in this thread including myself are saying that we have already have this ability in the game and with them adding it is lazy, unoriginal & already makes it obsolete to even have since we already have that ability that can already do that without even having to do the work to unlock the rank to get it.
  8. Okay, but that doesn’t make it any less lazy on DE’s part. As a player, I’d rather have something unique & interesting in that specific Helminth Rank when I do eventually unlock it instead of just having an ability that already exists within the game.
  9. While true, it’s just plain lazy & unoriginal on DE’s part to just copy & paste it and put it onto the Helminth System, it’d honestly be better to have something more unique in its place instead of them just simply copying & pasting it.
  10. See, the problem is DE doesn’t even know what they want. The way the game is designed and how they react and change things back & fourth all the time is confusing for the community, some want balance, some don’t, same with DE’s decisions with how the games designed. For instance, on one hand they want us to be incredibly powerful (nothing inherently wrong with that) and on the other hand they want there to be challenge in the game. Where it goes wrong within that thinking is that we are now WAY TOO powerful to the point of where there’s no challenge in the game. The only actual “challenge” within the game is the grind to get certain things & maybe learning new mechanics if you’re a newer player, that’s it. Which is also why we do not have “end game” content like other games do because if DE were to add some kind of it, it’d be a breeze for us to go through. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with having a designed game like that, however, DE has shown time and time again that they do want some sort of challenge for the players in the game, by their actions of either nerfing powerful weapons, abilities, mods, or just plain broken mechanics that the majority of the player base only is using. See the design flaw? They want challenge for the players to have, yet we are too powerful in way too many ways to have any, which results in them trying to nerf certain things to try and balance the game out a bit, but that is just a bandaid, not an actual solution. The only way for DE to successfully add challenge within the game they are going to change most of the systems within the game from the ground up for them to be have actual change in the game. DE won’t do that though because that would take a lot of resources to do, and that would piss off a lot of community and would lose a lot of money with players quitting. I only brought all that up because if DE doesn’t know what they want, that’s not our fault. DE needs to stop the flip flop and just stick to one or the other, if you want us to be incredibly powerful, that’s fine, then just stop trying to nerf things in the name of “balance” and just leave things how they exactly are if you want us to be stay as powerful as we are. If not, then redesign your game. Easier said than done obviously, but DE is the ones who dug themselves in this hole of design hell, not our fault.
  11. 100% this. The same thing happened with Rivens, if I can remember DE’s intention towards the Riven system was to make the weaker & non used weapons better so that it could be used more within the player base so that there is more of a variety of choice. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Players started putting Rivens on the already powerful weapons & pretty much strictly ran only with that from then on. Same thing likely will happen again if DE doesn’t take a step back and genuinely listen to the feedback. If DE wants us to use other frames then you buff the other frames to make them up to par with the others instead of adding a bandaid system into the game to do that, otherwise it will just be another Riven system in another form, which is not good.
  12. Invigorations sounds like an awful idea. I understand your intentions behind it, you probably want us to diversify what frames we use which is fine in of itself, but this is not the way to it. What you’re purposing is essentially just RNG powercreep in basically another form of Rivens which is not a good thing to have. I seriously hope you guys do reconsider this and don’t add it into the game honestly.
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