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  1. While there are sniper and bow only mods, shotguns are the only primary group that are separate from rifle-little to no mod overlap. So yes or they would have had bow and sniper specific ones.
  2. They are the login weapons. They may have been made unsellable to prevent regret
  3. Volt player usually takes shield duty if a mirage is in party (who buffs herself and not party). Volt has the augment for his 1 and shields to buff damage of the party. Shield damage brings maduri school and limb damage brings unarui school for wisps to buff the shield damagers.
  4. Bring radiation damage. Sniper or the newest archgun. task options. A healer to keep lures alive. a buffer/dps to shoot the limbs. a buffer / dps to shoot the shields. someone to negate status effects. (There are many ways to do this, but since you probably don’t have those ways harrow is preferred)
  5. For captura you activate it thru aresenal. for finding noggle in decorating mode I would suggest searching for hydroid. when you were in inventory did you have the only tradeable/sellable toggles clicked?
  6. There are disruptions for neo and meso as well, tho I never remember node names and have to look them up anytime I want to use. But the void capture for neo/meso is still popular, and hepit is still the fastest for t1 relics. it is amusing seeing new players never have cryotic, due to the farm spot changes. I have almost 1 mil from heiracon core runs.
  7. You probably left before the damage and armor rework. Definitely read that before starting steel path. Short version is people use slash and viral for past level 100 now. And the slide attack doesn’t keep up. I think the only farm point you mentioned that is still used is eso. Other farms are more viable now, including ones you didn’t mention (like relic farms) moved nodes.
  8. They are saying you cast it on something not you. You can also cast it on enemies and defense targets(unless they removed enemy part). Test to see if this is a bug by staring at the ground and casting it. Try several times to see if you can replicate what you have been experiencing while being sure it is not cast on someone else. as for the counter. Don’t rely on the one by skills. There is a counter in the buff section at top of screen by health bar. That is the instance of splinter that is cast on you, the power counter may not be that instance.
  9. Shrug. Farm some relics for the prime frames that dropped in that time. Look at codex and do any quest that isn’t complete. Use codex to see any mods you are missing and check where they drop.
  10. ^^^ all that isn’t really necessary unless you are bringing things that are too squishy for lich fighting. Stabbing a lich gives you a bunch of murmur progress to the point of avoiding yours slows things down. And blind stabs help eliminate possibilities for when you do know words. Just leave the lich standing with live enemies around them for a bit when they do show. They will turn those enemies into thralls, getting you more murmur per node. There is a limit to how many thralls you will get, don’t stress about getting max out of it. Just get decent number and move on. t
  11. I thought the hitting protea while she was vulnerable was a bit glitchy. I just brought something tanky and brute forced it. Just keep hitting everything with xoris and throw it / altfire at her when promoted
  12. Do you ever use finishers? If not that is a dead stat along with 2 eh stats. So no I wouldn’t keep that roll.
  13. To be clear I didn’t mean you don’t want to mod for several elements on kuva weapons, just the progenitor element wanted is usually heat or toxin. Nukor is the exception where you want mag for more stacking.
  14. If the weapon itself has radiation on it you can do magnetic. Few weapons have inate combo elements however. Even with kuva weapons, where you can make them have inate rad or mag, a single element is usually preferred.
  15. Closest pc can get is changing the ping that you find is acceptable for match making. Base is 300. Idk if console has that option tho. They also took away the ability to choose (by where you launch the mission) if you fly your railjack or not in tempestrati shrug
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