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  1. If it fails you instantly it is probably a bug and you will have to wait for a fix. Report it and if possible show video of the failing.
  2. I don’t recall where the option is, but you can turn off the menus for all screenshots. The issue is if you are documenting bugs or lost drops it also doesn’t show the reward menu (I ran into that with plain’s release). I don’t think it is a toggle option how ever, menuing every time.
  3. There is a slight variation in Deimos only. With isolation bounties having tiers. You select tier one from mother inside the city. Once that set is complete you find mother outside the city to select tier 2 and so on. isolation bounties are how you get necramechs and their weapons, so if you aren’t to that point don’t worry about it.
  4. Agree with the ember / Oberon advice. They don’t need annoying to get mods for a competent build. Limbo is decent for lazy md, but could use those mods. And is a bit specialist for where you are in the game. All arounders are better for now. equinox is a good frame, But wants lots of range, which gets to those annoying mods again :)
  5. Use that ^ site and search unroll riven for your weapon that sold. Getting a good roll will take a lot of time, not to mention the time it will take to sell high. if you have not done the challenge on the riven yet you can also look up veiled prices on Warframe market.
  6. They are the rarer drops also. Just get 3 (x number of weapons wanted) parts total and trade any dupes for what you didn’t get.
  7. Shrug. I might have the wrong room. But had a resonator spawn in a lab in the room the description brought to my mind.
  8. It is hard to describe in text. Check wiki for how to get the gas city capturas, maybe it will have video for it. All the doors have a hiden panel, a fuse box that glows red. Break that. Then find the 3-4 toggles that opened when you broke it. Activate the toggles in the order on the locked door. You will be timed. that one specifically you have to travel thru vents to get to a hidden room for the second toggle. The vent is half way up the wall between the 2 egresses.
  9. Amprex was used heavily about a year ago. It fell off, not entirely sure why*. It and ignis are still great beam weapon for clearing mid range and putting status effects for high range. Cedo, the shotgun from the latest round of releases, will probably be the favored status applier for a bit tho. Lenz is another explosive bow, original even. It has a delay from hitting to when it explodes. The probiscus Cernos is the third explosive bow. Its gimmick is a mini ensnare that then explodes. Which you like will depend on how you feel about delayed damage. From what you said I wo
  10. Of those listed revenant. Between Mesmer and reave you should be able to stay alive any where. equinox would be second choice. Lots of different build options you can go with, including being a nuke frame. mesa is the sharpshooter frame, not melee banshee too squishy for upclose, but is a great damage buffer
  11. I used pilferdome khora. I forget which primary, I think I went with something fast to deal with drones. I did take me 2 tries since that last nox is a tanky boy. Just practice a bit with different stuff till you find one that works for your playstyle.
  12. In the last 3-4 months twitch updated something behind the scenes. Which caused many accounts to become unlinked while claiming it is fine. Unlink and relink, and it should show soon after that. Twitch prime also tells you to do that in the faq of prime rewards, if you want a bullet point guide.
  13. Other possible: is one store showing your local price while the other shows USA or Canada price? Iirc the 2 frame bundle is 80 usd and the singles are 40
  14. Besides what aubergine said: There is also a cave the game likes to send you through, but as soon as you enter it the game tells you to go back the way you came. Usually happens when things are around cranium.
  15. To be clear- You can not gift a frame from your inventory. You can gift them a frame, but that costs plat.
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