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  1. Ich kann mit meiner Mesa in 20 Lv180er Gegnern stehen ohne signifikant schaden zu bekommen. Sterben tun sie dann in wenigen Sekunden. Ich tippe eher darauf, dass dir Mods, ein guter Build oder Übung fehlen :)
  2. No, it would still be pay2skip. You don't win anything except wasted time.
  3. Such detailed Feeback! Much impressive, very wow /s 1. Hexenon: go to Cameria or Elara and bring a pilfering Frame 2. Just run the Ropalolyst for the BP. It seems you have the other parts as well, so you can fight it. If you still struggle: Ask in the ingame Recruit Chat, you'll get more help there than in a complete wrong Forums Section
  4. Talking with little children about an M-Rated game? Not sure this is adviseable. There may be some who do get the gist, but yet I'd distance from anyone below 18 because the way I got to know the younger generation. They mostly grew up on Fortnite and can't do simple tasks anymore. That's just talking from my experience with kids these days.
  5. check this chart over at: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank to select all types of weapons and see directly what they require
  6. Hard nope. Even normal rivens are the plague
  7. Hmm...Challenges do repeat themselves. e.g. the Specter kill. If you complete it but didn't do the previous one, this one can recover. But not in the week you did the same challenge. In our example you can only recover the previous specter one the week after. I don't do Hydrolyst or Profit Taker and both pop up every week. Recovered or not. Or I can completely be on the wrong track and it's bugged. We're talking about DE.... what is currently working flawlessly in this game? 😅
  8. I'll take a wild guess... you did all the challenges there were so there can't be any recovered? I'm at Rank 47 and always get the same recovered...so there aren't any others it can recover, can it?
  9. +75% Damage. You can further increase the damage with a Gunblade and Shattering Impact to reduce Armor
  10. orrrrrr..... remove Riven. No one likes them
  11. I am not. I said "chances are high". And this is true for all parts of this game. If you lack equipment or skill to complete some "tasks" you need to get better. How can OP improve their gameplay if they get gifted/carried through (easy) content? Imo they leave way more often because the hit a HUGE wall, when they don't get a carry anymore and struggle at simple missions because their gear is "too good" for low missions but their skill "too bad" for higher missions
  12. If you are new and even have trouble farming her chances are very high you lack 90% of the mods to make her strong (aka useful). Try asking in the ingame chat, you will probably find groups way faster. Or just join public SO runs, if everyone plays their parts it's not too hard to clear Zone 8
  13. This was just showing you can use Peacemaker while Bullet Jumping/Aim Gliding for another Thread which makes Waltz useless imo for positioning. I do know about the ramping up and never said you should just shoot 2 bullets per jump. But thanks for explaining nontheless :)
  14. Blocking a Modslot with a useless Mod is more power than Infiltrate? care to explain to me why? edit: to make my point more clear why I think Waltz is completely useless, you can do this with Mesa
  15. You say the exact same as me but disagree? Yes rng is a factor as well, but I was merely pointing towards repetitious grind. Burnout can already start after a few runs if you been doing it for a longer time. I feel this myself. I forma my stuff only when I get Booster from Login or Sortie and after a few runs I already start losing motivation, so yeah, Burnout comes is different ways. If one can grind standing on Fortuna for days, they will get hit sooner or later. But since they are already down the rabbit hole it's a lost fight. I do not consent with lots of stuff DE is doing but here I think they chose a perfect balance to keep people playing but not burn out. Yes it seems like we'll get punished for being addicted but in the long term it's healthier. Sometimes we do need extrinsic measures.
  16. Well. Imagine DE would do this there will be threads about the opposite topic and "leaving because of burnout". As Tommy Lee Jones said in Men in Black: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.
  17. I did the Sorties two times yesterday. When I played solo I had no issues at all. The second time I was playing with a collegue and there was no sound cue. I even hacked some consoles several times until we failed. The second try I did enter all vaults and all were empty, we failed again. There definitely was sth wrong
  18. You don't. Mesa Prime is currently vaulted so you can't farm them https://warframe.market/ or trade chat are your only two options at the moment
  19. I love Limbo until Saturn. Spam his 4 and everything in a sphere of 60 meteres is dead. Including crates edit: the centre of the sphere is on your reticle. so you can aim and blast
  20. How so? Just because DE is giving away stuff doesn't make them earn money, nor does it "maintain the complexity". Slots are easy to come by even as a beginner. There is Nightwave Events selling prime parts (at MR2) 50 starting plat (equals about a new frame and 4 weapon slots)
  21. I had this last year as well. It was 754kb, however. It could be a provider issue. It was for me. I used my laptop to download the full game at work and copied the files into my install folder on my PC and it worked. I do this every time when this issue pops up. Hope I could help you
  22. Level him, exalted weapons are being unlocked after Rank 10
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