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  1. GnarlsDarkley

    How fast can you earn platinum

    This is what I am doing most of the time and I got about 100k in total earnings in 2 years
  2. GnarlsDarkley

    Can't VERIFY my account

    This is the warframe forum, not forum. These are not directly connected, so if you encounter any issues with them, you need to ask in their forum/support. @topic: I can only say it worked immediatly for me when I did it
  3. GnarlsDarkley

    Rival to Warframe?

    Imagine...That's 5hrs each day. EVERY day. For 4 years. That's like a second job ...
  4. GnarlsDarkley

    Best/Strongest Arcwing Atmosphere Weapon?

    Like normal weapons: personal preference. Some will say Corvas, Some will say Fluctus, many like the Velocitus and I am happy with my Imperator Vandal and its 11k per hit
  5. GnarlsDarkley

    Oberon for Eidolon

    If your team isn't braindead or you say where you place your 2 neutral range is more than enough. You can also place more than 1 next to each other to cover more ground. I wouldn't cripple a good build for stupid squadmates
  6. GnarlsDarkley

    Rival to Warframe?

    Bye then and welcome back in 2 months when EA effed up their next game
  7. GnarlsDarkley

    How can I insert pictures in forum posts?

    It does. You just need the correct link. E.g:, right click on the image and "open in new tab" then copy the url. It will be autoconverted in the forums and you will also be given the option to disbale the preview to show the direct link:
  8. In the attempt to farm the Mutagen Samples for my solo Clan I have collected about 12 helmets. It's always about RNG. For example. I am playing this game for 2.4k hours now and still miss the Despair.
  9. GnarlsDarkley

    So about them Repeller Systems

    Keep posting. Maybe DE will change it finally. Took me about 200 Bounties to get enough Atmo Systems for the Rank Up alone
  10. GnarlsDarkley

    Ugliest Frame

    I only have one
  11. GnarlsDarkley

    Adarza Kavat?

    Well like stated Adarza gives enhanced CC. Very useful for Eidolon Fights where it can help to speed up (casual) runs by oneshotting the Limbs. I prefer Smeeta for its variety of good Buffs. Double Resource and Affinity is always nice since it counts for almost ALL resources (like those orange Booster and Affinity Booster do). They can also give you a small amount of energy or Overshield. According to wiki it can set your CC to 200% but I'm not sure I have gotten this knowingly
  12. GnarlsDarkley

    Adarza Kavat?

    They give enhanced Crit Chance which is nice in some situations, sadly that's their only real use
  13. GnarlsDarkley

    New player need help plz

    For starters: this is your progression route After you have done that and reached Sedna you'll know what to do since you learn the other stuff while doing so
  14. GnarlsDarkley

    vox solaris

    Just progress further into the Star Chart. Fortuna/Orb Vallis and Cetus/PoE are advanced missions although they are pretty early in the game. I'd suggest you complete at leat Mercury, Mars and Phobos so you have acces to Teshub/Void. There you can find some rare mandatory mods you'll need (Split Chamber, Continuity, Streamline, Flow and many many more). Maybe try to get your hands on different frames and definitely get better weapons, those starter are quite bad. (But level them to 30 before you sell them) If you have maxed your starter gear you should almost be able for MR4. Get a Hek Shotgun, a Lex Handgun and a Guandao from a Dojo. Those weapons are strong enough to complete any mission (If not, you have to take another look at your mods). For Dojos just ask in Recruitchat for Beginner friendly Clans or search in the forum for ones who'll take you in
  15. GnarlsDarkley

    vox solaris

    Do some other missions first and get better mods and rank them up It's a single player mission, so sadly no one can help you here Try to get Stretch as high as possible so you can stun enemies with your 2. Then get Streamline to cut your energy costs so you can cast more. Also add Vitality and Steel Fiber as high as you can afford (I recommend Rank 5 or 6) If you still have capacity add Hunter Adrenaline to get energy back more quickly As for damage use Pressure Point, True Steel, Organ Shatter and Toxin mods on your Melee and Exalted blade for Venus enemies. You can bypass their shields