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  1. GnarlsDarkley

    Fortuna Bug ??

    Ich hatte mal ein Lv 73 CoilDrive im Aufzug, das mich überfahren und getötet hat lol
  2. GnarlsDarkley


    better question would be: why double posting? Or: Why even post it in the first place? It's not like there are several threads covering these (and more) codes
  3. GnarlsDarkley


    Or you could use abilities...but I guess that would be too easy? Here are some tips
  4. GnarlsDarkley

    We NEED Forma 2.0

    It is. Your point in the OP is "cut down time" (no need of releveling) and Just buy 100 of them. Forma 3 weapon at once (Primary, Secondary and Melee) and maybe add the Frame as well and the weapons will be maxed after 6-8 Zones SO. The Frame takes 2 rounds. If you can't afford them or just don't want to, then grind the hell out of PS. I got about 150 (pre-built) per event
  5. GnarlsDarkley

    Focus Trees

    Same problem like mods. Many wish/Propose this
  6. GnarlsDarkley

    Tiberon Build Help For Red Crit

    Haven't tested/calculated it but this could do the trick
  7. GnarlsDarkley

    New trading system idea

    little derail: *cough* EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda *cough* b2t: Warframe only uses a minor number of servers for login, PvP and some storage. That's the reason DE gave us for the 90 cap of Riven. If DE would implement your idea this would need lots of storage as well...and tbh I don't want to be limited with my listings They should then better invest in all things server based
  8. GnarlsDarkley

    New trading system idea

    Can you elaborate why this is a no-no for you? I use this site quite often...almost every time I play the game tbh. I just list what I sell and what I want to buy and get like 40 whispers per hour.
  9. Was wondering this myself. I guess it's either not intended or just a visual bug
  10. GnarlsDarkley

    Liberate the camp bounty

    A yeah now I remember. Yeah. If they don't rush towards you the counter falls way too fast. Lost multiple Bounties here as well. But actually most PoE are still broken af
  11. GnarlsDarkley

    Liberate the camp bounty

    I forgot which Bounty it was and this sadly didn't help me remember it. I can only say that I only failed 1 bounty so far, which was this Interception one against Lv135 enemies where all had this indestructible Nullifier Bubble. (I forgot to kill those reinforcement beacons and then they were this high lol)
  12. GnarlsDarkley

    Twitch drop issues

    Well, nobody forced you to. And you didn't lose any time if done correctly. You just have to have the stream open but can mute the tab... They didn't scam. They were saying we will have a chance to get drops. If we were to get them 100% the wording would be different I guess. And with things as useless as credits/fireworks did you actually think the droprate would be above 1%? And a last question: Why open thread number 174 and not posting in the official thread or another hot one
  13. GnarlsDarkley

    Need help mining Amarast?

    Then I was right about the perfect/decent tendency. I was just wrong about the color. Anyway thanks for your input. Will watch my future minings edit: scratch that. I found this screenshot from earlier Thyst indicates it was a blue one and it was decently mined
  14. GnarlsDarkley

    Fastest Fortuna reputation?

    1, 2, 3 need Training Debts. 2, 3, 4 need Shelter Debts 3, 4 need Medical so yeah, actually I was expecting it. But it's a very good reaction lol Fortunately this is my balance after Rank 4
  15. GnarlsDarkley

    Fastest Fortuna reputation?

    5 Old Mate 10 Familial Debt-Bond 12 Advances Debt-Bond 12 Medical Debt-Bond