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  1. I always sell at 3rd cheapest on seller list. It's not the cheapest so you are no lowballer but still cheap enough to not wait ages
  2. GnarlsDarkley

    Void Relics - What The Hell?

    I just responded the way your title was. Void Relics - What the hell? Also the way you stated your "bad luck" like it is so a rare case. But well, you may be right. If I hurt your feelings I am sorry. That wasn't my intention. It's just... this post seems only about whining in my opinion. It's like saying "I killed the Stalker 10times, but I am still missing one weapon"
  3. GnarlsDarkley

    Void Relics - What The Hell?

    Sorry but are complaining after TWO FLAWLESS runs solo? Don't make me laugh, After 10 or maybe 20 runs in a RAD share group I would say, yeah bad luck mate....but you didn't even try
  4. GnarlsDarkley

    Nyx and rhino prime check for yourself when they get vaulted again
  5. GnarlsDarkley

    Warframe Slots (and the best way to get them)

    Don't worry, Plat is really simple to get
  6. GnarlsDarkley

    When to sell Valkyre parts?

    since valkyr will be gone for about 2 years you should wait as long as you can
  7. GnarlsDarkley

    Sanctuary Onslaught Efficiency Scaling

    If you struggle in the normal Onslaught you clearly are doing sth wrong. whats you setup? what are your builds?
  8. GnarlsDarkley

    Returning from years past. Any primes gone?

    She is currently avaiblabe through Twitch Prime. Use the free Trial and connect Warframe with your twitch
  9. GnarlsDarkley

    Returning from years past. Any primes gone?

    everything up to Valkyr Prime (on the 25th) is vaulted. You can only get the parts by trading or if you damn lucky finding someone using a vaulted relic. Every so often the Prime Vault is opened for some time (currently Rhino/Nyx until next week) and then they are unavailable again Rebecca mentioned sth about thinking of a new model. every 2 month rotating. It's not final though. If I were you you should try getting as much as possible till next week and buy the rest asap. The prices will rise and we dont know when they might return. FYI: Rhino/Mag where unvaulted last summer
  10. GnarlsDarkley

    How do you strengthen your operator?

    I usually oneshot him with my Amp Its a long grind but its worthwile when you can erase whole maps in ESO with your Operator I can oneshot them too (rarely 2 shots are needed) and my Operator is way more tanky than Rhino/inaros Sorry mate but you have to get more intel on the Focus stuff, if you want you can ask me anything per dm, which would also help me with my guide
  11. GnarlsDarkley

    Is Fortuna coming soon?

    Are you referring to the state of the plains? Release about a year ago and still not 100% finished
  12. GnarlsDarkley

    Prospective Guide Looking for Tenno in Need

    sweet gesture but wrong section: inb4 merge. double or cross posting won't do you good, It's treated as spam
  13. GnarlsDarkley

    Ankläger auf Ceres
  14. GnarlsDarkley

    the new revenant quest is not working for me

    yup, I bet it has to be you. here some checks: - are you Quills rank 2? Quills...not Ostron. The one you get access after the War Within and Saya's Vigil and is lead by Onkko - did you talk to Nakak and bought her mask? - have you crafted and claimed all component blueprints before going into the plains again? - did you do all that in the night and wearing the mask on your operator?
  15. GnarlsDarkley

    About AFKers

    I have never encountered any leecher in 3 years...Oh wait..I am playing solo for that exact reason