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  1. Open the Star Chart. The more missions are available to you the better Join a Clan. It doesn't matter if you intend to stay but you will get faster help and have access to an already established Research Complete Quests. Most of them reward you with a Blueprint to a new Warframe Get platinum (by trading) to buy slots. You will need many of them Gather different frames so you can fill different positions Here's a rough progression Route: Take the time you need to complete it. A very important tip: If you struggle in missions your first step is looking at your Mods. Do you use the correct ones? Do you use any in the first place?
  2. Usually Patches arrive on Wednesday, so that's my guess. I don't think it'll be Tuesday because Monday is a day off on Canada and they need to provide more info for the upcoming Operation
  3. Did you look in your Arsenal? After I linked my Mixer account and logged back into the game I expected an Inbox Message but there was none. So I took a look in my Arsenal and there it was., the Kyroptera Panopli Sayanda
  4. Care to explain why? If done correctly all spectre are oneshot
  5. This Plus you usually won't go wrong with Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds and a Combo Counter Mod like BodyCount or Drifting Contact. Spoiled strike adds another huge junk of raw damage to fast weapons definitely Blood Rush for this weapon.
  6. The greed is strong within this young one Eventually they'll start another one, just be patient 😄
  7. Ok my bad. I got the impression you played this game while college but with low priority. Appr. 1 year. We can't say for sure. Frost/Ember/Loki were unvaulted Christmas 2017. Frost/Ember were unvaulted again January 2019. The wiki is semi down atm so not sure when the rest was unvaulted. Worst case is Summer 2020 but you can trade Relics or parts. As long as you have Ducats/Credits you can buy an infinity DE kinda changing the locations. Nova/Mag Relics were on Vallis Bounties. Rhino relics were in the Void, too.
  8. They are unvaulted about once a year (at least the last 2 years brought back all vaulted frames twice: Ember, Frost, Rhino, Mag and Loki. Volt was unvaulted by Baro 2 times iirc, Nyx and Nova were added this year for their first unvaulting)...so why exactly do you have to wait 3+ years?
  9. I am not on console but as far as I heard of you cannot interact (trade) with other people (Dojo/Maroo) if you don't have a paid subscription (XBox Live or what they're called). So it is impossible for these kind of players to get their hands on this weapon
  10. You could go and ask friends/clan members who farm Uranus if you could leech some Affinity while swimming in the water
  11. Keep it and if you have the feeling the first build was better switch back
  12. I don't play with the other 2 so I can only rate your Ignis and this is sadly a 0/5 imo. Reason is simple: Ignis has one of the lowest Dispos to begin with. Next is the build of this weapon. You usually choose a hybrid one with critrate and critdmg and some status effect. Alternatively you can pick one fire rate mod like primed Shred because it also gives you more punch through. The only beneficial stat on your Riven is crit dmg with ~60%. Vital Sense provides double this value. So you have bad stats with very low values (due to dispo)
  13. I made a list of my own in my gudes: edit: the order should be: Atlas, Wukong, Ivara, Titania, Nezha, Inaros
  14. Team? You can easily farm her solo with AoE frames like Volt, Equinox or Saryn
  15. Why do you want to run a relay alone? In radshare groups you usually get the rare drop after 3 runs. Don't get me wrong. I play solo most of the time as well...but I didn't even think twice to do these things in groups
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