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  1. 1. this is no Feedback --> Trading or in some sort PhP 2. I don't speak russian so I have absolutely no clue what the stats are --> post in russian subforum?
  2. I can only repeat myself. A MR 28 "uberpro" Mesa who will "show us how to wreck Space Murex" has the same damage numbers as the semi afk Limbo. Just having leveled everything or sitting 10k hours in missions doesn't make anyone better. It only makes the high MR player think they are better. There is a reason I have played over 3000 hrs solely by myself: to not get matched with "randumbs". Doesn't matter to me if they are MR 28 or 7.
  3. And here I am, getting a MR28 from Recruit who repairs anything he sees and wasting resources to craft front ammunition and then we fail due to not having energy to repair "failure imminent". You clearly must have missed one of the million "MR doesn't say anything"-Threads
  4. edit: get a resource Booster and run around PoE. I suggest AoE weapon or AoE abilities like Peacemaker or Maim
  5. Then you are not, because if you were the game would tell you so. On another matter, even if you were banned, this is not discussed on the forums and can have additional consequences. If you ever are in doubt ask support, even if it means waiting several weeks for an appropriate answer
  6. Here's a little secret how to counter them without Umbra/Paracesis
  7. I was using spin2win for its efficiency and bc other melee were (mostly) just weaker. I do agree that it was nerfed way too much but on the other hand...Broken Bull by mashing E does the same trick know for me. 5 spins, then a normal attack, 5 spins, normal attack etc. I also kinda like some other weapons now for their fancy animations. Sometimes DE has to open peoples mind by forcing them into other gameplay. What I first hated now I like
  8. So what? They cannot interact with PC and its market so idc. I am no evil being to say they should only get 2 or 3 weeks instead. I'm not begrudging them anything. They can also buy most Tennogen with plats.
  9. Auch ich gebe Omega Recht. Hört sich am Anfang nett an, hat aber nichts in DE's Spaghetti Code zu suchen. Guck dir das zeitlimitierte Event gerade an. Von den 27 Tagen waren bei mir 3 so verbuggt, dass ich trotz ein paar Stunden spielen 0 Punkte bekommen habe. Omega hat da auch sehr gute Punkte aufgezählt. Auch das von Flinter würde ich so übernehmen: Wozu braucht man 2 Frames? Sehe ich absolut keinen nutzen. Höchstens 1x den Build ändern (wer kennt es nicht, geht mit einer Slowa in eine Defense, weil man ne Woche vorher das letzte mal damit eine Interception gespielt hat). Aber 2 Frames? Dafür gibt es doch Teamplay. Du bist eher solo unterwegs? Tja, solo soll ja auch schwerer sein, als Teamplay. Wobei mir nichts einfällt, was man nicht solo schaffen kann (selbst die eine Lua Challenge, wo man 4 Platten drücken muss geht mit einem Loki solo)
  10. Where's the text? Where's the feedback? All I see is an embedded YT video
  11. Guardian, Velocity all the Bronze ones are cheaper if bought with plat
  12. I have read many stupid ideas but this tops everything. And I don't mean it personal or want to attack you...but let's be honest...it IS just a plain stupid idea
  13. No. By far! Like said: even if it works like intended it's heavily depended of the Relay you are in. Do you have time to get a good score = nice. If there are other "good" groups, all Murex are done in an hour and you have to wait 2 hours to get points again. The other part which we haven't spoken about: 15 minutes space mission nets you 1875 credits, a 50 minute ground mission nets you 2200. DE really has to adjust the balance between the groups on top of the bug fixing. We also haven't spoken about the broken Bonus credits which are either random or non existent at all
  14. Blueprint Lith D1 Uncommon Meso R2 Uncommon Neo Z2 Uncommon (V) Neo Z3 Uncommon (V) Neuroptics Lith M4 Rare Lith M3 Rare (V) Chassis Meso C4 Common Neo A3 Common Neo C1 Common (V) Axi H4 Common (V) Axi M1 Common (V) Systems Neo M2 Rare
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