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  1. Ach jetzt weiß ich welches Event du meinst...das Disruption Dings! Sag das doch gleich 😄 Ja das ist normal, dass Eventwaffen eine sehr lange Zeit nicht verfügbar sind. Durchschnittlich etwa 1 Jahr. Da dieses Event erst war, rechne frühestens im Frühling oder Sommer 2020 mit diesen beiden Waffen in Baro's Inventar. Damit verstößt du gegen Forenregeln, was Konsequenzen mit sich ziehen kann. Versuch immer einen normalen Ton zu behalten, egal wie andere sich dir gegenüber verhalten. Solltest du dich angeriffen fühlen, reporte den Beitrag und schreib in die Box rein, warum du dich angegriffen fühlst und die Mods werden dann entscheiden, ob es wirklich unangemessen ist. Ich frage das seit 2 Jahren und bekomme keine Antwort. Rechne mit einem inoffiziellen "nein". Zumindest habe ich mich davon verabschiedet. Streamer/Youtuber reden zu 90% Blödsinn. Das ist leider Fakt. Gerade bei den englischen Partnern ist es so, dass sie Clicks wollen/brauchen und daher auch viel "rumheulen". Wenn es um Infos geht immer erst Wiki befragen oder im Forum gucken. Hoffe ich konnte dir helfen
  2. Yes but not everything. Most of the things need to be farmed over and over again until you have all the resources, parts and other things
  3. only on VAC games. If you use it within its legitimacy there is no trouble. I am using it since 2012 and never got any ban.
  4. I'm in somewhat the same boat. Warframe refuses to patch for 10 days now. I was sitting on 500+ Standing on 2 accounts. It hurts...but you can't help it. Your request is a good one but sadly wouldn't help me ^^'
  5. You are right. It's not 500p. It's 799p https://switch.warframe.market/items/trinity_prime_set
  6. You want to know what's going on? Well...Twitch Drops never worked 100% accurate. Never! Sometimes people get too much or nothing at all. It always was like this. You have 2 options now: Live with not getting the last drops Submit a ticket, wait a couple of weeks and live with the decision support gives you Advice: Go with option 1. Less stressful and it's not worth the trouble for a single Wolf Beacon. I missed so many drops... thinking about it, it would have taken me months and months of waiting if I hab submitted a ticket every time.
  7. Using Win10 since Feb 2015. But this is mostly irrelevant because the PC of my gf with Win7 which has exactly the same problem. We never had any problems before but now on both rigs. Didn't install anything new. It worked the hours before the Hotfix and suddenly after the deploy we can't patch anymore. Problem still on. Support was suggesting the usual stuff which didn't work. Germany as well, Vodafone. Maybe the ISP has issues. update 10/19/2019: 243kb missing now
  8. Eff > Duration but here's an image how the interaction works
  9. MESA: Mesa needs at least 119% strength, so a normal maxed Intensify is plenty. The next important stat is duration. Get Continuity and Augur Message. Also try to get Constitution from Nightware Modes. Next is Efficiency to recast your 2 and 3 and sustain your 4 with Streamline. Reach isn't necessary except for the Range on her 2, which is a weak CC. Slot in survivability until either all slots are full or you don't have any more capacity. Vitality is good and since Mesa has a DR (damage reduction) skill (her 3) you can also use Redirection. To upgrade this build drop Redirection asap and get Corrupted Mods from Derelict runs or buy from other palyers. These are Fleeting Expertise for Efficieny and Narrow Minded for Duration. Primed Continuity is straight better than the normal one...so get it as well. To get more survivability drop Vitality as well and use Primed Flow + Quick Thinking. This bumps up your eHP drastically. REGULATORS: Use a classic hybrid build - Hornet Strike, (Primed) Target Cracker, (Primed) Pistol Gambit, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Anemic Agility and two elemental mods like Convulsion and Pathogen Rounds
  10. Da OP die Items mit dem Operator einsammeln kann tendiere ich eher auf ein Limbo Problem. Frage daher an OP: spielst du oder einer aus deinem Team einen Limbo? Im Rift (Shift, wenn du es bist oder Skill 1, wenn es auf dich gewirkt wird) kann man keine Items sammeln. Je nach Farbe erkennt man den Rift nicht direkt. OP sagte ja auch, er/sie kann keine Energie und Muni sammeln, was ebenfalls dazu passt. Operator habennach Transference full Energie und Munition brauchen sie auch keine.
  11. I have literally the same right now. I play this game for more than 4 years. Never an issue with this game. Now I got a new PC in mid September and Updates fail. Then suddenly it worked again and now since U25.8.1 I'll get the same problem. 441.1kb missing. edit: Steam and non-Steam version are the same. Other PC is affected as well. Changing to DX10 didin't also work
  12. Sorry I can't. Warframe won't update and support is currently working on it. But since their response was like "DiD yOu TuRn OfF yOuR rOuTeR?" my hopes aren't really high right now 😞
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