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  1. Warframe isn't Resident Evil where you blindly press any switch/prompt you see. If you don't know a mechanic in Warframe better ask in chat or consult the Wiki. Lesson hopefully learned :)
  2. You shouldn't fill all slots so support can restore your item. That's all
  3. Did you equip them in your Gear Wheel? Go to Arsenal and then click on the third tab
  4. Hi, as the title says I want to trade for a Shedu Barrel. I am offering a Shedu Handle or the Receiver. If you are willing to trade (and help me) I'd be very glad :)
  5. Yes. You get everything back the Lich has stolen
  6. No. The problem is, that the cancel button will switch to the left where the check button is when someone forces the mission to start. OP is totally right about. This is an intentional yet stupid UI design by DE which really needs to be changed.
  7. 1. Make a new Account 2. File a Ticket to Support 3. Wait 4. Answer all the Question from Support 5. If the answers are correct, support will change the email
  8. Use the search function. This topic is already beaten to death 50% this. Those who this system is aimed for don't have an issue. The rest for which DE lowered the requirements have issues because they want to dive into a system which shouldn't be on their menu yet
  9. I second this as well. Could also provide loads of screenshots. The Corpus one did take 17 minutes yesterday for all 10 Data to drop because there were literally Zero enemies. I also had to wait about 9 minutes to get the Assassination Target to spawn because I had a long period of only Jungulus spawn way outside the red circle
  10. Did you Rank Up Loid/Otak in the Back Room? It uses your BP. Buy another one and it's in your Foundry again
  11. Wow...Interesting. And here I am mindlessly spamming the common resources at 3% without thinking twice 🤣
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