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  1. Your only chance seems to be support: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es
  2. This. Which should also be true to RJ as I read a couple of times in the forums now. Usually you are being put into an open group if there is any. If there isn't you are the host of a new one. I'm not sure how it is when you have a bad connection but I have seen it often enough that even with 20 open Squads to be the Host of a new one.
  3. The Xoris stopped being OP when DE nerfed potential combinations. It's just adecent weapon now as exploding the Xoris still consumes all your counter
  4. slightly offtopic: I like the fact your name fits the situation 🤣
  5. this is correct but when someone tells you to hit Y it's not the first thing which jumps into my mind to hit Z
  6. These are easily capable of dealing with enemies above 100. This is just my opinion and does not mean the others are bad. I just don't have enough experience with them to give a proper statement so I will not recommend them. The "meta modding" nowadays due to a change of elemental behaviour is Viral + Slash and if it fits some Heat.
  7. It's important to add this only works on qwerty keyboards. For qwertz it's Z
  8. It would be easier if you show us your Arsenal. Listing all weapons which are good above 100 is too long and you may lack most of them.
  9. erm...you can. It's tedious micromanagement but they designed it to have 5 at max. Somewhere in this forums is a post with the maths of having all 6
  10. Win in the giveaways while Devstreams (but you can't trade it tho. Just use in the ingame market) Go farm and look at warframe.market. There is always sth you can sell, even if it's just Auras for 20-40plats. Start small an go bigger
  11. Invisible Ores on all 3 open world maps re-appear only after using Transference Waypointmarker jumping all over the place
  12. It's not that hard. It's by continouisly killing several enemies at once. In my case it was 8.5 enemies killed per shot/hit
  13. Das wurde generfed, da man mit 4 Auren auf über 100% Armor Strip gekommen ist. Oder mit 3x CP und Coaction Drift. Damit hatte man ~99% Armor Strip und der Vierte in der Gruppe hatte eine Damage Aura. Gab halt massive min-maxer und hardtries, die das als Voraussetzung hatten und es wurde irgendwann zu toxisch. Oder so ähnlich. 18% ist jetzt der Max-Wert einer Aura...dementsprechend 74% mit 4 Auren.
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