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  1. GnarlsDarkley's post in Prime Vault Pack was marked as the answer   
    Bought items - no matter if in the ingame market with plat or hard cash - circumvent ALL MR restrictions
  2. GnarlsDarkley's post in What is the best framesfor survival was marked as the answer   
    If you this new just run any fast Dark Sector mission you can find and leave at the first extraction point.
    I always did Gabii and left after the 5 Minute mark for 30k credits and some Orokin Cells
    If you want to go for long survivals later on, I suggest Khora. She can hard CC any enemies in her strangledome and also generate 65% more loot
  3. GnarlsDarkley's post in Helmenith was marked as the answer   
    1st this is not Tennogen
    2nd whats helmenith?
    3rd this would belong into Bugs
    4th you buy it's BP from Simaris and farm the parts from bounties like the first time
  4. GnarlsDarkley's post in My riven mod needs an active decaying dragon key and idk where to find it! was marked as the answer   
    In a Dojo's Orokin Lab

  5. GnarlsDarkley's post in Void storms and sevagoth farm was marked as the answer   
    Just the mission, no Relic needed.
    I suggest Neo Ext. About 3-4 minutes per mission
    edit: I wish you the same luck I had

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