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  1. "Fixed the Zenith sometimes getting stuck only firing one semi-auto shot before reverting to auto." ....as the meme says: Well Yes, But Actually No. A bug occured that i cannot use zenith AT ALL when shooting from melee stance. I threw zenistar disc then clicking left mouse to shoot with semi mode zenith but i could not shoot or chance semi-auto-mode, cannot reload (cause it was full). So i had to threw zenistar away a few times , change weapons a couple of times, then somehow zenith started to work as usual. So there is still bugs around zenith. but If you dont use melee, you are okay now ! (im still very dissapointed that zenith cannot be reloaded in semi mode, because its just switch back to auto, and i have to throw the disc away again to use semi. but still better than nothing.) Keep up the good work, and thanks for the late fix.
  2. - Zenith will randomly switch to full auto after firing a single shot when in alt-fire mode. - Zenith will randomly switch to full auto after firing a single shot when in alt-fire mode. Thx:) repair this pls.
  3. Yes Yes. 2 months almost. Do something pls : )
  4. Helló, Its not random, we stated earlier. But still no fix for a month old bug. But there are year old bugs too, so im not expecting much in the future. Only skins. Priorities! 😄
  5. Lets just Quote these here, DE wont notice it ;) LOL. and its a month old bug. :P
  6. Zenith. 3423473468274 patch. and no fix for zenith semi mode. !
  7. Zenith. BUGGED. soon a month ago it was reported. 😄 thanks for wukong rework. so bad decision.
  8. Zenith still bugged. Never forget. Im going to be worse than Rahetalius, who ask for vauban rework. I would love to see a proper working zenith. Not an unusable reload fiesta weapon. : ( More disc throwing than reload with a tigris... Disappointing rework.
  9. Thanks for the nerf : ) Zenith still unusable : ) 5 patch and no repair. Saaaad. : (
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