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  1. Hey there houselyrander, regarding your first point, ill take a peek at that extraction tile, thanks much!. Your feedback about evac in endless missions has been passed along, as well. Have a great day! [EDIT: The extraction area in this location has been audited to be a little more generous and the marker moved away from the edge, change should be included in a future update/hotfix]]
  2. Hi there, thanks for taking the time to share your findings. do you happen to have a log file from this play session, or can you describe the location where you spawned? (Physical details of the room, inside/outside, etc) thanks!
  3. Hello beautiful cat hunters 🙂 To clear up what seems to have happened under the hood: both 1-2 and 2-1 were actually duplicates of 2-2. This data error has been fixed but unfortunately the physical change that moved the 2-1 kuria out of the solid machinery didn’t make it into the hotfix. A fleet of laser-welder drones has been dispatched to cut it out of the bulkhead, and this change should hopefully make it live soon ™️
  4. hi there, SilentDepleter. Do you happen to have the warframe-screenshot of this, (f6 screen cap?) It contains meta data I can use to speed up the investigation of this. (the discord attached version above does not have it) Thanks for your bug report!
  5. Would take a peek but, Clip not working?
  6. Hey there, taking a look at this now. sorry for the delay. friends. Thanks for your patience! EDIT: Fixed the bug with these. No ETA on when fix goes live, though hopefully soon ™️
  7. You are correct, Issues with defense enemies spawning in secret areas should be fixed for public at this time, if not please pm me details! Thankyou for your patience and taking the time to give a heads up 🙂
  8. Amazing. Great work! Very thorough. Will take a look at these spots!
  9. Hi GHmate11, will peek at this small room too. No promises but will look. Curious if you may be opting out of certain graphics settings that could help brighten this area, as a short term solution.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, this spawn tile should no longer be present in CGC Defense missions.
  11. Thanks for pointing this out! They may have some juicy LORE! 🙂
  12. Thanks for the report, will take a look at this! :3
  13. Excellent find, will take a peek! Thanks for sharing the bug report!
  14. Coincidentally, a large number of dangerous ledges all over the place in Gas City ❤️ 😉 👢🤸‍♂️🕳️
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