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  1. You are correct, Issues with defense enemies spawning in secret areas should be fixed for public at this time, if not please pm me details! Thankyou for your patience and taking the time to give a heads up 🙂
  2. Coincidentally, a large number of dangerous ledges all over the place in Gas City ❤️ 😉 👢🤸‍♂️🕳️
  3. Hi there CoolKid369, saw a post about this on Reddit a few days ago as well. Looking into it. 🙂
  4. Hydrogen conduit service junctions meet all minimum design specifications to pass Safety Board certification, and are inspected regularly. Hardening each against failure in the extremely unlikely event of deliberate damage (ie. vandalism) would be prohibitively expensive.
  5. No worries. Thanks for the detailed info! Regarding fish spawning inside geo, I was specifically inquiring about Cave fishing, underground. As of 24.1.1, a fix went in to remedy cave-fish spawning inside cave-walls/rocks/floors. If it's cured the bug down there, we can likely adopt a similar fix to topside fishing locations. If cave-fish are still appearing embedded in cave-geometry, any new pics you might have would be very helpful. Thank-you for your help and continued patience!
  6. Can you share a screenshot of the cave area inwhich this is still happening? Definitely want to fix this, Thanks!
  7. Improvements to cave fish spawning did go in but were missed in the notes, they've been updated.
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