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  1. IGN: Zera MR: 27 Country: Germany Ingame-playtime of 3245 Hours. Discord-ID: Zera#1337 I've started playing when Excalibur Prime was around and i actually bought it, i then left the game and came back around when Equinox got released but made me a new account due to my old credentials being lost. I was encouraged by Phanini and Historiic to apply. I'm basically on every day if i have time and i love farming kuva, rolling rivens and minmaxxing the crap out of my stuff. i'm also a Moderator on the Warframe Arbitration Server and have experience with arbitrations because of that. i would love to have a clan/place to meet other veterans who i can actually expect to be moderately successful and skilled to group up with and manage to do great feats of endurance and strength.
  2. I hope you revert the change that the Universal Medaillon does not work with Conclave because without asking others to play against you, conclave is quite literally unplayable and dead since nobody plays or joins it.
  3. i want higher Blazing Step Droprates 😞
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