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  1. Thank you DE, i hope this will be a great update.
  2. Hey there! I wanted to post my ideas to improve upon the current Vauban rework a lot more and address flaws that annoy me and perhaps others aswell. Since im not used to writing in a Forum and im more of a discord-esque person, excuse my lack of formatting. General Changes: Make all abilities one-handed again and increase the casting speed to match the old one. A lot of previous vauban lovers/mains loved that he wasnt stuck or restricted in his movement while casting abilities and that they were fairly fast so the current problem is due to him not having a survivability buff(to which i will come soon), hes having huge problems moving fast and dropping bastilles due to the new longer casting/deployment time, making him vulnerable in the time he is casting it to enemy fire. Tesla Nervos: Increase speed of rollers substantially to match enemy rollers, add AI so rollers attack to 4 different targets provided there are 4 targets alive, otherwise stack onto the last remaining enemy(ies). Also please add a bigger effect onto enemies that are stunned(including energy color), area of effect stunchance (think ferrox altfire discharge) and the augment(could just be volt's discharge beams) so its easier to see what enemy is affected. Currently i have to guess which ones it wherever the damage number is ticking, which breaks when theres a vortex however. Mine Layer: Tether Coil: Add max. targets of 5 but can only hold up to 2 at one time. Flechette Orb: reduce damage by half and add damage scaling via either primary or secondary weapon mods akin to what vaporize got. Vector Pad: fine really, only add some faster deployment time (probably general casting time is fine?)so u arent constantly forced out of sprinting to even get the speed. Overdriver: add a damage reduction equal to the damage buff that caps at 50%. this would greatly improve his survivability which is his biggest flaw aside from the 1000 armor from bastille which dont seem to do all too much(imo). Minelayer as it currently stands is/should be a high efford high reward ability, because ideally u should buff a few teammates, use tether coil to grab more enemies into some place, put down a flechette orb to deny and kill enemies from one path and use vector pads to move fast to another location as a team. So if you would only use overdriver, you'd sacrifice all other 3 abilities in stead and i think that is a fair trade. Photon Strike: just make it more clear how the damage of it works ingame, its quite confusing atm. (damage x enemies = final damage?) Bastille + Vortex: Increase base duration from 15 to 18 seconds, remove bastille automatically converting into a vortex on expiring. Add a new mechanic akin to wisps reservior teleports so u can safely choose which to collapse from range. if not targetting a bastille and tapping: casting bastille if not targetting a bastille and holding the ability: casting vortex If targetting a bastille and tapping: convert targetted bastille into vortex if targetting a bastille and holding: convert all bastilles into vortexes. This could utilize wisps reservoir target mechanic more and give vauban players a lot more choice in how they want to use their 4th ability. I hope that these ideas will be taken into consideration because the few biggest problems for me and most vauban players right now are his longer casting speed, lack of survivability, slow movement of tesla nervos and that you can not cast a vortex while a bastille is up.
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