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  1. Thank you guys so much for this Update, and also thank u for not crunching! ❀️
  2. Thanks for this Birthday Present! <333
  3. Thanks for the channeling fix ❀️
  4. And still no fix for Titania's Lantern 😞
  5. Ingame-name: Dragonqueen_Zera (hasnt updated on forums yet) MR: 25 + 7 on alt Roundabout 2100+ hours Languages: German and English I've always stayed in my own solo clan because im a lone wolf player, always trying to do everything by myself but as of recently i kind of wanna have a clan where i can play and help others. I'm a big collector of all sorts, i've got multiple duplicate frames, all arcane sets twice, etc. and i always find a way to trivialize content in some way.
  6. Oh nice, was hoping for that configuration update for operators!
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