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  1. The ones in the giant picture Megan posted maybe?
  2. You also said your highest run was 33k, all i see on your profile is 21k.
  3. Maybe use your own brain for once
  4. I can assure you, no one's using his alts to do runs in my clan atleast, believe me or don't, up to you Besides that, the scores from people that joined the clan after the leaderboard went live doesn't count
  5. You can't be serious, there's a massive skill difference between players and DE.
  6. Why would they? Works as intended
  7. Was on a break for a while now since game boring yadayada now i need to level up stuff, noticed after mission ending i'm losing all my bonus exp or sometimes gain no exp in general? Happens mostly after RJ and Necramech event. Maybe fix it?` Thanks.
  8. Edit: Why has it to be capped? 36 means a max score of 20-21k, defeats the entire competive aspect. Thanks anways for releasing a event..
  9. First off, what does the "Veteran" part have to do with you having an bad PC? It's normal they're updating the graphics/game as time passes. You don't even need an high end PC to play warframe, hell not even an average one.
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