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  1. I agree with you, kit, this isn't a very good mod. I really wanted to try and keep this one balanced, I think the concept in general is worth considering no matter what power is attached to it. As for your question; It would be useful for any visible warframe with a draining toggle that shuts off zenurik/siphon or chew through energy like it's nothing, like an Ore Gaze Nekros. Every single Warframe that can rely on their Health and Armor to muscle through enemies will be able to satisfy their energy needs without having to rely on other limiting methods unimpeded. Would this combined
  2. It's no secret that shield gating is a much needed defensive option in a game where health ruled for the longest time, however I feel like there are a few frames that still would rather utilize some of the old health based defensive options that got kinda nerfed by shield gating, such as not benefiting immediately from rage or abilities that require damage to health to function like chroma, etc; this mod suggestion aims to fix some of these issues while also being worthy of a mod slot. The Main Point of the Mod: -Ranks 1 through 10 will all feature a base removal of shields, -Rank 1 wo
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