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  1. Vega Toroids still drop from spaceport post update
  2. Wish there were a death replay or something in arbitrations, something indicating what killed you and with what. For clarification, I mean if nothing killed you it would show some sort of debug weapon, maybe skana?
  3. Doors open client sided. The game is peer to peer hosted, not server hosted. He is talking about Sortie mission one, seen multiple runs end where one door won't open. Edit: Sortie mission 1 has changed from mobile defense to sabotage. Divine Developer intervention acquired.
  4. Sedna is one of the last locations you unlock through the star chart. It's enemies are grineer at level 30-40, the exception being the arena game mode and any endless nodes that allow for a higher enemy scaling. It's connections are Pluto and Tier 4 Void. Here is the star chart (basically) Mercury Venus Earth Mars - Phobos - Void Ceres Jupiter - Europa - Void Uranus Neptune - Void Pluto - Eris Sedna - Void There are 4 branches to the void, they do not intersect with each other. And somewhere in the system is the Orokin Derelict, floating in space, requiring clan researched derelict keys to visit.
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