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  1. ...Update - sorted my issue - apparently on keyboard the "Z" key when hit either accidently or not will disengage or engage "Gear Slots" - finally worked it out here, thought to post this update for others just incase. Cheers to Warframe and all Tenno :)
  2. Sometimes in game play when I use the "Q" key on my keyboard to access my 'gear slots' for ammo & health the Gear Slots don't appear or come up. Its random and doesn't do it every mission played but its anoying and does it often enough to be irritating when you need stuff in the middle of the mission & your gear slots don't show or come up. Hoping to get thru the current mission w/o gear or die or abort mission. Then the next mission or replayed mission, the gear button will work fine. I'm puzzled. I thought it mite be my keyboard so i replaced the batteries (mouse included) - no joy
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