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  1. I have to upgrade my GPU to:

    1) play the Plains of Eidolon update

    2) play the "update" of Earth

    3) not lag in Raids with all the visual FX from frames

    But it's kinda my fault since I waited like 8 years to upgrade my gpu.

    I was kinda like "lol ill just minmax everything, i can play GTA V and Overwatch as long as they're below minimum X'DDDD"

    But with Warframe it's a different story, with so many effects such as Shadows that I have no idea how to disable through configs, at this point I'd need to develop or find a complete texture and graphics downgrade, it'll be a while until I can upgrade. Ah, well..

  2. 3 minutes ago, 01thanatos10 said:

    when we mange to kill an edolian( after use ever once of ammo on the map becuase a lv 20 ehp seems to be in the uper billions) if the host runs out of revives you lose everthing cuase it fails to reload yanyone into the game it gives an erro mesg that says host version miss match pls verafiy cache and if you do when you log back in you loss everthing from that mission.

     problem 2 why are the edolians so tanky 1000rounds from a soma prime plus 400 from aklex prime plus the ammo of the other 4 guys in the room and its still not half dead? i thought fighting level 150 in a extended surv was bad but this is a whole new level of grind and time comsumption

    to sum it up being super tank and have 1 shots dose not make a fun or interactive boss it just makes an anoying enmy that everones gonna hater after 1 to 2 runs.

    You're supposed to use Operator form to destroy the little drones that heal it constantly, and take out its shields too, to attack its weak spots. Otherwise, yes, it'd take a very long time.

  3. 2 minutes ago, 01thanatos10 said:

    so when you guys gonna fix needing to have all the players at extract to end mission ive lost 3 cores becuase the host died after it went down fix it im tierd of losing all my cores becuase of that stupid req

    Hey, just wondering, could you clarify what you're experiencing a bit for me? Like state it a little more clearly?

    I think I've experienced what you're describing but I'm not entirely sure.

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  4. >be me

    >been in bed, sick with sickness

    >login today after sleeping

    >"oh B O I, plains of eidolon, let's get right to it! :D"

    >trading with some people for items and prime stuff

    >"DE: hey guys we're gonna deploy a hotfix hehe, dw 'bout nothin' ;)"




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  5. 3 minutes ago, DoomFruit said:

    Storm clans (max capacity 100, it's what I'm in) cost 50k - it's 500/player for the unrealistic best-case estimate of a completely full clan. More like 1500/player for the more realistic estimate of 1/3 of the clan who actively contribute.

    EDIT: and yes, it's still stupid in that they picked the highest cost for the least common research resource. I've got identical corpus and infested kills, but 20x more raw fieldron than mutagen. It's not a case of not being "easy", it's a case of "I've played this game for 3 years and I still don't have that many mutagen samples".

    Yeah I had a typo, accidentally left off two zeroes, my bad. 

  6. 1 hour ago, DoomFruit said:

    The hema mutagen sample cost bug still hasn't been fixed yet.

    It's not a bug, they want people in a Moon clan to farm for 500,000 mutagen samples, which means 500 mutagen samples per person (although DE assumes everyone is active AND contributing, which is never the case).

    They've said during a stream or two and here on the forums that they don't want all Clan-researched gear to be "easy".

    It's still hell. DE pls. ;-;

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