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  1. Tell me about it. Every time someone points out an issue with the game, someone else comes up with "Just use X! It's easy!" And they're usually right. Warframe doesn't encourage us to engage with its underlying system. It encourages us to find loopholes. It then seems to assume we'll find loopholes so it doesn't even bother giving us anything that compelling to engage with in the first place. "Defence mission too hard? Just use Limbo. Oh, you're just going to use Limbo on Defence? OK, then no point in trying to make it actually engaging to play since you're just going to cheese it anyway." And
  2. OK, I think I see where we're talking past each other. If I'm reading this right, you see critical hits as somehow uniquely different to just adding more damage, like a weapon can just deal consistent damage or it could deal inconsistent but higher critical damage. This simply isn't the case in my experience. Modern Warframe is balanced around critical damage AS base damage. If your weapon isn't a "critgun," it's not going to be good at dealing direct damage. You can use it for armour strip or - most commonly - stacking Slash/Heat procs and doing DOT. If your weapon is a critgun, its role is d
  3. This is easily one of Warframe's most severe weaknesses. The damage/health type system is a joke and a mess, with next to no rhyme or reason as to which enemy uses what health types for what. A Bursa is armoured with Ferrite. Most of the Terra Corpus unique proxies are armoured with Robotic. Heavy Grineer units are armoured with Alloy, but Heavy Gunners (easily the heaviest among them) is armoured with Ferrite. On and on and on. Expecting players to memorise all of this - or worse, live in the codex - is not realistic. And it's like the other person said - there's no actual complexity to
  4. They did motion capture sessions? Certainly didn't show in the animations themselves.
  5. Yup. Lack of any sort of player feedback is the kiss of death on the whole thing. How can I "git gud" if I have no idea what's actually going on in front of me? When I can't tell if I'm succeeding because I'm doing something right or through sheer dumb luck (or some other factor), then I can't DO anything to improve or adapt. If I can't actually engage with the game, then what choice do I have? Because the only one I see is "stack stats, render game irrelevant." Warframe's current state of balance makes us all worse players the longer we play, because we just stop even trying to play by the ga
  6. I don't agree. "Counting our shots" is a skill that players should be allowed to have. Not even saying "rewarded" here, just allowed to benefit from. For weapons with continuous fire, let players get a feel of roughly how long an enemy takes to take down, as well. The more consistent our tools are, the better we can become at using them and the more we can notice small build changes. There are plenty of sources of randomness outside the player's own kit, such as terrain and enemy behaviour and enemy composition, etc. By all means, throw procedural generation and randomness into combat, but let
  7. Do you know why Moa and Sentinel pets progress so slow? It's because almost nothing in the game actually gives them XP. Kills your Moa makes don't give IT XP. No, that goes to the equipped weapon. Kills you make don't go to it either - they go to your Warframe and weapons. The only way they gain XP is from using abilities, which are what? 100 XP per cast? The only reasonable way to get companion progression is shared Affinity in some fashion - either Tenno Affinity from other players or the "about equal distribution" of mission objective Affinity. Spy is pretty good for levelling pets because
  8. Eh, I wouldn't want to go all the way back to the MMO Holy Trinity of Tank/Healer/Damage Dealer. I'm fine with a video game letting me do damage AND take damage at the same time. The problem right now is we have both in excess. We can deal so much damage as to spawn-wipe enemies before they even get a shot off, sometimes through walls. We can take so much damage that it quite literally doesn't matter what enemies are throwing at us. This results in a combat system where nothing really matters. Why dodge when they can't kill me? Why aim when my powers are NLOS PBAoE? I agree with you compl
  9. My issues precisely. That's a very good way of putting it. DE's enemy design right now is chaos and madness. Every enemy faction variant has its own standalone rules which conform to no overall design doctrine and enemies within that faction have stats as if chosen by throwing darts at a board. They give us 13 damage types, eleventy billion health types, armour, shields and tell us "OK, now optimise your arsenal." Against #*!%ing WHAT? Every individual enemy has their own esoteric design consideration that I couldn't possibly be expected to remember and all of them together just make for frikk
  10. Agreed. That's part of the problem. Pets have really low stats and their mods have really low buff values. I get the feeling that DE originally intended for pets to be a minor aspect of the game, which is why they stuck them with so many limitations. Loading them with so much QoL and making them perpetually available to everyone all of the time, however, pretty much necessitates they be tougher and more reliable. A lot of our convenience abilities are on our pets these days. Buffing base stats and durability mods should bring them to some level of reliability, like you said. Wel
  11. Generally agreed with the OP. Hidden damage resistance modifiers for enemies are just lazy design. Worse, they're also pointless. All you're doing is increasing EHP in a roundabout way, so why bother? At least when it comes to armour, that has a health type attached to it so at least in THEORY that can have an impact on gameplay. Some weapons and damage types chew through it, some struggle. But flat damage resistance? Why? The same goes for status immunity, as well. DE talked a big talk about removing status immunity from Liches and potentially giving some use for Status to everyone - inc
  12. What Warframe needs is standardisation. De have thrown a lot of different systems into the game over the years, but very rarely go back to update them after the fact. Updating Cetus to match the overall superior design of Fortuna was a nice gesture, but a rare one. Personally, I'm hoping to see more "Revised" updates. Those are easily my favourite ones. No, they typically don't add new content, but they make old content worth playing again.
  13. We seem to be talking past each other. Let me try a different approach. When you give people the choice of either dodging projectiles or simply passively facetanking them, the vast majority will choose to facetank. This is why Warframe is in the state it's in right now. Power creep has made us all objectively worse players because we're able to stack number so high as to essentially remove entire game systems. Warframe already has complex enemies, and they DO NOT MATTER because they either die too fast or just can't do anything of substance to us. I COULD roll through a Flame Eximus explo
  14. That's my broader point, yes. It's not that I think base health/armour/shield mods on pets are bad (not JUST, anyway :) ) but that I fundamentally disagree with the existence of Link mods. The more our builds are locked together with items influencing each other's performance, the more cookie-cutter our builds become. I'd much rather just scrap all the Link mods and work on making pets tough in their own right. Tough enough to spend more time alive than dead at "reasonably high level," which I would put at 80-100 at present. Incidentally, this is the same reason I absolutely detest the ch
  15. That's why I say "filters" :) Instead of thinking of missions as "nodes" on a particular planet, think of them as a combination of traits. " "I want a <Spy> mission on <Pluto> at level <80> with a <Shield Disruption> modifier." Chances are there isn't one already running, so I'll have to host it. "I want a <Exterminate/Capture/Sabotage> mission on <Any Planet> at level <60-100> against <Grineer>." Chances are there's at least one mission like that, so the game will throw me into whatever it can find first. Payday 2 does a similar thin
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