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  1. Do that. Rebalance all Augments into major ability sidegrades, rebalance abilities themselves to compensate. Several abilities seem - intentionally or otherwise - designed to work with an Augment and offer next to no functionality without one. At that point, you may as well limit me to just 3 decent abilities, rather than limiting me to 3 decent abilities + 1 crap ability + 1 augment to un-crap that ability. I bring up Diablo 3's Rune system quite often, and for good reason. Each ability had several runes to choose from, each with significant ability reworks attached to them - enough to make those choices meaningful. I don't expect the same level of customisation given that Warframe has eleventy billion abilities, but we could do at least one Augment per ability, I think. Go the route of Valkyr's Enraged, for example. That's a pretty good side-grade. Make more like that. With the weapon rebalance in the Sisters of Parvos update, it's plain to see that that ship has sailed. DE had the opportunity to impart proper balance, but chose to institute a major buff, instead. Powercreep is this game's MO at this point.
  2. I'm getting seriously tired of repeating "I told you so," but I told you so. Finding a Lich with a specific weapon is easily the worst, most time-consuming and least compelling aspect of the Lich system. Now with the Sisters of Parvos requiring the Granum Void, it's even worse. It'll get worse still as new weapons are added. At this point, so many of us have made so many of the same points so many times that it's pretty clear DE aren't interested in fixing it. They had a chance with the Lich upgrade changes, yet they chose to fix the least of that system's problems. RNG is not content. Someone upthread cited probabilities and times. I can attest to needing 40+ minutes on occasion just to START my sodding Lich. I actually like the Lich system (or used to, before it got locked to the same planets) so the Murmur grind wasn't an issue for me. Making that faster doesn't help. I HATE the Larvling RNG, and that hasn't gone anywhere. It's been made worse.
  3. Stuff like this is why I'm finding it harder and harder to go back to Warframe these days. There's a fundamentally fun game buried under a steaming pile of Mobile Game monetisation bullS#&$. Build timers, lockout timers, weekly rotations, low % drop RNG, lootboxes, a battle pass and more. Every update we get a smidgen more content and a heaping more Skinner box. More and more, it seems like "business" is taking the place of "gameplay." Game designers will tell you it's to help player retention. I disagree. This S#&$ is precisely what's PREVENTING me from "retaining" the game. Every time I look at what's been added, I see another pile of timesinks. More often than not, I think "Yeah, maybe another time." I'm a whale so I buy most of the my stuff these days anyway, but this bothers me even just on principle.
  4. That's a good way of putting it, yes. I wouldn't be as opposed to Mercy Kills locking my camera or potentially even panning it around. I wouldn't enjoy it, but I can deal. Hell, you guys say the "bug fallback" Mercy Kill animation also has a camera lock and I personally never noticed because it doesn't whip me around. The problem - as you say - is that it feels like Mercy Kills are filmed by a separate film crew for the game trailer. The camera shunts around to a different position that's often difficult to recognise, leaving me just a bit disorientated. When it snaps back to my character, I often lose track of where I was facing originally. Not to mention - again - how often it bugs out. Half my Liches I've killed while starting at the corner of a wall, slope of a staircase or with me and the Lich almost entirely out of frame. My first two or three Liches, I got a bugged camera position due to terrain. Oh, certainly - there's nothing wrong with scripted in-engine cutscenes as a concept. I just happen to feel that Half-Life's approach of letting me still control my camera and my character for the duration improves the experience overall. I remember feeling this very hard in the old Assassin's Creed. All of the counter-attack kills had these disorientating camera angles that sapped all the momentum out of them. On the few occasions where the game bugged out and failed to fire the scripted camera, I found the game looked and felt a lot better because all of the actions took place within the same consistent, continuous space. It helped with the sense of verisimilitude, as well as spacial awareness. I also have a broader reason to dislike "cinematic" cuts. In movies, cuts are very, very often used to hide the seams of the shoot, paper over special effects limitations and cover for bad choreography. It's much easier to stitch a fight together from 45 cuts across 10 different takes than to act it out in full, when it comes to stunt performers, just as a random example. A one-take fight often appears artificial because you end up with people standing around waiting for their cues, where they would otherwise just cease to exist between cuts until it's time for them to show up. My beef with video games trying to be movies by aping movie-like editing is because to me, they create an impression for hiding lacking production values. When I initiate a Mercy Kill and my camera cuts in for a close-up, I instinctively have to wonder what they aren't showing me and why they don't want me to see that. Does the animation look bad from the other side? Are the models being aggressively scaled? Is the location shifted around to prevent clipping with terrain? What's going on that I'm not being allowed to see? Even if there's literally nothing like that going on, the game is using the "language" of cinema, and what it's telling me is "please don't pay attention to our bad choreography." Games are not cinema. While there's nothing wrong with putting "cinematics" into video games, those should be kept as separate from the actual gameplay. Be a game or be a cutscene, but don't try to be both at the same time.
  5. Agreed. The initial weapon selection was EASILY the worst aspect of the entire Lich system. I'm genuinely surprised they shipped with it unchanged for the Sisters of Parvos, especially considering we told 'em so. My personal preference for improving this remains the "Lure" system where we can craft an item that lets us lure a Larvling with the specific weapon, but using weapons as progenitor archetypes isn't a bad choice, either. Just... something needs to happen there. Grinding the same mission over and over again just to START a Lich is not a good system.
  6. The game actually already does this with melee finishers. Enemy size scales to player size for the duration of the animation, then scales back to normal afterwards. You can actually use melee finishers to tell what the "standard" scale of an enemy is and how an enemy is scaled relative to that. Heavy Gunners shrink drastically, meaning they're normally drastically upscaled. Moas generally grow larger, though not always - some of the newer ones shrink quite a bit. It's a fun "birdwatching" minigame for me :) I assume the same is the case for Parazon finishers. Granted, I've never used them without the camera lock so that may do a good job of hiding the real-time model-scaling, but I personally never found it that distracting to begin with. As an option, I'd be fine with enemy model rescaling during Parazon finisher animations the same as during melee finishers. That's what I was thinking, as well. Parazon finishers now seem to be a lot more reliable, so they can be used as a standard tool in our toolkit - similar to our Archguns or our Spectres. I'm actually quite happy with how that system turned out after the changes, but it does bring the camera lock issue to the forefront. As a general rule of thumb, I believe the player should never lose control of their camera outside of VERY special circumstances where it absolutely can't be avoided. I'm fine with optionally giving up control of my camera if I consent to it, but I don't like mandatory such. Personally, I feel Half-Life 2 had the right idea some 20 years ago. If you're going to play cutscenes, then play cutscenes. Just let the player look around and walk around in the meantime.
  7. That was my thinking, as well. Parazon finishers appear to be little more than generic melee weapon finishers with a separate melee weapon - the Parazon. Offering an option to disable the camera lock shouldn't be excessively difficult. I'm guessing, obviously, but... if DE designed a finisher where NOT having fixed camera is technically challenging, then something has gone horribly wrong. I may have exaggerated, but Parazon finishers do actually have a function now. As a reliable means of killing tanky enemies (especially for those of us not using Rivens) seems like a useful feature, plus the new mods are pretty solid. It's just Parazon finishers used to be entirely pointless since we could never actually USE them. Now that we'll at least have a chance at using them, it seems fair to start discussing implementation. It's easier to ignore shoddy camera when we never have to deal with it. My impression is DE were trying to offload "finishers" onto the Parazon entirely, replacing melee weapon finishers. This would create a unified set of weapon-agnostic finisher animations and free up the animations team to create new weapon classes or stances. At least, I have to assume it started life as something like that. They didn't get rid of melee finishers, though - just added extra animations on top. I have no idea what's going on there, as a consequence. I'm not opposed to the idea, mind you. I'm fine with having a "hidden blade" to use for executions, hacking, rappelling and probably other stuff, as well. I like gadgets that add new generic gameplay interactions. Parazon executions are just very cumbersome in their current implementation. They take too long to pull off, they fix my camera and overall seem designed as showpieces in a game with chaotic action.
  8. Yeah, I suppose last-hitting could work on large-scale "ultimate" style attacks. Those are both large enough to have a good chance of securing last-hits and also usually rare enough that a player could announce them on voice chat. So fair enough there - last-hit mechanics COULD work in co-op under very specific circumstances. Firearm Arcanes don't really that description, though. One of them is on a 4-second timeout with 4 stacks. Means the player basically has to keep killing and not stop else the buff goes away - a weapon "combo meter" if you will. Another player nuking the room could drop performance quite drastically. I still think that we should have SOME kind of kill assist mechanic just the same.
  9. That's what I'm hoping for, as well. It's unlikely to happen, though. Syndicate wars seem to be a good source for Plat trades.
  10. When performing a Mercy Kill, the game takes control of the player's camera and forces it into a "cinematic angle." In my experience, this has a high chance of clipping into terrain or being obstructed by other people in the scene. It's also very intrusive to the flow of combat because it has a tendency to turn me completely around and whip the camera rapidly. It wasn't as much of an issue when Mercy Kills were basically pointless. Now that Mercy Kills are actually going to be a meaningful part of the game, can we please get rid of the camera lock on Mercy Kill? Or at least add an option to disable the camera lock? Please stop taking control of people's cameras without cause. I have a mouse in my hand. If I wanted a "cinematic" angle, I can achieve this myself. What I actually want is view direction continuity.
  11. My suspicion is that Operators use a separate character rig, and would need an animation suite all their own. I don't really see a design reason to not do that.
  12. Yup! Warframe's never really done that, though. Nightwave had the same issue. "Kill 1000 Eximus units!" by which the game means "last-hit 1000 Eximus units" because nothing else counts. You could do 99% of the damage to an Eximus unit only for a team-mate to tag it with some AoE and deny you progress towards the Challenge, even when they themselves have already completed it. Even when they themselves don't even realise they've done it. What this caused is a really stupid practice we adopted with my friends. Someone sees an Eximus unit, calls them out over voice, maybe marks them and then runs away, lest pets or AoE accidentally kill the Eximus. Or, more likely, someone notices they've killed an Eximus unit and goes "S#&$, sorry! I killed one!" Last-hit mechanics in co-op video games are BAD and should not exist. Any on-kill mechanic needs to account for kill assists, be that time-based, damage-based or what have you. Overwatch actually does this fairly well, albeit in a PvP setting. If you damage an enemy that an ally kills, you get an "elimination." If you debuff an enemy that an ally kills, you get an elimination. If you buff an ally as they kill an enemy you haven't even interacted with, you get an elimination. If DE want on-kill mechanics to work as a central pillar of Warframe (which they've done with the new update), then they NEED a kill assist mechanic of some fashion. Ideally, co-op games should have as little competition between team-mates as possible.
  13. This reminds me of The Division. I had a pretty hardy build revolving around "health on kill" which turned to wet tissue paper the moment I stepped on a team and wasn't exclusively getting all the kills. My team-mates who built for less durability and more damage were robbing me of the durability I needed to cover them. Obviously this isn't other people's fault - I can't micromanage what people kill and neither should they have to worry about it. But on-kill mechanics with no capacity for kill assists are going to lead to kill-stealing and general unpleasantness. Not that I mind. I play solo.
  14. I realise this is a bit off-topic, but it has to be said: Why do Mutalist Alad V Assassinate keys even still exist? DE already got rid of Orokin Derelict keys when moving to Deimos. Why are those still a thing? It's not like they're doing anything to drive traffic through Invasions.
  15. In the bizarro world where we have to choose the form of our destructor, I'll take "grind" over RNG. Within reason, obviously, but I'll always take tangible progress with each action over "maybe I make a lot of progress, maybe I make $&*^-all." The problem is that deterministic, tangible progression doesn't have the same addiction capacity as gambling. People take one look at the progress bar and go "OK, that's too much. I won't do that." With gambling, even if it's 0.1% drop chance, a lot of people look at that and go "I'm feeling lucky! Hit that lever!" even though the "expected runs" stat is in the hundreds. The human mind is generally pretty terrible at estimating probability, so people consistently BADLY overestimate how many times they'll have to spin the slot machine to get a reward, vs. being straight-up told how many times they need to do it. As much credit as I want to give DE, I can't really excuse them from following the trend of turning online games into game-themed virtual casinos. Just look at how many people behave as though they resent the core gameplay experience but play it anyway for the rewards. Apparently that's sustainable in the long-run because gamers are clearly prone to acting against their own self-interest. However, this is the prime reason why older gamers and veterans alike tend to develop a progressively more negative opinion of modern games. Sure, part of it is players mistaking burnout for flaws in the game (we're all guilty of it), but it's the game's core design of addicting players through gambling that CAUSES burnout in the first place. If players look at the game and think "There's nothing left for me to do!" then LET THEM LEAVE. If you let them leave happy, they'll be back next time you release a major patch. Keeping them around until they can't stand the thought of your game ensures they'll never be back. I disagree on Railjack. By this point, it's pretty much the only part of Warframe I really enjoy playing. I like the space combat, I like the larger open spaces, I like the generally non-linear design, plus it's the only place where I get to use all of my tools (sans K-Drive, but who cares about those?). I get to fly my Railjack and my Archwing, use my ground weapons and my Necramech and even occasionally my Operator since it's simpler to do when piloting the Mech. Now that Railjack features proper ground missions, too, it's the best of both worlds. There's a certain amount of "physicality" to it not present in the rest of the game, too. I don't just click a button and "appear" inside an enemy ship. I need to physically move my ship into range, then cover the distance myself and either find an entrance or make one. This is part of the reason I'm holding off for the next update. As much as I like Railjack, there's only so much gameplay I can get out of it when 2 of the 4 mission types (real mission types - not Skirmish) are horrible. Defence sucks ass and Orphyx way too tryhard for my tastes. Next update seems to have more Railjack missions, which would be great for me. I'm still waiting for Necramechs to become useful in all missions, too. I don't even care about "rewards." I just enjoy the gameplay aspect of it.
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