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  1. As a general response - having an easier time to get my Lich to spawn in my missions would be really nice. Your suggestion kind of circumvents this since the Lieutenant would still give the same 10 Murmurs as the Lich currently does, but I like the idea in principle. Lich missions are at their most boring when they're just a Murmur Farm. Having the Lich personally show up more often is a nice change of pace, it offers a nice Murmur infusion and it lets us try and narrow down the range of possibilities before we have the full set uncovered.
  2. To be fair, that's not entirely unreasonable given how DE handled their releases. They launched Railjack obviously unfinished, lacking not just content but basic functionality. I'm personally patient enough to just let the system sit and wait for Command... But then they go ahead and announce a Railjack event with both Railjack and Ground missions to push Squad Link... Before the Command intrinsic is out. Granted, that's not the argument the OP made, but I feel personally justified in asking DE to hurry up and add missing functionality BEFORE they start pushing Railjack into limited-time events and broader content connections.
  3. As I've said elsewhere, I'd personally like to see Augments serve a similar role to Runes in Diablo 3 - that is to say, sidegrades and functionality modifications to your abilities, rather than straight-up upgrades. My suggestion was to reimagine all current abilities as already having an Augment which gives them some of the functionality they have now, then allow players to trade some of that existing functionality for different functionality, instead. My favourite example would be Atlas' Rumblers. Reimagine that ability as spawning only a single Rumbler but fitted with a default mod which spawns a second Rumbler. That way, equipping Titanic Rumbler would naturally unequip "Second Rumbler," reducing you to just one Rumbler but making that one larger and more powerful.
  4. What exactly are you getting in return? None of the weapons with self-damage are meaningfully more powerful than weapons without it, with the possible exception of the Brahma. None of them scale very well to high-level content, either. I could swear we've already been over this in this very thread. Yeah, I'm with the others - I flatout don't believe this and you're harming your argument for making these sorts out outlandish claims. That's a hollow argument, because it can be applied to quite literally anything in the game. Did you know that if you execute your Lich while falling into a teleport volume, you'll become soft-locked and have to Alt+F4 the game? I don't want this changed because I like being soft-locked. It reminds me that game developers can always do better, and I enjoy knowing that the game could crash to desktop of lock up on me at any time. It adds to the sense of danger and excitement. Fixing this bug would remove my choice to soft-lock myself and feel truly alive. And before you accuse me of exaggeration: Back in Payday 2, players found a map skip exploit in the Big Bank heist. You could push yourself through a wall, go outside the map and skip all the way to inside the vault. A player who claimed to be a speedrunner insisted that this exploit shouldn't be fixed because it robs players of choice. See, regular players could always choose not to use the map exploit, but speed-runners MUST be allowed to choose to use the exploit because "player choice." Yeah, that bug got fixed, and the player in question was rather upset about it very publicly. Player choice is not the be-all end-all of arguments. It's merely one argument to be weighed against any number of other considerations, good design practices. For every little bit of bad design, you'll find someone who'll defend it with various amounts of sincerity, to the point where "defence from personal preference" means very little. I've scanned through this thread, and I've yet to see a very compelling argument in favour of self damage that doesn't break down to "just because I want it." Yes, there have been a few balance arguments made, but I've yet to see any of them seriously defended because their flaws have so far been self-evident. "Player choice" is not a bulletproof shield.
  5. I'll do you one better - why does Simaris' daily require me to go talk to him once it's done? The completion reward is meaningless anyway - why can't I get that immediately upon completing the mission? Why can't I get another Synthesis target at the next Daily reset without having to go speak with him? I mean, sure - let me still go to Simaris, to cancel a daily if for whatever reason I can't find the enemy I'm supposed to scan, but why not automate his missions a little? And before you call me "entitled" - turning in a Simaris mission involves going to a Relay, which involves breaking up my squad at least temporarily, not to mention people sitting on their hands waiting for me. You don't have to go visit Steel Meridian once you're done with your three Syndicate missions for them, after all. You just automatically get new ones on the other daily reset. Why can't Simaris work the same way?
  6. It's a bit of a no-win situation. You NEED Pustrel drops to create the Railjack in the first place, so those can't be taken out and reducing their drop chance just makes that mission frustrating. However, you don't really need those once you have a Railjack because you can get far more of them through actual Railjack missions. I guess there are two ways to go here. Drastically increase the drops for Carbides, Diodes, Pustrels and Copernic. Put them on the level of drops from Railjack missions, so several hundred per drop. Make regular content a reliable source of the basic Railjack construction/crafting materials for new players who don't yet have a reliable ship. Remove Carbides, Diodes, Pustrels and Copernics from the Railjack crafting costs altogether. Have players craft it with traditional planetary resources. This removes the need for those drops to exist outside of Railjack altogether. These no longer play the same role of preventing people from instantly funding all Railjack construction.
  7. This is a bit of a Necro but I didn't want to start a new thread just to repeat what the OP said... I'd dearly love for my Operator equipment - Amp selection and Arcanes - to be saved along with my general Loadout. I've recently been going through Operator "stuff" and grabbing new Arcanes, new Amps and such. I'm slowly starting to build several different Operator loadouts, each for different purposes. For instance, I might want to carry a Magus Repair for regular missions when playing squishier Warframes, but might want an overall tankier Operator when fighting Eidolons. Just as a random example, I mean. I know DE gave us the option of tying our Focus School to our general Loadout and that IS appreciated, but that's only part of what makes our Operators who they are. And while we're on the subject - can we please get a proper Operator inventory menu, as well? Preferably one which lists at least health, energy and armour so I don't have to guess?
  8. Can I just add that we need the ability to INSERT new gear items into the wheel without having to manually go through every gear item above that spot?
  9. Do you expect to see a lot of people who stopped playing Warframe but still keep coming to the forums to complain about it? ... Actually, never mind.
  10. Despite the sorry state of the system, I've found hunting Liches to be a very entertaining past time as it allows me to use the bulk of legacy content I'd otherwise ignore due to mission levels. However, one aspect always irritates me - Parazon Mercy Kills take control of my camera for the duration of the animation. Can we please create make the "cinematic camera" aspect of those optional? I've always found games taking control of my camera very disruptive, as far back as the original Assassin's Creed. Retaining uninterrupted control of my camera does wonders for willing suspension of disbelief, plus those canned camera angles all too often stick my camera into walls or get obstructed by objects in the foreground. Please, can we have some way to disable that, at least optionally? A toggle somewhere I can toggle off?
  11. It's an endless mission. Of course it's going to be the same thing forever - that describes all of them. Near as I can tell, they're designed around players running 2-4 "waves" before leaving. There's an option to stay in the same sense that you can "stay" forever in Cook Off because you can request an infinite amount of supplies, but that's obviously going to get repetitive. More repetitive than Defence, though? The game mode where you sit in one room and kill enemies who come to you? Or Survival, the mode where you sit in one room and kill enemies who come to you? At least in Defection there are active objectives to manage. It does have the drawback of being an "escort quest" which heavily benefits from Trinity in the same way Defence benefits from Frost and the AI pathing is STILL broken to this day (had a stuck Kavor in a recent Sortie). As a 2-wave "Alert," though? I definitely miss doing those. I personally consider "headshot crits" to be a major contributor to Warframe's current state of balance, especially with multiplicative damage buff scaling. Critical hits are already powerful. Headshot crits need to be that much more powerful in order to make them worth going for, but in practice they are just absurdly so. From what I can tell, orange and red crits don't deal "more" critical damage but rather slap extra instances of critical headshot multipliers, which end up stacking into some absurd numbers. Removing critical chance and condensing critical hits to just one type strips the need for this cascading damage creep. As a bonus, we also no longer have to worry about what happens when critical chance exceeds 100% when it doesn't exist. Critical damage can exceed 100% without issue because it's just additional damage. Incidentally, I'd argue the same for Status. Going from "chance" to "magnitude" removes the 100% status cap without having to contrive an entirely new system for it. Magnitude can scale infinitely because it's not modelled as a probability. And on the subject of Moas, I dearly love those things. They have a head where their crotch should be with a 1.0 damage multiplier (i.e. no extra damage), a gun where their head shot be with an 0.5 damage multiplier so people who shoot on reflex do LESS damage and a fanny pack on the back with a 3.0 damage multiplier for those of us clever enough to realise you can hit it from the front if you aim between their legs. And if all we had was critical damage then this system would be perfect, but that's not the case. The fanny pack is not a "head" so hits to it don't count as headshots and thus don't count for "critical headshots." The moa's actual "head" does count for critical headshots, but that has no headshot multiplier so it's not great, either. Because the system has to make a distinction between "head" and "weakpoint" is why we get this weirdness. This is a meaningless distinction that you'd only learn about by reading the Wiki - it's there to create the illusion of complexity when what it creates is just a mess. This is part of what informed my proposal. I'd rather have just a single overall "critical damage" stat on my gun which interacts with individual weakpoints without having to account for what "kind" of weakpoint it is. I'm not even convinced there's intrinsic merit to setting different critical damage multipliers to different weakpoints (and Warframe doesn't - it's 2.0 for everything but Moa Fanny Packs/Turrets), but that's something I'm more willing to accept. I just want a simpler system with a simpler back-end that doesn't have so much weirdness borne not out of design intent or balance decisions but out of spaghetti code, seemingly. Assuming that mod availability affects this in some way - you're going to have to demonstrate how. Ideally with specific examples if not direct calculations. I already gave you a mathematical model for bonus critical damage as a function of both critical hit chance and critical hit damage mods, and I don't see how that could produce the behaviour you're describing. If you have a situation where this happens, list it and I'll go through the numbers as I have time available.
  12. Again, though - it's not a matter of realism. Simply a matter of giving control to the player rather than handling it internally via RNG. My personal philosophy in game design is that you always simulate mechanics that your engine can actually handle and only emulate mechanics that you can't properly implement. For instance, say you want to let players climb terrain. Can your engine properly simulate climbing mechanics with at least basic ledge-grabbing, ladder-climbing and semi-precision jumping? If so, do that. If not, then you emulate terrain climbing via contextual prompts and canned "climbing" animations which essentially teleport the player around. Or say you want a stealth system. Is your AI complex enough to handle multiple states of alert, investigating suspicion without necessarily alerting, communicating, etc? If so, simulate your stealth system using these mechanics. If not, you can probably get away with emulating most of them with heavy use of stealth, vision cones invisible hiding spots. The same applies to gunplay in a video game. If the game's weapon mechanis are complex enough to allow the player to reliably hit small targets, then "critical hits" ought to be simulated through player actions. If your gunplay doesn't have that much precision, that's where you start having to rely on to-hit checks, critical hit procs and such. However, I'd argue that your gunplay system would need to be basic to the level of 90s auto-target shooters or early 2000s tab-target MMOs. Warframe might not be a realistic shooter, but it nevertheless has an extensive enough suite of gunplay controls in order to simulate weak point hits rather than emulating them. Again - I'm not speaking from the perspective of "realism," but rather from the perspective of giving players meaningful vectors for skilled application of game mechanics.
  13. Agreed. The Plains have always had animals running around, so it made sense to be able to tranq those and get credit for them. I would not at all be opposed to Orb Vallis featuring some of the local wildlife running around randomly for the same reason. It's just... I got flashbacks to my Tower White research trying to find Condrocks, but only before they take off else they wouldn't drop any...
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