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  1. A couple of points here: I agree that more procedural generation for Free Roam maps is a good idea. DE seem to be experimenting with the caves system in Deimos, which is a step in the right direction. However, I feel that's not enough. What we need is proper procedural generation for the overland terrain. I've often cited XCOM 2's approach to random map generation because it really does produce seamless results. Yes, that's a grid-based game which makes it a lot easier to fit tiles together, but... Well, what's stopping DE from creating a grid-based Free Roam map themselves? The features
  2. Which is the case right now in almost all instances. In fact, DE already made steps to reduce the need for duplicate mods by allowing Sentinel Weapons to use mods currently equipped on an active gun. I don't see the point in defending grind in this game. The OP's suggestion is pretty much entirely QoL, and I for one feel it far outweighs its perceived downsides. Most of the rewards we get these days are useless anyway. I don't see duplicate that changing for duplicate mods either way.
  3. Wait, what? They changed Hover from Jump to ADS? Why? I understand that's how it works for Warframes, but uh... Maybe it shouldn't work like that for Warframes? I've been talking about de-coupling Glide from Aim for a couple of years now, but it seems like DE have decided to go backwards. Yeah, sure, why NOT couple the one version of Hover/Glide to Aim for no reason? What the hell?
  4. Oh, sure, sure - making Spectral Scream moddable via turning into an Exalted Weapons doesn't really preclude it also getting other improvements :) I just don't want to speak about specific numbers-wise balance since I'm not that familiar with Chroma and his kit, but there's no reason that stats can't change. Most of Spectral Scream's weaknesses stem from it being an ability using the ability system. Its point of origin, the inability to turn it on and off easily, etc. - just turning it into a weapon should straighten all of that out. I don't disagree that damage abilities like L
  5. Ah, I see we have another one of these. Yeah, DE need to either make our Warframes invisible when we scope in or just let us adjust the damn camera distance/offset already.
  6. The problem with a Colour Picker is one of monetisation - you can't really monetise it. Colour is an inherently 3D / 3-channel space. Whether you're using RGB or HSL, you have three separate values which makes it difficult to arrange colours in a line or a grid and just chomp sections of it off for sale. This is why I proposed discontinuing the sale of colour palettes and either just letting everyone have all of the colours or at best selling players full access to the hue, saturation and luminance band. For instance, a new player might have access to a selection of just 10 or so colours with
  7. Ah, but here's the thing - even bad weapons can be made decent with proper modding. If Spectral Scream is made into an Exalted Weapon, it would probably have access to Rifle mods, which means you can mod it for a LOT of damage if you'd like. Consider that the Ignis Wraith deals 35 damage per shot, 8 shots per second for 280 total base DPS. Spectral Scream right now deals 400 base DPS, and is further affected by ability strength (as I believe other Exalted Weapons are). As an Exalted Rifle, it can be modded for more damage, more status (more than 100% - a lot more) or even more range to offset
  8. That... Is horrifying. I'll admit - I was looking forward to doing A FEW Iso Bounties since I'd stopped doing them for a while, but not as a gate to other bounties with RNG drops behind them. This is Kuva Liches all over again. Grind so you can grind so you can get a shot at low-chance RNG. And here I thought the 20 or so Scintillant I'd need for the new stuff was the worst of it. I hope this is unintentional. God I hope. Becuause if not, this would be another example of "genuinely good game fundamentally undermined by its own progression system."
  9. Yeah, I logged in yesterday to have a look at the new items. Saw that multiple of them cost Scintillant, and screw that noise, not to put too fine a point on it. Cetus Wisps, Toroids, Scintillant - all of these things just make me want to log out and not log back in yet. What about ANY of that S#&$ is "fun?" It's just a grind for the sake of having a grind. This might be acceptable from within Warframe's bubble of compulsion mechanics, but I've unfortunately been away from the game long enough to "kick the habit." Going back to this kind of grind feels really hard right now.
  10. Wait, what? You have to run all three Iso bounties every time before you can even try the new bounties? This doesn't make any sense. Is that seriously how it works?
  11. So... At the risk of coming across a little rude... I have absolutely no idea what you said here, but it made me lose any interest in breeding Infested Kubrows and Kavats. Is the system seriously that complicated and resource-intensive? And random? God, now I'm reminded of why I wanted to never touch Kubrows again a few years ago when I went to read up on how they worked...
  12. While I absolutely agree with you, I suspect the problems you outline here were precisely the point. At the risk of coming across like "dev bashing," DE have a history of making grinds deliberately slow, unpleasant, unrewarding and as random as they can get away with. I get the feeling that "farm a lot of everything" is the intended behaviour. DE seem to be operating under the belief that if players skip ANY part of new content, then there's something wrong with said content if it's not FORCING us to play every single part of it. You WILL hunt and mine and fish. You WILL break every container
  13. I ran a quick search for the term, and Google insists this is spelled "protanomaly." I was wondering if you could confirm? If that's the case, then I would say you absolutely should be suggesting adding a protanomaly colour-blind option. In fact, I'd recommend making a separate suggestion thread just for that, maybe drop a link to it here. Colour-blind accessibility options are often ignored in gaming, but I for one feel they're very important, as their impact is massive relative to the cost of their implementation. I would absolutely support adding more of them. I don't underst
  14. Ah, I see. Thanks for the image. So much larger, more solid consoles vs. the new "hanging" consoles. Gotcha. I don't really have much in the way of decoration on my ship, and I guess I hadn't looked very closely :)
  15. Does someone have pics of how the cockpit looked before? Because I genuinely can't tell the difference.
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