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  1. Leqesai's post in Is Impertor Vandal good? was marked as the answer   
    It is decent but compared to the top tier archwing weapons it is quite a bit less useful (grattler, kuva grattler, kuva ayanga, mausolon)
  2. Leqesai's post in Best damage types for each faction? was marked as the answer   
    Generally Grineer are the tankiest faction so people almost always build their damage specifically for dealing with them.
    Typically you want to go Viral+Heat+Slash or Corrovie+Slash when fighting against Grineer. The most important thing to remember is Viral makes you hit harder and Slash bypasses Armor. Heat and Corrosive both reduce armor but Corrosive has bonus damage against armor.
    Corpus are generally pretty squishy if you're using Toxin damage since it bypasses shields altogether. You can also go with Magnetic and Impact if you do not have access to Toxin.
    Infested enemies are very easy to kill with Viral+Heat combos. You don't need slash because they do not have armor mitigation like the Grineer do, so stack big damage numbers and use Viral multipliers (status proc).
    Also, Infested units in Cambion Drift are immune to viral status procs so it is better to stack corrosive + heat IMO.
    Sentient I try to go with corrosive + cold whenever possible to help negate armor issues. Stripping their damage reduction with void damage is important as well (operator or xaku's subsume ability).
    Corrupted are the most diverse faction and it is generally best to build like you're fighting Grineer since the corpus and infested units are much easier to kill.
    As far as prioritization of weapons is concerned it is good to understand the role and importance of Sustain VS Burst DPS.
    Crit weapons are Burst DPS and benefit most from high damage and high multipliers (multishot, faction bonuses, raw damage increases). Crit weapons do not need high fire rate to be effective (IE: Sniper rifles, bows)
    Status weapons are Sustain DPS and benefit from high rate of application (multishot, fire rate, status chance) as well as an appropriate combination of status procs that can increase your damage output (Viral multiplies damage dealt, for example).
    Hybrid weapons are the meta and they generally lean towards Sustain DPS. They have crit multipliers that are valid alongside status application. These weapons can be fast or slow depending on how you are weighting the Sustain/Burst variables. Hybrid weapons are most useful with Melee since they can build combo which can directly impact both status and crit stats in a major way.
    A meta loadout typically includes one Burst DPS weapon, one Sustain DPS weapon and a Hybrid DPS (generally a melee). 
    Some examples of Burst DPS weapons:
    Kuva Bramma, Arca Plasmor, Exergis (this is an example of a high damage weapon that doesn't have great crit stats), Vectis Prime, Daikyu, Crit-Zaw Heavy Attack build, Fragor Prime Heavy Attack build
    Some examples of Sustain DPS weapons:
    Mutalist Cernos, Ignis, Twin Kohmak, Kohm, Boar Prime
    Some examples of Hybrid DPS weapons:
    Ignis Wraith, Kuva Nukor, Ninkondi Prime, Gram Prime, Pangolin Prime
  3. Leqesai's post in How to turn off rain (e.g. in Ceres) was marked as the answer   
    I don't know for sure but this might be disabled if you turn off particle effects.
    Edit: After doing some research it does not appear to be something you can turn off.
  4. Leqesai's post in Orokin Cells from Void Survival? was marked as the answer   
    No. You are not understanding me at all.
    The resources I listed are -the resources that can drop from all sources in a given sector-
    If you want Orokin Cells then farm them in Ceres, Saturn or Deimos missions. Mission type is irrelevant, they will drop randomly from all enemies and loot containers provided you are in the appropriate sector.
    Orokin Cells do not drop randomly in void missions. This is the wrong sector for this resource.
    You can find all the relevant resource information ingame when you select a sector and the resource option in the lower right hand corner of the screen. You can also check where to find the appropriate resources from the resources I linked to in my original response.
  5. Leqesai's post in Did hit registration for punch rough attacks change? was marked as the answer   
    I believe the damage source has to deal damage directly for it to be considered valid. The cheese methods are mostly all fixed. I honestly dont know if any remain.
    But it is pretty easy to take out the mechs with high power weapons. High damage high crit should work fairly well. 
    Voidrigs ultimate is one of the highest damage sources in the game and pretty much wrecks everything that receives damage from it.
    It should be noted that sevagoths gloom slows the mechs. You can make killing them much easier if you get them slowed.
    Invis strats work well too.
  6. Leqesai's post in Best MR4 auto? was marked as the answer   
    There are a few options that are fairly decent.
    The Prisma Tetra is my ideal MR4 primary weapon. Automatic fire and decent stats.
    Braton Vandal is also a decent choice.
    Unfortunately both of these are not easy to get.
    Quanta is probably the best accessible MR 4 primary weapon.
    I mean... Hek is the best hands down but it is a shotgun.
    Hek is good enough to clear the entire star chart.
    For secondaries I'd actually go with Sonicor. It is a MR 3 weapon but until you start getting better gear it can be very useful due to the large AOE explosion it has.
    Oh, and for melee?
    Without a doubt Xoris. Xoris is very very good.
  7. Leqesai's post in How to get prime versions of the weapons? was marked as the answer   
    Reference the following wiki page for all of the relics needed to find Paris Prime: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Paris_Prime
    Having said that, you unlock prime weapons by breaking open void relics in the void missions. Relics are obtained in most game modes and through the syndicates in your Orbiter.
    More information about relics can be found here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Void_Relic
  8. Leqesai's post in Necramech Repair was marked as the answer   
    It is not a bad idea to use it on both necramechs. Even with meathook Bonewidow can get drained really fast by higher level enemies. The shield protects it from the front but a good conculyst attack to the rear can drain your HP in just a couple seconds. Necramech repair gives you an extra second or two to realize you've been spin-to-winned. 
    Having said that, the value of necramech repair is much higher on voidrig since there are no other ways to heal yourself while in a mech.
  9. Leqesai's post in Move crosshair up was marked as the answer   
    This is a well known issue. Some frames+accessories or weapons cause this issue and the only workaround is to swap camera orientation from left to right (provided there aren't similar issues when you swap).
    DE needs to adjust this and cause transparency of the warframe/weapon when aiming so these issues do not persist. 
  10. Leqesai's post in Grandmother races not rewarding kdrive parts after all 5 races done was marked as the answer   
    BPs are not showing in the foundry. they should be in your inventory though.
    Only 5 races spawn per day. Every day 5 of the 8 total races are generated. It may take a few days for the last 3 races to spawn.
  11. Leqesai's post in Does trinity have other playstyles apart of being support? And is being a support player still useful? was marked as the answer   
    Trinity with subsumed Smite and its augment is pretty strong. 
    Adaptation combined with Link and Blessing can make Trinity pretty much impossible to kill.
    She can be pushed to crazy tank levels with other subsume abilities as well.
    But generally speaking Trinity is a support frame. Her innate abilities are all designed to mesh well with the team. She is certainly not designed to kill with her abilities (outside of Link). 
  12. Leqesai's post in Better Acceltra Riven - Mutlishot or Critical Chance was marked as the answer   
    The first one is going to have more consistently higher DPS than the second one. 
    It isn't just a CC or Multishot comparison.
    The first one also has a bonus to toxin damage which means you can more easily mod for effective elemental damage.
    You're going to want to dump viral for corrosive+cold when going against grineer. Viral is most useful when you're applying the status proc but acceltra has pretty crummy base status chance so it is better to build for damage type effectiveness. (Using a primed bane mod would be pretty beneficial, as well).
    The multishot also takes you above 100% multishot without vigilante armaments (making the burst and sustain DPS higher). 
    The CC riven is just not as good. 96% CC is a fine roll but unless it takes you above 100% CC it doesn't offset the beneficial qualities of the first mod. 
    The status chance on the riven is a junk stat. So the second riven only has CC, which is not that useful by itself. If it were CC and any other beneficial stat (base damage, multishot, CD, elemental, bane roll) then it would certainly be a better comparison to the multishot mod.
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