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  1. Alright look. I love Wisp but it is really obvious she is completely overpowered. Specifically her motes. They are very low energy cost and last indefinitely once placed (until replaced). This, coupled with the fact that they give incredible buffs to health+health regen, speed and crowd control are simply ridiculous. Wisp completely negates any other healing frame. So I hate to call for nerfs, but honestly DE when are you going to bring her down to a reasonable level. The only real change that is needed is to make her deployable motes have a duration attached to them instead of being infinite duration. I don't think the efficacy of her motes should be touched but there should be a bit more cost associated with such powerful buffs.
  2. The most ironic thing about Wukong, IMO, is that he should have had the OG bladestorm. Monkey clones teleporting in and bashing enemies with the power staff is so thematically accurate for Wukong. A single twin buddy isn't really characteristic of his powers from Journey to the West. He was able to create clones from his own hair, and in many depictions created tons of them. Not just one...
  3. Just like what we are seeing with the sentinel weapons accepting set mods and adding to the set bonus. They said it was not intended and only "fixed" deconstructor. All the other weapons are still "bugged"
  4. Make sure you are doing the granum void bits early in a mission. Larvalings and Acolytes won't spawn if there are no enemies on the map as far as I have seen. Warframe spawn mechanics basically work like this. X units spawn and no more units will spawn once a certain threshold is met. If the mission is capable of more enemies spawning then there is a chance that larvalings/acolytes will spawn. So two things will stop them from spawning. Too many enemies currently spawned and you rush through the mission not killing anything or there are no more (or very few) enemies left in the total number of enemies available to the mission. This is with regard to Capture missions, anyway. I believe it works similar to this for exterminate but I'm not 100% sure. Best way to get acolytes to spawn is to do the granum void as early as possible then play through the mission like normal, killing enemies along the way to force spawns. One thing to note, you can observe Warframe's weird spawn rules if you codex scan enemies. Instead of despawning enemies they are teleported along your path unless you kill them. If you scan an enemy at the beginning of a mission then until you kill that enemy you cannot scan him again even though he might appear throughout the mission in other locations.
  5. Why would you think this? There are already infested primary and secondary weapons. We're talking about a new enemy type that is going to be using weapons that normal enemies don't use. Just like the Kuva liches and Parvos sisters
  6. I don't use him in steel path for survivability. I use him for the 800% damage bonus I get from Vex Armor.
  7. Cool that it works on other skins but it doens't really look good on the other skins IMO.
  8. I disagree about this alt-fire thing but Come ON DE. Kuva Stug needs to be a thing!!!!
  9. Your clan mate was possibly right at the time, but Nidus Prime fits into the lore perfectly fine. As was previously stated. The Sacrifice quest explains why Nidus works as a prime. Sacrifice introduced players to what makes a Warframe. Spoiler, it is the same stuff that makes Nidus Nidus...
  10. Ahhhh thanks for clarifying. Edit: I found an interesting video discussing enemy accuracy that further elaborates on what you've described
  11. I mean... it is "passive" so I'm not really sure if we need to actively notice it. 20% accuracy reduction may not be readily obvious but I'm sure it does make a difference. 1/5 shots miss Nyx altogether, right? That's certainly not terrible. Unless I'm misunderstanding how it works.
  12. No sarcasm in my response. Honestly I haven't really thought much about her passive but IMO 20% accuracy reduction is fine. I appreciate that it isn't that significant but I also think passives should not be very significant across the board. I'd pair Nyx's passive 20% accuracy reduction with something like Banshee's always silent weapons (which I love). They aren't game changers but they're nice to have. The passive you've described up top is too strong IMO. The 35% longer rad procs bit would work as an alternate passive but all that other stuff is just too much. Game is easy. I don't like seeing more power creep (be it buffs to things that are not needed or making enemies easier).
  13. I actually like the current passive. 20% accuracy reduction isn't bad, is it? I mean... doesn't this equate to Nyx only receiving damage from 80% of attacks that would otherwise hit her? Sounds good on paper and in my experience playing Nyx it seems fairly useful considering her kit is sort of built around damage avoidance to a degree.
  14. Wait... chroma is bad for steel path? Dang... i have been doing something wrong then because chroma is my go to for solo essence farming. Honestly i haven't really noticed any issues with survivability. I typically do 20 minute cycles of steel path survival with him and i rarely go down. Did something happen recently to make chroma weaker?
  15. This is a good point! But grineer damage resistance is still the key issue IMO. Psychic Bolts is excellent for mitigating it but it is still an issue IMO. I agree AI across the board is a big issue. Thing is, Mind Control getting the wukong teleport may mitigate some problems related to targeting and AI.
  16. 500% damage is actually pretty useful against infested and corpus. Once again grineer are the outlier due to their stupid damage resistance algorithms.
  17. I agree. Though the changes to nyx dont jump out at me i am curious to see how the larger base stats on these abilities affects gameplay.
  18. That might be true. But I was trying to insinuate Khora is too good because you can use her on a phone :P
  19. This Also, I'm not going to begin complaining about anything related to mastery rank. This is a pointless thing to complain about IMO.
  20. Didn't they specifically say in the last devstream, that crossplay is not slated to hit with New War? I doubt New War will go live earlier than December so that would mean cross play is very VERY unlikely to hit before 2022.
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