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  1. Dragon Nikana is a hybrid melee with effective build-potential for both crit and status. For general use: An ideal riven will have Crit Damage and either % element damage (ideally cold) or attack speed or range with a negative stat (ideally crit on spin, finisher damage, initial combo count or combo count chance). Endgame Build would look something like this (using naramon school): Condition Overload, Blood Rush, Gladiator Might (or drifting contact or Primed Reach), Weeping Wounds, Primed Fever Strike, North Wind (or berserker depending on riven stats), Organ Shatter, Riven Using Arcane Strike you can bypass the need for attack speed on the weapon itself. Range mods are by preference (personally I would always go with range because it helps increase combo count and status applications) For heavy attack: An ideal riven will have Crit Chance or Crit Damage with +initial combo count and a negative stat (ideally combo duration, crit on spin or finisher damage) Endgame build would look something like this (using madurai school): Killing Blow, Riven, Corrupt Charge, Amalgam Organ Shatter, Sacrificial Pressure Point, Sacrificial Steel, Primed Fever Strike, Shocking Touch Heavy attack builds are crit-centric so it doesn't really matter that Dragon Nikana is a hybrid weapon. It is very important for all heavy attack builds to get a riven with +initial combo count. Unfortunately you're only going to get a max of 70 initial combo count with Dragon Nikana (if Semlar is accurate) which gives the same multiplier as 60 combo count.
  2. Well my thought about this is, why does oberon need to be viable for a 90 minute survival? Digital extremes has said multiple times that they do not balance their game based on the long survival scaling. 90 minute steel path should be difficult for any frame to achieve. We should not be making homogenous alterations to frames to make them viable for this level of content. It is hard mode for a reason. Many frames struggle with steel path in regular play let alone endurance at the 90 minute plus mark.
  3. I certainly dont disagree with your points. I just think that the mod works fine as a movement mod rather than something with practical uses in combat. I was mentioning its use in combat for those who might use the mod expecting it to function differently than it does.
  4. I am 100% in support of the idea that renewal should not be affected by pets or minions. As for the other changes I don't think the 300-500 armor is really a problem. It does make him quite a bit more tanky and his regen can be pretty impressive. I actually consider him to be one of the more fun "tank" frames due to his crazy health regen. The other QOL suggestions I can take or leave. I've never really felt like Oberon is lacking compared to other frames.
  5. Ahhhhh I understand now. I was very confused when I initially read your response.
  6. Ironically Void Damage should be relatively useful against everything since there are no resistances to it. Though TBH it should pierce armor damage reduction too (not sure about this but I feel like its damage gets reduced by armor...)
  7. I'm surprised by the void damage thing as well. I don't think it is overpowered by giving an alternative option for dropping eidolon shields. And I don't really think this frame will necessarily outclass the Amp damage potential either. Just seems like a lost opportunity to me, to make the game more fun/varied. Also, I agree about the scaling damage being an issue. But until we see the ability in action we won't know exactly how it scales.
  8. No it doesn't. Rule 34 means that it straight up doesn't matter... There are sex swaps of loads of characters to fit the Rule 34 theme. The Bowsette meme is probably one of the more popular I'm aware of. Reference:
  9. What are you responding to, from my post? I was not talking about replacing navigator. I was saying it is the most likely ability to be extracted from Ivara.. Also, I'm not sure my post was the one to quote regarding the irrational worry you have with new systems being implemented in the game. I've not been a part of this discussion whatsoever and have only been commenting on the viability/curiosities related to certain abilities being pulled from warframes.
  10. I doubt invisibility abilities will be picked. Ivara will most likely be navigator and loki will most likely be decoy. Octavia is a weird one but i imagine her disco ball will be the one picked.
  11. I feel like equinox may give 2 abilities. One for each form. Seems like the only real logical solution here considering we cant mimic the form change and picking either rest or rage independently would be very random.
  12. I doubt either of those abilities will be the ones pulled. Though nezhas 3 seems more likely than his 1 or 2 tbh.
  13. I don't think the system is intended as a way to make frames more powerful. I think the argument that there will be balance adjustments and/or the weakest abilities from each frame being the ones that transfer has pretty sound logical sense. I am hoping this system is more of a further form of customization than something to make frames noticeably more powerful. People are going to be disappointed when it is released, I think, because the hype is unrealistic given DE's track record.
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