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  1. Leqesai

    Azima, A.... well its just bad. worse now.

    There are so many options in the game though. I'm okay using a weapon with a fun mechanic over the typical powerhouses. That's why I love miter, kulstar, dual razas, and furis.
  2. Leqesai

    "Prey mode" Idea

    Only issue I could see is that point unlock systems really benefit those who are good over those who aren't very good. If there are AI on each team in addition to the player characters then maybe this could work a bit easier but strictly PVP point unlocking is not very good design.
  3. Leqesai

    K-Drive need to be more

    This gets me thinking. We need a K-Drive Warframe. One that specializes in K-Drive trick abilities and an exalted K-Drive weapon.
  4. Leqesai

    Mesa prime

  5. Leqesai

    Mesa prime

    Guy wants mesa prime to be sexier
  6. Leqesai

    Baruuk is underpowered

    4 is for cc.... Hehe
  7. Leqesai

    Switch transfer rant

    I would have rather start fresh than transfer only part of the PC account, TBH.
  8. Leqesai

    Switch transfer rant

    I've spent thousands of dollars on prime packs and 75% off platinum deals like many others. I've used this plat to do a lot of things and one of those things is buy rivens. What is the problem here? I'm far from the only person who plays warframe with the capability of dropping a lot of money to support the company. Should I be penalized for supporting the company when it comes time for things like migrations like this? I mean, we're only talking rivens here. We aren't even talking the tennogen stuff that doesn't transfer. That is another few hundred dollars easy.
  9. Leqesai

    Switch transfer rant

    Not really an entitlement thing. Point is, why would anyone choose to play on a platform where a thousand dollars of investment are not represented? I mean, at this point there really is no reason to play on switch if migrating doesn't migrate all of your stuff. I would play exclusively on switch if my whole account actually transferred but only having like 90 percent of my account kills it. I don't know about you, but I have been a financial supporter of warframe for a few years now and it has made my account pretty bulky with rivens and tennogen stuff. Losing this in a transfer is like a slap in the face, I'm not going to knowingly play a subpar version of the game AND have a large amount of stuff I spent real money on get dumped. It just makes no sense. If migration doesn't actually migrate then it is redundant. But again, isn't really an entitlement thing. I just don't see why someone would want to play a knockoff clone of their account without at least some sort of replacement for stuff that doesn't transfer. Just make the rivens legacy rivens or something that can't be traded.
  10. Leqesai

    Switch transfer rant

    A minor part of the game that some of us have invested a lot of time and money into. If happily keep supporting the game but not being able to migrate my full inventory has pretty. Ugh turned me off of the whole thing.
  11. Leqesai

    Switch transfer rant

    It really sucks that the migration to switch doesn't bring your rivens with you. I get the tennogen stuff not transferring but why not let us take our rivens. Some of us have invested a lot of time and money into building our riven collection but if you force us to leave these on pc then why the heck would we seriously consider migrating?
  12. Leqesai

    Can Khora get her "exalted" whip via Garuda's approach?

    What exalted weapons would harrow even have?
  13. This. I've played Limbo extensively since the changes were implemented and you can't just spam abilities expecting perfection like you can with other frames. Limbo takes a little finesse, and when you're too heavy-handed you make a lot more mistakes. TBH you should never even bother with banish if you're trying to send people to the rift. Go with minimum range and max duration and enjoy godmode. Any mission that isn't a static defense will benefit from this playstyle. Especially since they changed how stasis works. Basically you do this: Roll to enter rift Initiate stasis Drop a cataclysm amidst a group of enemies Group is frozen and there is no risk of taking damage because you're outside the cataclysm Snipe the heck out of the frozen targets Repeat as needed Win You can use this method to lock down hallways and stuff while being far away from the bubble. You can safely refresh stasis because you're far away from the cataclysm, and you can safely pop cataclysm for burst damage without being forced out of the rift.
  14. Leqesai

    Baruuk looking very great just buff his 4th more

    But it does rile people up 😛
  15. Leqesai

    Baruuk looking very great just buff his 4th more

    Shhhhh don't spill the beans on secrets!