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  1. You are correct in the vu being expensive. Which is why freezing the timers on additional abilities makes xaku much stronger. Less energy is spent, over time, with vu because every time it drops you are essentially paying a single cost for all other abilities that have frozen timers. You can generally lose like 0.5s or something per cast so the energy economy spikes considerably if you are delegating additional energy to non frozen timers. For builds that dont use vu this whole conversation is irrelevant btw... of course there are some people not using vu in their builds but this topic is
  2. The nature of the interaction between xaku's 4th and subsimable duration based abilities is simply not intended. It is less a matter of the interaction being made more powerful than it is the combination being overpowered in the sense that its functionality is different than intended. For example, roar can be used to buff team members and with xaku it could be set up to effectively keep the buff applied to team members longer than intended, changing the intended flow of gameplay. Warcry would not need the augment which alters mod potential. Additionally, the argument abou
  3. Xaku doesnt really need more cc anyway tbh. But if thats really your bag then swapping whisper for a cc ability is all you gots to do. Spectrorage is a good one for xaku since they benefit greatly from range and duration already.
  4. Literally every duration-based ability would be overpowered if xaku could freeze the timers. Are you being cereal right now?
  5. I will give you this, the ability pave definitely should explain the interaction and show modified values based on the stat stick mods.
  6. Check your spam/junk folders in your email account. Also make sure you've typed everything in correctly. If you do not get your email within a reasonable amount of time (not sure how long it typically takes tbh but I'd give it 30 minutes to an hour depending on the website).
  7. Changing the options because specific weapons cause more visual-puke is a poor solution. Bramma had to be toned down and Bubonico should, as well. Thanks for the advice regarding the ally weapons/abilities btw. That is REALLY useful. I had no idea this was added and I've been hoping for this option for years.
  8. Refusing to accept the truth does not make your incorrect/misguided opinion valid. There has been no change to how affinity is gained with weapons. I think the real issue here is you don't understand how the game works and expect it to work the way you -imagine-.
  9. I agree to this 100% Transferance should not force-change the currently selected ability. It took me awhile to get used to this because it doesn't feel 'right' to me either.
  10. Reading is power Instead of coming onto the forums to whine and complain about something that wasn't changed, start with reading the patch notes and the wiki to figure out both what was actually changed and how to use the ability properly. I'm certainly not one to defend stupid/asinine decisions by DE but you need to at least understand what the -actual- issues are before complaining...
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