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  1. No changes to drop chance but this should effectively drop the average number of missions significantly (4 minimum compared to 7 minimum). While I still detest the glast system for releasing these weapons the change to drop amount is a pretty big QOL boost. The only real issue remaining is the 4 day cycle. If this were changed to 1 (or even 2) days it would put aquiring these new weapons more on par with the other tenet weapons. Though as it stands the minimum number of missions required is much more consistent with how long it takes to do sisters now (number of missions trying to get weapon + number of missions required to kill sister). The addition of holokeys to the sister drop table is nice but you'd need to clear 3 full showdown groups to get the same number of holokeys as one void mission (because void missions drop 10 per stack you would still need a minimum of 4 missions until you've done 3 full showdown groups). For players who have a lot of sisters left to farm this is a great change but kind of a kick to the nards for anyone who has already farmed dozens of sisters.
  2. Gloom on protea and equinox and frames like inaros with lots of health and no other abilities that i regularly use. Dispensary on nuke frames and frames i use heavy weapon with (chroma) Roller ball, spectrorage and shooting gallery are all fantastic and i use them on most frames that benefit from extra cc or cc and energy.
  3. My tests were done with a decent bonus. I can't remember off hand but I want to say around 54% element. So they're representative of the upper ceiling as far as performance goes. With a lower % they're certainly closer to the same clear time.
  4. Thanks for sharing that link! That's the first I've heard that it is, officially, targeted at being launched with New War. This is amazing news!
  5. Aresenal stats are not representative of how these weapons actually perform, however. I've done numerous tests with both Grattler and Kuva Grattler and Kuva Grattler comes out on top every time. In my tests I did clear times vs level 150 heavy gunners and with the same exact build Kuva Grattler had an average clear time of like 4-5 seconds faster than the regular Grattler. The mag increase and the no wind up time make a significant impact on DPS. It might not seem obvious at first but the 2x larger magazine and no spool up actually ends up with much higher sustain DPS. Reason being, with the regular Grattler you have to re-spool every time the mag empties. This essentially means you have 2x the regular cool up time by the time Kuva Grattler has gone through one magazine. The only area where Grattler comes out on top, compared to the Kuva Variant, is in single target damage. But this is hardly a single-target kind of weapon anyway so I personally find this irrelevant. Having said that, I think everyone should skip the Kuva Grattler. It is worst gun in the game. So bad. Bad bad bad.
  6. This is definitely going to be a topic that DE will have to address, but my gut tells me we'll probably end up having to pick one account to keep. I don't think any merging will occur.
  7. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I completely overlooked that in my rant.
  8. Hmmm. This is a good point. I think I see where you're coming from now.
  9. They really don't do much damage though. They pull agro, which is nice, but they don't do much damage. Enthrall isn't about making an army. This is simply a misunderstanding of what the ability is. It is not mind control nor is it supposed to work like mind control. It is best understood as a plague that causes confusion in enemies, and the plague opens them up for OHKO with reave. The fact that Enthrall was changed to create the pillars that continue infecting enemies is testament to the fact that these enemies are not expected to survive long. I've seen numerous threads/arguments for what you're describing and from my own time using revenant across multiple builds I have come to the conclusion that it is simply ineffective to think of the thralls as having any utility (damage-wise). The augment does give Revenant bonuses for living thralls but personally I find this to contradict his intended gameplay. If you're just using Enthrall to make incompetent minions then you are simply not playing Revenant effectively IMO. This is a similar argument to the one where some people feel Xaku's Grasp of Lohk is intended to be a CC-disarming tool (it does do this but this is not the point of the ability). Enthrall does convert enemies but this is a side-effect of the more important interaction with Reave. Revenant is a confusing frame for a lot of players due to some of the weird interactions (mesmer skin + enthrall. Disco-laser with Mesmer skin etc.) but Enthrall being used as a way to build an army is very ineffective. Case and point, DE were given the option to make enthralled enemies immune to damage or increase the spread. They increased the spread because the enemies are intended to be killed (usually killed quickly). There is a relatively small hard cap on the number of thralls you can have which encourages using Reave to make more pillars and to continue the spread of Enthrall to more enemies. Used in Steel Path infested survival missions you can see the intended gameplay loop pretty easily. Used in missions with low enemy-count it is less obvious the benefit of killing thralls. TL:DR Enthrall is useful as a small CC ability but overshadowed by Mesmer Skin's total immunity. Using Reave to kill Thralls helps spread Enthrall to more enemies. Enthralled enemies do not contribute much damage (especially when you consider Reave is a OHKO for almost everything, which makes the tiny damage they deal irrelevant).
  10. Pretty well thought out changes The zenurik initial combo thing, however, is way too good for heavy attack builds.
  11. I dont really understand the fixation people have with leaving thralls alive. The point of enthrall is to prep for reave, not to make an army of minions. But even if it were, an ally killing a thrall ends up making more thralls so how is that an issue?
  12. I agree. Furthermore it would be nice for visual differentiation between first gen and second gen thralls. So it is clear whether or not it targets are affected by our cast or other thralls.
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