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  1. Frames most in need of a revisit are: Chroma Passive needs adjusted. Forcing color palletes for element is weird mechanic and is outdated. 1 should be on a cycle where you can rotate elements 2 and 3 should be combined into one ability, hold to do 2 press to do 3 4 is cool but could use some improvements. Some qol adjustments to sound, damage and cc based on element of the 1. Or interactivity with the 1 where you can supercharge it with your breath. Baruuk The whole idea of his kit is just... strange. Damage reduction on an empty resource pool is counter productive and should be flipped. The kit seems to play against itself as much as it benefits. Way I figure it you can realistically either build for the 1 and 2 or the 3 and 4. Nekros Soul punch having interactivity with his shadows would be nice. Soul punch on a shadow could explode it for a burst of cold damage. Terrify having target number based on power strength is limiting. It is a good panic button but cast time is too long. Pilfer is almost mandatory. Mandatory abilities should be revisited. The changes made to how this works is a step in the right direction but it would be nice to see it changed to something a bit more thematic. Maybe cause corpses to explode when pilfer procs causing damage or application of cold status. The extra loot could be swapped in as the augment. Shadows need a bit more visual improvement. Even after years of playing it isn't always clear whether or not they are allied units. Maybe make them much more ghostlike.
  2. 100 damage from a 500k storm? These numbers don't seem to jive even with damage reduction from armor. We're you going against exodus units? From my experience exodus tend to screw with damage from splinter storm.
  3. While I think gara is am awesome frame you are delusional if you think she is tanker than inaros. Tank build inaros is nearly impossible to down in regular play with an adaptation and umbra build. Slap some arcane graces on there and you have incredible health regen potential. Pair him with a pet that regen health and you further the op. Gara tanking potential is behind inaros.
  4. Good to see the complaining about an extra mod slot has already begun. You never disappoint, warframe community.
  5. I'm assuming you are referring to stat sticks. Generally none of the frames listed benefit from stat sticks in a way that would be heinously different from what we have now. Unless the stat bonuses from mods is drastically different or if rivens are nerfed. However, each frame depends on the combo counter for scaling damage. Hopefully this doesn't mean the frames will suffer.
  6. Some great ideas here with the proposed changes. Looks to be a pretty significant balance pass on melee which has been needed for a long time. I'm very curious to see how the new assassin tool works with covert lethality.
  7. Tbh an auction house would help with keeping prices normalized. As it stands trade chat is like 70% people charging absolutely ridiculous prices for rivens. 15k for a riven? Give me a break. Even 1k for a riven is crazy when you consider the cost of platinum with cash.
  8. have they said whether or not rivens will work for these guns? And whether they are variants or totally new guns?
  9. Just chiming in to say I love the proposed changes to heat. But as an alternative to armor stripping what about dealing bonus damage to armored enemies once they are on fire, and increasing the longer or more stacks that are applied. Imagine a knight in full plate armor walking into an oven. That armor would heat up and burn them alive. This makes a lot more sense than simply melting armor away, and would benefit the proc while they are armored and the damage from the element if they lose armor from another source.
  10. To be totally frank, there is just too much to get through with the original post. There are conflicting ideas, multiple points of confusion and a general lack of specificity to the whole thing. Maybe if you tried focusing on how to improve one thing at a time and structured your ideas a bit more it would make more sense.
  11. I agree. Tried reading through this twice and it is pretty confusing.
  12. I wasn't saying you didn't. I was following your start and expanding on a different issue related to the original point.
  13. It isn't really that atlas can't tank well. He can. It is that people dont play him because they believe other frames do it better.
  14. I disagree. Atlas could certainly be improved but so could all other frames. For what he is he is fine.
  15. Atlas falls into a niche category of frames that are really quite good but may not be the most optimal choice. He has great tanking potential but inaros is better, great cc but nova is better, great damage but wukong is better etc. Not saying the specific examples are the only examples but I believe people pass him up because they feel another frame does what they want better. Traditionally he is also very ugly. The prime fixed this though. Much like hydroid prime.
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