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  1. It is quite different but I liked it. Gotta love that french actress!
  2. This is how it is supposed to work but I've had some inconsistent acolyte spawns where they don't end up fitting into the expected window (3-5 minutes). In some instances I haven't seen my first acolyte on survival missions until around 7 minutes, which would appear to fit the non-survival timeframe you described. I'm not sure why it sometimes does this but it is weird and ultimately ends with 1 less acolyte than average because it looks like the respawn window is influenced by the late spawning. If the first acolyte spawns (via bug or whatever) at like 7 minutes then the next one seems t
  3. I was just toying around with Shedu after responding to your post and the reload is so small even without fast hands I actually find using it a detriment. For one the AOE burst resets sentient weaknesses. Additionally you can mod Internal Bleeding for a 75% chance of slash proc to all enemies within 20m every time it reloads. This slash proc doesn't scale as well as hunter munitions, however.
  4. I'd go either Primed Cryo Rounds or Heavy Caliber. Your loadout is a little light on actual damage. Since you're using slash procs Heavy Caliber can help with your DPS quite a lot. Personally I'd also swap out Fast Hands because I haven't ever had issues with the reload delay/mechanic of Shedu. In its place I would add both of the damage mods I listed above.
  5. This is a pretty reasonable solution to this issue. The pre-lich grind is pretty tedious and unnessesary.
  6. Honestly I don't think this would affect the kill potential. Fireblast reduces armor but most of the light units (lancers) die from a decent melee incredibly fast regardless of armor value because people run with viral+heat or viral+slash. I think you'd pull pretty similar numbers with or without Fireblast. But if you subsume a more useful ability your kill potential could be quite a bit higher (something that directly buffs damage, for example).
  7. There are a few factors at play here. 1: Kuva Chakkhurr is slow fire rate weapon with moderate damage. Status builds, in general, are not ideal, so I'd say the issue of avoiding impact procs is irrelevant 2: Any negative damage modifier (faction, element, base etc.) or any negative that effectively lowers DPS potential is an issue. Ideally you'd want something like +Recoil, -Ammo Capacity, -Magazine Capacity, -Zoom EDIT: It should be noted that the Kuva Chakkhur does forced impact procs fro mthe explosion which makes it a very good choice for the new Impact=Slash mod https://warframe.
  8. I'd actually argue against faction damage being acceptable. Due to the way the game calculates faction damage this can severely reduce a weapon's damage potential against the specific faction. While you are right insofar as it can make the weapon really good against other factions a negative faction damage modifier is pretty bad. Though negative to Corpus and Infested are generally easier to deal with. Negative Grineer is pretty bad.
  9. Generally the popular view is that Impact is a harmless negative on most weapons, ideal on some weapons and not ideal on others. If you are using a weapon that generally has low impact damage compared to other damage types then -Impact is a pretty harmless negative If you are using a weapon that is high status chance, reasonably high impact and you want to sway the status procs away from impact then it is a good choice If you are using a weapon that is mostly impact damage and has relatively low status chance it is not an ideal modifier
  10. Sevagoth's shadow isn't really an exalted thing... The claws are kind of a pseudo exalted but the shadow definitely isn't. It has some characteristics of exalted weapons but it is kind of a unique thing so I don't think it is really surprising that there are some interactions we don't get while using shadow.
  11. Makes sense but it is an absolutely worthless mod. Why the heck would you use this when its only purpose is to save a few seconds. I'm not wasting a mod slot on 2 seconds of convenience. I'd rather use that mod slot for more range, duration, survivability, efficiency, power stregth, knockdown resist etc. This augment is a pretty big waste of time. Though to be fair if it allowed for 6 fused resevoirs it is such a major buff to the ability that the augment would be mandatory.
  12. Good to know. This is officially an absolute waste of mod space!
  13. At this point I would bet on Sisters coming out some time in May with little to no content releases scheduled for June as a build-up to Tennocon. Either that or we don't see it until Tennocon. Though TBH the Sisters update really doesn't seem incredibly substantial so I'd be surprised if it has another 2 months until release.
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