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  1. Cant you send your lich away from the dojo? Or is that only for trading it to another player?
  2. Some really awesome changes here. I am very very impressed with the direction taken with improving Kuva liches. Thank you very much, DE.
  3. You are obviously very passionate about warframe but, man, you gotta let it go. You are complaining about years of being disappointed. Maybe this game isnt for you. "They need enough anger..." if you want to be taken seriously then you need to move past this way of thinking. Either to a new game or a point of acceptance.
  4. I disagree with you on this. Railjack is rewarding insofar as it rewards you content related to the game mode more than anything else. To complain that it isnt rewarding when we only have part of it implemented is also a tad ridiculous. Once it is fully rolled out and we get a firmer grasp on what kind of content they plan on including as we move forward is much more reasonable. It takes time to develop deep content and knocking a new gamemode for not having much is not very fair. Personally i think railjack is really fun and i am excited to see where it goes. Bringing in capitalships and a meaningful way to fight your kuva lich from within the content would be awesome.
  5. Did you read the patch notes to this topic?
  6. Literally the persons point was this. Read the whole post not one paragraph...
  7. What nerfs are you talking about?
  8. It has also been the holidays... Have some patience.
  9. Again, my point is not to make her more effective at killing. My point is that I would like to see Saryn changed in a way that makes it so she is reliably infecting targets with debuffs rather than actually killing. The benefit to this would be making it easier for the team to kill everything. I am fully aware that spores already strips armor very effectively (And I understand how armor works with relation to EHP). What I am saying is keep this armor stripping but make it so spores is effectively able to maintain indefinitely without recasting due to much, much lower damage output. Spore affects targets beyond LOS so it is irrelevant how fast you can strip armor with a melee. In most cases the targets would already have their armor stripped if spores works the way I am saying. You need to understand that I'm not saying make changes that are more advantageous to her current DPS meta mindset. I'm saying change Saryn to be a status applier rather than a DPS frame altogether. To put it very simply: Make Spores do MUCH less damage Make Miasma do MUCH less damage Make both work synergistically with one another to permanently (as long as target is affected by spores) apply corrosive and viral (reducing overall health of targets by a huge amount, softening them up for the team to kill). Keep the damage bonuses from toxic lash Keep the distraction from Molt
  10. You're missing my point. My ideal changes for Saryn would make spores not able to kill much so the armor stripping would be constantly applied. Spores could then be more effectively spread throughout a mission as the spores themselves would be killing far less often, making the spread from squad kills much more reliable. Due to how spores scales it would eventually become very lethal, as it is now, but by reducing the damage and scaling by 90% it would take considerably longer to ramp up to the point where armor stripping becomes secondary to the overall tick damage.
  11. The changes in damage are very significant, from my suggestion, however. I'm talking like a 90% damage reduction in both initial and scaling.
  12. The problem is, however, building for status means building for damage and more damage means her spores are more difficult to stay applied. I would love to see the damage dropped like 90% on her spores so they don't really have much in the way of killing potential but strip armor very effectively. Miasma's damage could also be lowered and cause spores to proc both viral and corrosive to reapply viral constantly. Saryn would definitely be the sickness frame if these changes went into effect and she would still remain very viable.
  13. I would like to see her damage output lessened so status builds are more viable. Saryn making enemies weaker should be her primary function. The 1 should soften enemies and the 4 should toast them. As it stands the 1 is extremely deadly by itself and the 4 makes it more so. The great viral and corrosive procs are less useful when everything is toasted so fast. I would love to see saryn with spores on the whole battlefield basically nullifying armor, then miasma nuking the health pools with viral so team mates can kill faster.
  14. If you're dropping 50p on slight upgrades you're making a horrible decision. Perfect components are not necessary to do all of the current content. If you get a weapon of the type and class you're planning to focus on then invest in that but save the other components UNTIL you hit that perfect roll. Even still I wouldn't invest in the components I'm using unless they offer a marked increase over what I already have. I wouldn't, for example, spend plat on a repair drone to fix a weapon that is less than perfect roll and only 5-10% higher bonus than what I currently use.
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