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  1. Why are the expectations with each new warframe set so high? In a game with varying degrees of difficulty, creative license, function and fluidity it makes a lot of sense to introduce .variety. People on this thread have noted that they don't like every frame. Good, that's sort of the point. Not every player will resonate with every frame. Not every frame needs to be able to solo end game, and not every frame needs to be functionally equal or superior to the last frame released. Wisp doesnt need to be a great frame, or even a good frame. It just needs to be different and fun to play. Just remember that one person's fun isn't another person's fun. The developers are trying to broaden the options for their player base so more and more people will find something to like about the game.
  2. I disagree that it is for good reason. I bought the content. Having it transfer to my migrated account doesn't cheapen or reduce the funds someone would have gotten. The only way it makes sense that someone would lose out on funds is if you figure that I would have to buy it twice. The tennogen content I am referencing is available for purchase on switch. If I bought it on steam, migrated my account, and had to buy it again there is a problem. Your point may be consistent with their thinking but it screws out the players, and the players are who fund the game. As one who has spent a few thousand bucks on this game I am appalled that I am expected to repurchase so much stuff. There isn't even some sort of compensation on the migrated account to account for the tens of thousands of platinum worth of equipment that was lost, and the hundreds of dollars in tennogen that was lost. I get that my pc account still has all this stuff, but I -migrated- my account with the intent of switching platforms. I would have preferred to just deactivate my pc account altogether to keep all of my stuff... I know it sounds like whining but I migrated because it isn't possible to play on pc anymore. Every time I try going back to warframe it is just another slap in the face.
  3. Just logged into my migrated account for the first time in months since transferring to switch. Spent hundreds of dollars on tennogen and none of it is unlocked on the switch. What gives... No rivens, no arcanes and now no tennogen? This is pretty freaking crappy if I'm expected to buy these things twice. I mean.... I get that you all don't want us to have rivens and arcanes because of some nonsense about them affecting the 'economy' or whatever but expecting us to double down on fashion? Please someone tell me I'm just bugged and these things should be unlocked if I've purchased on pc and transferred to switch. Otherwise switch version I'm sorry but you're dead to me.
  4. Curious to see how it works on speedva. Hopefully it isn't too fast... hahha
  5. Not going to argue but I wholly disagree with your perception of the miasma spore combo. I have found it extremely successful for spreading spores and this change will make it even better.
  6. You talking about spores or miasma? Because miasma is not a nerf if used with spores. Only a nerf to spam 4 gameplay
  7. The damage multiplier was doubled to 4x. It was not applied before which is a net gain of 100 percent compared to before.
  8. Because the damage multiplier was doubled....
  9. I would imagine the first scenario is the logical choice.
  10. For real. Have you tried her whip build with a good stat stick and her augment? It is unbelievable
  11. So play/do something else until they update if the game is getting boring. Don't burn yourself out playing if you feel it is boring. And don't push for more stuff just because you think it is boring. It will come out when it comes out.
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