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  1. What I want? Pfff of course its "sustainable content" Give me a reason to play beyond maxing everything.
  2. And that bug/way glitches the final encounter......if you do it then the wolf won't drop a thing.
  3. By this point of farming..... It lost its 'magic' really fast.....
  4. I agree with OP, one thing to add tho: Please DE, stop showcasing new tennogen rounds on the Dev Streams, they are NOT CONTANT. I am not saying to remove them totally but to move them to Prime Time stream where it would make abit of more sense. It was fine the first few times.. now its just annoying
  5. Shame that zephyr deluxe joined in the "Never finished" bin alongside Hydroid prime trailer among other things......... They are lost but not forgotten!!
  6. Awww S#&$, here we go again.....
  7. Melee 2.99999 part 2....where are the news for it? after part 1 there were a few hotfixes followed by radio silence Kingpin system? Is it still alive? Dead? In a coma? life-support?
  8. When the upcoming dev stream thread arrives, post all your questions there. I agree with you tho, melee part 1 arrived and that's it......nothing to what to come next.
  9. megathread tag.....remove it. Edit: Good, it was removed, as for your "suggestions", others have answered it already.
  10. Again, in the vid wolf had NO ARMOR at lvl70 and a full party. Of course, he will go down fast. Your build seems to go for redcrits(+riven?), other weapons can do it as well so nothing special there. Wolfs in-game faction is neutral in the codex, even if we know that he got "upgraded" with some sentient serum we don't know if paracesis bonus dmg is in effect.
  11. I don't know if you followed a guide or not from your wording, try this one https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1448289739 I needed 3 tries to get all parts, one time the part didn't spawn(The first run I missed all of them). Now it's a whole different matter if they are bugged for real and if other people are having this issue as well.
  12. Dont bother, unless you want to burn yourself over and hate nightwave, do what you can at your own pace.
  13. " DE have talked about providing an offline option for Nintendo Switch", can you link it?
  14. OP, have you read the post about arbitrations and its issues on the recent hotfix page? You really should.
  15. I would argue that Gas city will come at the end of this Nightwave season, that would make sense with all the hints.....so the question is: when does it end? and will we get a one week buffer until the 2nd season starts or not? Please DE, info needed
  16. Rng, in a nutshell, some people now complain that he spawns too much at the wrong "moments" and want an off button for him, others say that they barely see him.
  17. Ya that what I thinking as well, now it just looks weird.
  18. I think Shy summed it pretty well.....
  19. We need more tilesets period New "parts" for old ones and some new ones entirely(that's a lot of work, I know) I wonder what the next tileset to be remastered after gas city? I think its gonna be corpus ship tileset since they talked about it in preparation for Railjak(and we also got a glimpse of it in the last tennocon reveal)
  20. I mostly play small sessions(1h avg 1.5h max) these days, tried to grind/farm at the start of Nightwave and gave up, during week 5-6 I managed to get 2 parts and the previous week I got another 2 parts(no set, I had to trade/buy/sell for the parts I needed). For the record, I met him around 7-8 times total. My advice would be to just stop trying to farm him, it's useless. Just play the game and hope for the best without burning your self out. Don't think the weapon is worth the hassle(unless you really really really need the MR points)
  21. The answer to almost everything in warframe: grind more........
  22. It takes time until it ramps up so no it doesn't "force" anyone to stop their gameplay, it just becomes a priority target once it hits a blip. By that time, everything should be dead and you're free to take care of it, or just leave the area they auto self destruct when you are too far away.
  23. I agree with @Aldain, the "Mote Amp Crawl" and that fact that you can get it after the war within quest is done(no one tells you that). After the the "crawl", eidolons become mangeable with more amp parts/arcanes/fighting experience. So ya...pass the "crawl".
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