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  1. Warframe themed "DEATHSTAR"? The corpus took the meaning of STAR literally
  2. "Players are so lazy and entitled"? people have really grinded(some have more then 200+) those creds(15creds per prestige nw rank,do the math) in hopes that they can spend it on something useful to them, in this case kuva. Thats alot of time spend on basically an "empty dream". If DE could had added more "useful" stuff to the store I would not mind that at all.
  3. Thats it? Only new and old skins? No new event?
  4. What are the rewards? if you dont mind me asking.
  5. TennoGen is not "content".....stop acting like it is.😐
  6. Reading some novels, catching up on some other games, getting some good quality naps(naps are important you know?) As for my WF activity......daily login once in a while...
  7. Ehhhh....no, no thanks to your idea. Whole idea of "Echoes of Umbra" as of this moment(specter mode) falls flat due to AI and control. Just scrap the whole idea OR you could take it a whole other way(rouge warframes in missions that you may "hack" into).
  8. A small question: Did you have trouble getting matches for conclave? a simple yes or no would suffice.
  9. Thats it? nothing but rep gain?
  10. Recruiting chat, use it. Its there for a reason
  11. Just add that model as the wacky bother version of Tyl, would totally approve.....or as the grineer janitor because john prodman needs a rivel.
  12. To be fair they need to fix/change some systems before we can really go "forward"....armor scaling for one. But that's so soo offtopic so whatever.
  13. Melee 2.99999 part 2....where are the news for it? after part 1 there were a few hotfixes followed by radio silence Kingpin system? Is it still alive? Dead? In a coma? life-support?
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