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  1. HellVOps

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    pessimistic to others but optimistic to some, the death of memeslide~fingers crossed~😒
  2. HellVOps

    The Exergis Is.....Gimmicky.

    With chilling reload(reload at 1.1) and ammo stock(to make it 2 shots) plus shred for punch thro(personal preference just makes me smile. Sure this setup cant go to lvl 200, but its fine up to 80~100 and I actually enjoy using it that way.
  3. HellVOps

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    To me it looked like this when steve asked the community what they want(this is the 3d time, first were the feedback fourms and 2n his twiter post): "ok community, what do you want to see in 2019 ~writes it down and glossed over~, now here is what gonna come". And thats it... This Dev stream felt like a presentation just to hype us and make us forget all the other issues.Nothing bad there but it screams ambition, same ambition that still forcing melee 3.0 back for 8 months now. No conclusive answer if Kingpin system is even alive. No info about wukong rework and the status of his rework and Delux. No info which next frames are the new to be reworked, be their kit/sound/PBR...Just more new warframes yay,ugh. No ETA for melee 3.0 part 1. And probably many more.
  4. Awful time waster...it lost its magic by the 3rd time and now we at the 14th round showcase meh. This kind of stuff should be at prime time.
  5. HellVOps

    wasting boosters

    Would you kindly use the forums search feature? Thank you.
  6. HellVOps

    DE please change the broken war grind.

    I heard that Ivara pickpocket farming is the way to go for broken-war crafting.
  7. HellVOps

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    Nyx mind control AI works? because most of the time the MC doesn't do a thing and just follow me around like a little duckling with mother duck.
  8. HellVOps

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    "scummy vaulting dates"? Do explain, please
  9. Any progress on Arbitrations reward tweak? namely what we can buy with Vitus Essence s. There are sooo many items that you can put in there, like nitain for example with items on rotation each week.
  10. HellVOps

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Kingpin system....where is it?
  11. HellVOps

    Rival to Warframe?

    "demise of Warframe"....oh boy the drama I hope you will find what your looking for, me? I see EA and nope for at least half a year. And admit it.....you be back for Railjack and New War(both be out during 2019 If i am not mistaken), if only to try them for abit.
  12. HellVOps

    Ugliest Frame

    I think you meant to say "No neck atlas"
  13. Rewards for the next orb fights?......let DE first tweak/fix the profit taker drops(Debt bonds......nty with nothing to spend it on) . I wont get my hopes up, the rewards for the last activities(aberrations,eso and so and now profit taker) that were relesed ended up meh, so until their gonna be tweaked for good I would remain sceptical.
  14. @Lutesquehey, If you can wait until valentine's day there should be a 1 credit pack of pinkish colors.As for black......ya no luck. To OP, short bursts and dont wear your self out, set diffrent goals each session, mix your loadout.
  15. HellVOps

    Build your kuva machine?

    Ok so no scaling kuva for now... At least let the mobs in the kuva fortress to drop kuva vials sorta like endo drops, it would give me a reason to go back and play there.