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  1. Wait for an SEC!!!!!!......did that mini moa just S#&$ the floor? @(XB1)RDeschain82
  2. So what your asking is a God of Hammers warframe...hur hur hur. Jokes aside, they have limitless concepts on what to try, problem be that the abilities would fit the theme and wont suck gameplay wise.
  3. To be fair they need to fix/change some systems before we can really go "forward"....armor scaling for one. But that's so soo offtopic so whatever.
  4. I believe this topic has the answer, it just that kind of weapon, most others are less confusing.
  5. People are blind(can't see news console) or can't read what was written on the wolf creds(...or both). Next time DE should really send a pinned notification that we have X unspent creds and Y time to use them(1-2 weeks prior).
  6. I believe his example(how the dmg is distributed) applies to the Cernos Prime version that shoots multiple arrows per shoot compared to the other versions. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Cernos_Prime And same advice Crit damage and chance for the riven roll.
  7. What I want? Pfff of course its "sustainable content" Give me a reason to play beyond maxing everything.
  8. And that bug/way glitches the final encounter......if you do it then the wolf won't drop a thing.
  9. By this point of farming..... It lost its 'magic' really fast.....
  10. I agree with OP, one thing to add tho: Please DE, stop showcasing new tennogen rounds on the Dev Streams, they are NOT CONTANT. I am not saying to remove them totally but to move them to Prime Time stream where it would make abit of more sense. It was fine the first few times.. now its just annoying
  11. Shame that zephyr deluxe joined in the "Never finished" bin alongside Hydroid prime trailer among other things......... They are lost but not forgotten!!
  12. Awww S#&$, here we go again.....
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