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  1. Nice! Added IPV6 to my local network router(on all 4 ISP links), ready to go together with you to faster and more reliable network ^_^ I really wish to have IPV6 sessions to have less lags(i hope it will work well with multiple IPV6 adresses).
  2. This i agree fully! And not only whips, many others need new stances too! For example for daggers we could use something like crimson dervish but with different animations(suitable for daggers of course). I would love to have at least 4 fully different stances for each category of weapons.
  3. Actually 2 different stances are good already(i'm whipping out many mobs easily)! I'm waiting for different polearm stance as there 2 stances do exactly the same :/
  4. I never just sit for nothing. If i sit in safe place i do one of two things: 1) buff/protect team(in this case or waves go very fast or team has around 0 damage in first 20 waves) 2) shoot mobs(in this case i do minimum 30% of damage in a full team).
  5. Please remove "Recasting Shadows of the Dead will also teleport your Shadows to you within limits. (if they are >10m and <40m away) " rule! If before it i could run where i need and recast would bring shadows to me now i have to wait they all die because they are too far!
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