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  1. Getting rid of spin to win and melee through walls I agree with. the thing I find fun about warframe is melee and building up damage over time with the combo counter so giving a flat buff to normal attacks seems so boring to me I think it should just stay how it is. I'm interested to see how this will work on endless runs is this flat buff going to be enough to keep you in a 1- 2 hour survival? And if it is won't that make heaven attacks pointless in normal missions?
  2. Also just to add to this now when you have a full squad in navigation if you press options it no longer shows everyone’s load out this makes it troublesome for when doing relic share and everyone agrees to use the same relic we are getting more and more ppl trying to scam others due to this being changed
  3. No they announced they will be running again they are just waiting for some fixes on xb1
  4. What date can console expect ghe sacrifice twitch drops?
  5. Go to your options for text in your inventory you need to select it to be on. to add to your post the remove all mods being triangle is really annoying seeing that it’s been triangle to remove one all these years I’ve accidentally removed entire builds so many times.
  6. Any update on when we will be getting our ash primes?
  7. Same problem I watched the whole stream and no drop. Thanks for looking into it.
  8. Oblivia prime is still not fixed it's still too short compared to the advertised picture
  9. Great post tenno I second all of this. Also great work on adding the shortcuts back so quickly a big thanks for that.
  10. Totally agree, myself and everyone I normally play with ended up jumping off within 5-10 min and played something else. Tried adjusting the sensitivity but it was just really frustrating, you put it to fast and you scroll straight past you put it on where it's an acceptable speed and it's still to slow. I did like the slight changes on the visual side it looks much more clear.
  11. Awesome post Ye the whole UI has been completely slowed down shortcuts need to be added back in as well the subtle UI visual changes look great though. With the Dojo lighting there are areas of complete darkness and you can no longe see decorations that are there, the lighting options don’t fix these areas and either does adding lights from decorations, is there some kind of work around for this or do we have to completely wreck our dojo due to he lighting changes.
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