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  1. I've always wondered, how much would it take for DE to have a standing Account Migration command? Why did they only allow for Migration during the 1-2 months of launch on a new platform? Is it solely to make more $$$ from selling plat? Or are there technical reasons?
  2. And just like that, now it's working!!! Still no clue why I was "locked out", but it seems to have resolved itself.
  3. I have maxed Entrati, but have done very little of the Isolation Vaults. Was just trying to get in now to hopefully collect Scintillant to craft Xaku.
  4. I have not created the Necramech, yet I am having this exact same problem. I can not enter Necralisk from the Starchart in my Orbiter, and when I go to Open World and back into the Necralisk, I can not enter a mission. I get the same exact message you received. I completed yesterday's sortie about 5 minutes before the rollover today, so I have been able to log in and play recently. I even exited and restarted WF thinking there might have been a hotfix or something that was needed, but that didn't change anything. The only thing I can think of that might be contributing to the problem
  5. tl;dr: I am having the same problem, though I have not ventured into applying a Forma yet, so I don't know if that will fix it. Any ideas, my fellow Tenno? DE, are there any hard and fast fixes to this?? I am unable to rename either my Kuva Chakkhurr or my Kuva Twin Stubbas, even though I can select and rename my other Kuva weapons. I can't figure out why this might be, since the weapons I can rename are from across the entire spectrum of what you could expect to have a Kuva weapon at! From my maxed out Nukor (catalyst, exilus adapter, 5 forma, valence fused, focus l
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