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  1. It sounds like you are IP blocked from the patch server by DE's DDOS protection, it does sometimes catch players. Try a VPN/mobile hotspot. You could also go to www.whatismyip,com, make a note of your IP address and then shut down your modem/router until the site shows a different IP.
  2. Shalath

    Plant Scanning

    Making plant scanning easier would mean collecting these would be far too easy. These are far better than squad restores. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Health_Restore
  3. I can't see DE only giving us one Umbral Forma. Yes, you had to play to get the rewards. By your logic I should be complaining that I'm not MR29 because I didn't start playing until 2015 or play 24/7. I should also get all event rewards from 2017 because my computer broke and I couldn't play, why should I be penalised for that? Come to think of it I've missed hundreds of alerts because I happened to be sleeping and that sn't fair either...
  4. I don't think anyone has figured this out yet assuming the aren't jus interestingly placed decorations.
  5. Chat banned? You could try turning off/on the IPv6 chat support in the options.
  6. @99Karma99, @Teddy12232 DE use a third party DDOS protection system that can sometimes catch legitimate player IP addresses. I'm certain this applies to the patch servers as well as this fix has worked for both issues in the past when I have posted it. Go to www.whatismyip.com and make a note of your IP address. Now shut down your modem/router for a bit and see if the IP address shows at whatismyip.com is now different. Repeat until it is. Some may only need an hour or two to get a new IP address but others may need to keep the modem/router off for longer. A VPN of mobile hotspot would also work if it is the DDOS protections blocking you.
  7. I took Rhino on this quest because of the mimics as he can shrug off most things as long as Iron Skin is managed properly. Definitely take weapons with different damage types as Chewarette says and remember that your operator's amp will remove their adaption to your damage elements once they build up. I think I took a Tiberon Prime on that mission (either that or my Arca Plasmore) and I almost certainly had a Lex prime as my secondary.
  8. If there aren't any mods I want (already have Vauban and the helms I want) then I just buy Nitain. The old alerts taught me to grab Nitain whenever I could, even if I didn't need it at the time. I was very grateful for this habit when I got the Vauban Prime set and I just know that one day I'll need some Nitain and be thanking myself again. I'm not sure what else we could be doing with those creds before they expire really as the cred pool is fairly bland for anyone with a decent number of hours in the game. DE could refund us some regular credits but unless you are just starting out credits are almnost meaningless and any endo (which wouldn't make sense) would be such a small amount it would also be meaningless. Since each set of creds are a different type it wouldn't make sense for Wolf creds to be accepted in whatever the name of the next NW is. DE definitely can't let us stockpile a generic set of creds though as if they add something new and exciting to the cred store there would be no effort needed if you had sat on loads of generic creds.
  9. Well, I am assuming that will be true but I refuse to use mine until I see it for myself 🙂
  10. I saw this for ther very first time the other day, annoyingly right at the end of an exterminate fissure mission. The last few enemies were behind the door. I was running Rhino at the time so I used a stomp (which did not kill them all) but none of the enemies thought about an alarm. I ran about through the level for a bit and came back, no good. I bounced between my operator and frame a few timesand that didn't work either. I play solo so there wasn't much I could do and had to abandon. Luckily abandoning didn't consume my relic though.
  11. I like NW. Like Loza03 says it gives me a few extra things to choose from when I play. As for expiring creds, just spend them? I don't see the point in keeping the old alerts so the resource alerts are served by learning where those resources drop. 400 Oxium? Pretty sure that is 2 short runs of IO. Credit alerts? Dark sectors and Index. Nitain? Faster to get now. I got max rank on NW1 by looking at the dailies and doing them if I fancied it and other than that mostly ignoring NW since most of the challenges are what you would be doing in-game anyway.
  12. Aside from the fact that rivens use up far more database space than regular mods as DE have said there needs to be a cap. Raise it to 100 and players will immediately ask for 200 because completionists want to collect all of them. No matter what DE set the limit to it will never be enough. Make it unlimited and the game database will soon be 99% rivens.
  13. I couldn't explain why I got one-shot inside my globe a couple of days ago but this explains it. Guess I'll have to keep my volume up when playing against Corpus as I usually keep it fairly low.
  14. The app is pretty much a backround project I think.
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