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  1. Another thing just occurred to me. Try turning off bulk and aggressive download in the launcher options.
  2. Wromg section https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1432-mobile-app/ Many would like these features but I think the problem would be storage. Many of the graphics in the app are already fairly low quality and the previous dev confirmed this was for storage and performance reasons (I asked if a HQ toggle was possible). Add everything from the dojo and fashionframe and the app is going to run out of storage on some devices. The app is currently using 185MB on my handset which is nothing to me but cheaper Androids are so stuffed with bloatware that can't be removed I think it would cause problems. I don't think the app downloads image data until needed but if it fills up all of the storage it could cause the device to have issues.
  3. They are libraries that WF (and others) rely on and should be listed like this. You will need to uninstall the old ones first to be sure any corruptions in the libraries is gone before you install the one linked above. You could also try changing the language in the launcher to one very different to your own and restarting the launcher. I don't know for sure but I think this connects you to a different patch server. That's all I've got unfortunately and if none of this works all you can do is wait for support
  4. Look in Control Panel -> Programs and Features (win7/8) or Settings -> Apps (10) for Microsofft Visual C++ 2015-2019 and uninstall them all (both x86 and x64). Install both x86 and x64 from here as corruption in these libraries can cause this. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads Now run Windows update in case you are missing any newer updates for these. If that doesn't fix it your IP address has probably been caught in the DDOS protection DE uses, it sometimes catches legitimate player addresses unfortunately. Go to www.whatismyip.com and make a note of your IP address. Now power off your modem/router for a bit until the site shows a different address and it should fix it. A VPN or mobile hotspot should also work if it this. It is also worth checking your antivirus if it hhas a firewall component or any third-party firewall you may have.
  5. You are vulnerable to knocksdowns and grapples during the invulnerability phase on Iron Skin.
  6. I have seen enemies using cover and hiding in nully bubbles (and nullies grouping together) as well but how much it happens seems to depend on the map and how long the enemies actually stay alive for. The problem is that we nuke enemies so quickly we never really see them doing anything other than dying. I tend to see it when levelling MR fodder (I play solo so no Hydron snoozefests) and slowly chewing my way through groups with awful weapons. Improving AI is pretty pointless while we have enemies that are one-shotted the instant we see them.
  7. If we deleted every challenge from NW that somebody doesn't like we will have no challenges.
  8. Yes and the same with mods/items/weapons. That said if you have Excal Prime I'm certain that will be missing on consoles but that one is obviously a special case. Rivens are something that you may not get as that could drastically affect market prices which are very different between PC and PS4 at least (I don't know any Xbox players but I'm assuming everything is much cheaper there as well). It is still a bit early to tell but I think inventories would be almost exactly the same regardless of platform. Plat, Tennogen and Rivens are the main things that I think would be problematic enough that they may not be available to any platform other than your "native" one.
  9. Cross save means your login would work on any (supported) platform but you won't see players from other platforms in-game. Your quest progress, frame and items would be synched between platforms so if you build a new frame on Xbox it would also be available on other platforms. If/when we get cross save there will be exceptions as founder items won't appear on consoles I assume and Tennogen probably won't transfer either. As the console manufacturers take a cut of plat sales you presumably won't be able to buy plat on PC and transfer it to consoles as that would remove the consoles cut. This is all speculation of course but I'm willing to bet the data won't be 100% on all platforms as there are a lot of considerations and consoles are on older builds.
  10. @luni0511, @DerMuuux - Not sure what happened with my link before??
  11. Try my suggestion in the thread below.
  12. Sounds like DE's DDOS protection has accidentally caught your IP address. It is a 3rd party system they use and this does happen sometimes. Go to www.whatismyip.com and make a note of your address. Now shut down your modem/router until the site shows a different address and it should fix it. A VPN or mobile hotspot should also work.
  13. I don't like the way you look, please make yourself look completely different 🙃 Seriously though, just find a skin you like. Frost Prime is almost certainly my second most played frame and I have zero issues with the way he looks so it is just down to personal taste really.
  14. Definitely yes with Ivara, not 100% about Nekros but I think even with the stacking reversal you still have a slightly higher chance with 4 Ivaras (I haven't done the maths). Luckily for me I play solo so I can really feel the pain of this being exactly 1 broken war blade short 🙄
  15. If Yahoo are refusing to accept emails from DE how are DE supposed to fix that? Contact Yahoo.
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