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  1. Shalath

    Nitain Alerts Suggestions

    The probelm with Nitain is that new players see the alerts and think "I don't need that" and ignore them. Then one day they need some and realise it is going to take a little while. 5 is actually easy mode, don't try building Vauban Prime without planning ahead. Whenever I see a Nitain alert I do it even if I don't need any so when the time comes I have a nice stockpile. Given the time span you mentioned I think you were a little unlucky to only get 1 as using the mobile app to alert me I can generally get 2 per day if not 3 depending on what else I have going on. As mentioned above Nitain is a time gate designed specifically to slow you down so it is unlikely to change but once you know the importance of those alerts and know to grab them when you can you shouldn't find yourself short again unless you go after Vauban Prime with a stockpile of less than 18-20.
  2. Shalath

    Please look at Excavation missions

    I've seen utterly terrible spawns on Tikal as well. I abandoned before excavation was complete it was so bad. By contrast if I take my Maimquinox to Augustus on Mars spawns are great, there are a couple of spots where a solo player can protect 2 excavators at once and the floor is littered with cells after 4-5 excavations.
  3. Shalath

    Rival to Warframe?

    I love the way it stands for both Electronic Arts and Early Access. Battlefield 5 and Star Wars fans all say hi.
  4. Shalath

    Allow for a option to enter social areas solo

    Now that you mention it I'm sure I remember Steve on a pre-PoE devstream saying they have a bit of code that limits the number of visible players gathered around Baro to cut down on the visual "noise" that they were going to apply to Cetus aas well. If that is the case maybe a toggle to cut all of them out rather than just some?
  5. Shalath

    [제안]zombie shelter / grineer & Corpus

    Unless something is lost in translation why would we be a Corpus tech?한국어/
  6. Shalath

    Allow for a option to enter social areas solo

    If the Cetus instances were hosted by you then this would be possible, but they aren't. This is why you can't pause the game in Solo in these instances. DE would have to host thousands of instances for this to be possible.
  7. Shalath

    Refund System

    Use the support desk link at the top of the page.
  8. Shalath

    Third Party Warframe/DE Accounts!

    Actually Microsoft is a profit making company first with PC and console platforms a distant second. Any cross platform means you can buy plat on PC and transfer that onto the console account without them getting a cut which they won't like. Whilst cross-play would immensely benefit the players Sony and Microsoft (and Nintendo now) have exactly zero reasons to even think about it unless there is some way of them benefiting financially from cross play, which there isn't. Sad for us but true.
  9. Given the variety of different frame powers balancing PvP would be impossible I think. Most of the games peple have been posting about only have weapons to balance.
  10. Shalath

    Chat wont load and infint loading

    Have you been chat banned? Give this a try if not.
  11. Shalath

    The game crashes after authorization

    First run the cache verify option under the cog icon on the top right of the launcher. Next reinstall the x64 version of this.
  12. Shalath

    Support Team Response Time

    Zendesk make the support ticket software that DE's staff use, the staff providing support are DE staff members though.
  13. Shalath

    Third Party Warframe/DE Accounts!

    PC and console versions are different and for cross play DE would have to hold back PC builds until the console build certification was completed. Console versions wouldn't benefit from the additional bug reporting PC players currently do. Plat and Tennogen are handled differently on consoles. Excal Prime will never appear on consoles, even for founders. The list of things not transferred in the recent switch migration show there would be other problems including market exploits. Sony and MS take a cut of plat sales I believe. Buy on PC and use on consoles = unhappy Sony and Microsoft. The list if problems goes on.
  14. Shalath

    OSX/new console versions

    DirectX isn't supported on OSX. DE could use OpenGL but Apple threw Mac gaming under the bus when they decided to stop updating OpenGL after v4.1 which is nearly 10 years old. They then decided that rather than follow one of the modern graphics APIs like Vulkan they would create their own called Metal (and then Metal 2) which has terrible performance. With that move OSX moved even deeper into the gaming coffin it has lived in for years.
  15. Reinstall the x64 version of this.