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  1. It can only be one of three enemies so try killing a couple of each and see what happens. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sands_of_Inaros#Fulfill_the_third_vessel.27s_challenge
  2. Also, test your RAM. I had this exact issue and it turned out my RAM was bad. Windows 10 has a built-in RAM tester. https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/how-to/how-to-test-ram
  3. Have you tried running a repair on Steam from Start menu->Settings->Apps and running it as administrator?
  4. If the launch goes anything like the last one did be grateful for the delay and the QA work we PC players do. Gigantic cats? UI vanishing randomly or every time you died in a crew ship forcng you to abandon? Being stuck in space without your Archwing or in the Railjack with it, again having to abandon? Those were the worst I saw but there were many more pretty nasty bugs at launch.
  5. Disable any overlays and Razer software you have running. Stick with DX11 for now as DX12 is experimental.
  6. Welcome to the forums young Tenno! Later on you will get a Railjack which is a combat ship that you and your squad can crew. I would suggest getting into a clan as the Railjack requires a massive dry dock that can only exist in the clan dojo. You can crew other people's Railjacks though. Grineer and Corpus can't have their own warframes but the reason is a spoiler for you so I won't explain. It will become clear. We will be going to another system (Tau) in the future. We can't go to level 70 or 100 because your Mastery Rank is tied to the equipment you have mastered and so
  7. There has been talk from DE for a couple of years now about missions clan warlords can set up for their clan mates but I don't know if that ever got further than the drawing board. It hasn't been mentioned in ages as far as I know, but then I haven't watched any dev strems in about a year. I doubt DE would ask the community for challenges as we don't really know what their engine is capabal of and so most suggestions would be absurdly unachievable.
  8. Google translation. Switch migration is over unfortunately.
  9. That's the same issue I had when I first went ultra-wide. I had cranked up the Windows zoom to offset the fact that everything as tiny and lowering it fix it.
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