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  1. Anything that uses overlays could possibly cause it. You could try verifying the game files using the cog icon on the top right of the launcher as well.
  2. I'm guessing you use some form of Razer software? If so disable it as it has been known to cause this.
  3. I've got a fairly similar mouse (Logitech G502) and whilst I've remapped my buttons I thought about a macro to keep Vex Armour but up I've not gone that far just in case. As above the stance is as long as you aren't letting the macros play the game it is ok and having the mouse manage things like Vex Armour skirts a bit too close to that for me to want to risk my account.
  4. That's 4x the bandwidth running between everyone. Not an issue for most but those that have to pay for internet by the MB/GB allowances will not be happy at a 4x increase in monetary cost for playing and some now can't afford it. Large parts of USA/AU have pretty poor connections because the lines traverse vast amounts of land so some of those can't play anymore because the bandwidth requirements are now too high. Doesn't work unless everyone has that log in which case you have the problem above. This is essentially what the host does. You are back at square one. This i
  5. I spent about 2 years at MR9 because I simply enjoyed the gear I was playing with. One of my clan mates was MR23-24 and whenever we played together it was me picking him up off the floor. It took a weapon that caught my eye to finally force me to rank up.
  6. Shalath


    If it isn't in your spam folder then opening a ticket is all you can do. Even DE might not be able to help as to do a full email transmission trace you need to be an admin at both ends. For example if DE's email server hands off an email to GMail DE can see which server it handed the email to but are blind on the route it takes through GMail's forrest of servers. Emails don't really go directly from one server to another anymore, they route though several as they traverse from one provider to another. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  7. Hit me up in-game if you still need the set (IGN is the same as the forums). I'm sure we can come to an agreement since you aren't asking for a handout and I'm happy to help a new Tenno. As above corrupted mods are something that you will need for yourself but are also a good source of plat. I don't know if you have been vault hunting before but the place is literally burned into my brain after the Hema farm and I can carry all 4 dragon keys in case you can't make them yet or find the penalties too harsh.
  8. I have my bloom lowered as I feel the default is way too high but other than that I have default settings and don't see any lighting issues.
  9. I have a macro mouse but honestly I don't feel like macros are necessary and I would probably advise against using them in-game just in case. Remapping buttons is fine though as it is no different to remapping keyboard controls. I have buttons 1-4 mapped to my thumb buttons and 5 mapped to my scroll wheel. My Logitech software is always running and has been for about 3 years or so. Mouse sensitivity should be fine as again that can be done in the game options. My mouse can do the same but I've never seen any benefit in using it, at least with my play style.
  10. Google translated. If I undestand the question correctly you can change it on the top right of the launcher. EDIT: Related to this maybe?
  11. You may have been caught by the game's DDOS protection, it does occasionally end up with a legitimate player's IP address. I'm not sure where in the console settings it shows the IP address but find it and make a note. Now shut down your router until it shows a different address and if it is the DDOS protection that should fix it.
  12. What error appears? You could try turning off bulk and aggressive download in the launcher options.
  13. DE answered this before they released k-drives, they are basically unusable in corridors. Anyone who played the AW Rush mission before the last movement changes knows just how frustrating it is speding the whole mission grinding against walls.
  14. As a solo player the arena is no good for me as the amounts I get are paltry even with Nekros and Smeeta since I'm not taking a farming team. Arbies work but they are hourly. What I have been doing is easily possible for an MR9 though. Find a map you know/like and can do easily (Ultor on Mars is my go-to for this, 3-4 mins per run) and either level weapons there or run normally. Each time you see a Cephalon fragment, Frame Fighter fragment or Somachord fragment memorise the location. On each run check every location you have memorised for Ayatan Statues as they share the same fixed spawn locat
  15. Try rebooting your router and error check the disk the game is on under the Tools tab of the drive properties. If you have any overlays or anything like Overwolf try disabling them.
  16. There seem to be a lot of connection issues at the moment at DE's end.
  17. It is possible your IP address has been accidentally caught by the game's DDOS protection, it has happened a few times. Go to www.whatismyip.com and make a note of your address. Now shut off your modem/router until that site shows a different address. If it is this trying a VPN or mobile hotspot would work as well.
  18. Try turning off bulk and aggressive download in the launcher options.
  19. Hmmm, I must have read those patch notes wrong. It is still under the launcher options but now called "graphics engine".
  20. Check you haven't enabled deferred rendering in the options. That moved from the launcher to the in-game options.
  21. If you want an easy RJ mission to do go for Rian Belt in Earth Proxima as it is very easy and no away objectives. That one should be doable with the MK3 stuff available from the dojo research. Amesha is still pretty much the only viable AW for RJ unfortunately. You will need a tank frame to deal with boarding parties as I'm assuming you aren't far enough up the intrinsics to use artillery to kill them before they launch ram sleds. Shame you are on NSW as I'd offer to run some missions for you (private group with just us 2, I normally play solo too) and let you AFK on the guns or what
  22. This may be unrelated but I'll throw it in anyway. Open the side of your case and see if you can tell if the noise is coming from the PSU. The reason I mention it was because about 2 years ago my PSU was dying. I could play WF for around 15-20 minutes and then I would get an electrical-sounding buzzing from my PSU until I shut WF down. It only happened in very graphically-demanding games. I can only assume the bearings in the fan were a bit loose and it started to vibrate when it got up to speed. Swapping the PSU fixed it. It does sound like coil whine from the GPU though if I'm hone
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