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  1. My question: Warframe Modding has always been interesting due to the nature of abilities in the game and how different Warframes are built around different kits. Players often ask themselves "Is this enough duration?", "Am I happy with the current heal/sec?" "Is this efficient enough for longer missions?" etc. Weapon modding however doesn't share this nuance. Almost all weapons in the game fall into two categories: Critical or Status with no real niche builds in between. Players are only really asking one question when modding weapons: "Is this killing fast enough?" I know this question is a lot more general than most weapon balancing questions, but what are the dev team's thoughts on this?
  2. IMO, add Sentinel Weapon Rivens to Simaris' tributes, it would only be logical to be there with all the augments!
  3. About the press release; there was mention that the big Spider bots also won't be making it to Fortuna's release. Will this still be the case?
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