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  1. IMO, add Sentinel Weapon Rivens to Simaris' tributes, it would only be logical to be there with all the augments!
  2. About the press release; there was mention that the big Spider bots also won't be making it to Fortuna's release. Will this still be the case?
  3. Could we have a look at how many of two of the Operator and most of the Amp Arcanes are really bad?
  4. Will this include the Archgun on land mechanic?
  5. Question: How's the Flying Eidolon coming along? Its teaser during the Revenant quest made me anxious for its actual release. Can't wait to fire it down.
  6. 2 questions: With the slight teaser from the Revenent quest, hows Mr. Flying Eidolon going along? Any news on the Grineer Tank unit meant to be on the Plains of Eidolon?
  7. I like the changes so far! I personally think there should be a method to refresh or gain some Warding Halo absorption through the use of abilities, such as kills on Divine Spear or killing marked enemies from Blazing Chakram etc. Reasoning: Rhino is capable of gaining Iron Skin stacks from Ironclad Charge and Gara's Splinter Storm is duration based. Since Warding Halo is pretty much a health based Splinter Storm, it lacks the scaling power of a duration based ability and would likely get shredded fast in high level content. Also how will Pyroclastic Flow and Reaping Chakram work now?
  8. Stepping back into Plains are we? Are there any updates to the Fly-dolon and the Grineer Thumper-Tank event?
  9. Stepping back from Fortuna a little, is there any word on the updates to the Plains of Eidolon? The flying Eidolon and Grineer Tank showcased more than half a year ago have gone unheard of since.
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