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  1. 1. Necramech Vacuum? It's really hard to pick up loot using the mech, especially since it can't fit in tight places. 2. Moddable Necramech Melee? As it stands, it doesn't do much. 3. Necramech mod drops are still insanely bad. Can we expect an increase in drop rate or more methods to farm them? 4. Necramech Mod Capacity really needs a look at. 5. Modular Archwings when?
  2. The answer is obvious. Eidolons are designed to be taken down by Amps, the Amp system and Focus abilities are means to improve your performance in the fight. They don't want you to bypass this. Why does Xaku even do Void damage? Same reason as Frost having Freeze and Ember having Fireball; thematic consistency. Xaku is a 'void binded' frame after all.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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