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  1. If trials were to be reimplemented, what would be different? Using free roam tech over the traditional tile-based? Non-linear raid objectives? Etc.
  2. Alright, so I'm going in with a bit of a hardball question. First of all thanks for the new Railjack content, its pretty great aside the few bugs here and there. However, much like back with Scarlet Spear, it does feel like the Railjack serves more as a taxi to a location rather having content centered around its movement, combat or terrain. In Corpus RJ, you usually just fly from location to location while ignoring enemies if not needed. Grineer RJ prior to this was the inverse. I do think that the tacking on of exterminate and Defense does feel kinda lame. What I liked about the
  3. POST 11th MARCH FAQ: Warframe energy draw for Railjack abilities is still a terrible idea IMO. It doesn't matter if you nerf Battle Avionics when you can cast them 20 times back to back.
  4. Warframe-based energy for Railjack abilities sound like a pretty big mistake that'll remove pretty much all form of difficulty from the mode. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS CHANGE.
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