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  1. No fixes for Kill Codes taking several minutes to receive?
  2. IMO the hold to confirm in the RJ menus are fine, since they're mostly one off upgrades that take a while to get.
  3. Hey Pablo, I do understand the want to better streamline how information is presented to the player and prevent overloading stats, text and numbers to newer / mid-tier players I also somewhat agree that the proposed post-mission screen is able to achieve that. However, this simplification comes as a detriment to more experienced players who are capable of understanding the vast amount of information presented to them. Hiding information does help newer players ease into the game, but veteran players don't need that. Having two entirely different sets of UI's is impossible to upkeep, but some small changes could help tremendously with click fatigue for veteran players. For example: - Removing 'about' menus in the weapon screen, having all the information presented to the user directly. - Hiding the splash screen in the proposed post-mission reward screen, further extended reward information instead. I hope this is taken into consideration. (And also no, prime parts all share similar icons, making it impossible to tell the difference between them in relic missions. Avionics and relics are also near impossible to tell apart.)
  4. There seems to be some problems for when clients pick up loot, and it not being rewarded. Is this a known bug?
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