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  1. I'm so glad i'm not the only one who thought this! the way its at fire opens the entire blaster is also amazing.
  2. dropping decoy for molt. Molt is literally a better decoy and i can still swap with it. Molt's hp is also based on the incoming dmg, making my Loki useable in much higher level missions other than spy.
  3. I have another theory about Grasp. what if, and hear me out here, you can cast it again while it's still active? grasp the enemies weapons, then recast to create those void orbs that use your primary as a stat/mod stick. equip a solid crit primary with viral and hunter munitions and you now have at least 6 weapons with a optimal setup on them firing at anything that moves.
  4. that's a fair point. I mean, i use renewal very selfishly and I rarely run into a moment when i actually need the armor(the renewal augment is fun because my setup means i'll survive the 90 second cool down, basically making my oberon immortal. he's no nidus, but it works.) so it makes sense that renewal would very likely be Oberon's gifted power. and work rather well on inaros.
  5. that's actually a good question. though renewal would take longer to heal inaros in long term when i can just pocket sand a target and heal 25% right then and there, but the short term benefits would outweigh the long....hmm.
  6. Inaros already has enough heals on him to begin with. throw in grace+adaptation+guardian and he'll never die(even more so with a kavat)
  7. I see, Octavia and Hildryn make sense now that you mention those powers. mallet may find use on certain frames(say vauban. you could lure enemies into bastille or into range of his flachette) with limbo, i assume(as you mentioned) using banish with stasis melded in would be the only thing that works. Banish in particular seems the most likely skill. grendal will POSSIBLY get feast, since all of his other powers rely on having enemies eaten. if not feast than his regurgitate power Xaku will very likely get her/his.their 1(Xata's whisper.) since it seems to be the most useful/likely power since the lost seems to be a signature. if it's not Whisper, it will be grasp(which i can see coming in handy on frames that specialize in duration. imagine protea using both her blaze artillary and her slain target's weapons against them. or vauban having vortexed a punch of enemies then stealing their weapons for his own use.)
  8. true. I also posted a list of powers my brother and I THINK could be eligible for the system on another thread
  9. the only frames i can't deduce for are limbo, octavia, grendal and hyldrin. I have a theoretical list of every other frame(Including the 6 powers we already know.) I'm not the most intuitive player out there, so i'll probably be wrong about some of these, but my brother and I deduce that these might be the most likely powers for each frame barring the four mentioned above. the reason for excluding those 4 is because we could not think of any of their powers that were actually not useful to their kits in some way or form(either the powers were already stupidly weak or by default too good for other frames.)
  10. I know i'm replacing decoy with molt because molt is literally a better decoy(and my loki will be able to heal!) if Nidus' skill is larvae then iron clad charge rhino's will be able to easily build up armor
  11. i agree on frost getting some buffs. he alongside nova are my go to defense frames. and following up on this: armor is great but scales badly at the end(around 1400 range for tenno). this is precisely why we need both armor as a basic defense and DR as a more advanced defense.
  12. Panthera prime does have explosive rounds that retain that effect with each bounce, so there's that. and it's a decently strong weapon(not the best, but FAR from the worst.) so that works as well. I do agree that other primed weapons could use some interesting gimmick beyond their raised stats.
  13. my brother's build would love to point out how wrong you are. like 90% of all of our equipment, building something right is key to having it perform well. besides, the panthera prime has superior crit and status stats on top of more ammo. its definitely better than the normal.
  14. if i recall: amalgam serration, point strike, vital sense, two 60/60 mods for viral, split chamber, vigilante armaments and hunter munitions. it's not gonna completely delete level 200+ mobs, but its powerful enough to work with level 150 or lower heavy units and trash mobs
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