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  1. alright thank you for the info. should make getting them a good deal easier
  2. wait. so they can be found floating around the drift itself? or exclusively in the vault?
  3. since you seem to be so understanding of these things(taking this from your other comments.) what the HEK am I looking for with Scintillant?
  4. thx for clearing that up. also glad to see i'm actually doing something right on my end
  5. I'm having trouble understanding this logic. wouldn't having access to higher tiers of crit chance be better than simply just having access to yellow crits? or am I misinterpreting what is being said here?
  6. I personally like the armor and skins. but i do agree that the armor looks off( i use it with the usual prime, gold+white+gray.) and the white looks...off on my oberon prime(who shares its colors.) my Oberon prime has a nice, vibrant white as a primary color and the armor looks a bit....muted? dull? point is it looks like old paint
  7. Having just used the tigris prime against some steel path grineer, i have one question: what are you doing wrong with your build that causes your tigris not to dish out massive damages? because mine, whilst not one shotting things anymore, still hits like a 20-ton truck in a china shop.
  8. both frost and excal prime are lacking in gold barring their helmets. Mag prime at least has those blue wavy streaks turned into gold streaks. as stated above, all 3 PALE in comparison to every other prime that came after them, ESPECIALLY the primes of the last 3 years(at least!). it be super awesome if DE took like....a couple months to completely redesign these 3 to look more regal and ornate. side note: all leg armor looks horrible on frost/prime because of his chonky legs.
  9. yes, i actually commented there i believe at one point. it feels like ages since i last checked up on it. I actually think part of my idea was subconsciously inspired by his version 2 alterations. huh.
  10. let's talk about them. as we all should know at this point, one of the key traits of any prime is how much more ornate they look compared to the base frame. For a LONG time, every prime has followed this logic by having extra details added on and some gold bits to make them look shiny and new, right? that is except for 3 specific primes. which primes you ask? Why the original 3 prime warframes to be introduced: Excalibur prime. Frost prime and Mag prime. THE PROBLEM: each of these 3 have one major flaw when compared to primes that come after. Th
  11. I love how it shimmers tbh. i might put it on one of my frames as their signature ephemera(something my brother and I are trying to do, but those vengeful ones are annoying to hunt.) not sure who tho.
  12. currently excited for Zakti prime. i still need to alter my build at some point to accommodate for a gas+viral+heat build if its possible. but i'll need to see how it differs from the base first(not gonna stop using it on my saryn prime, but i'd just like to know whats different.)
  13. i never actually realized the whole part about every other having a trade off versus iron staff not having one, but doesn't rage/adrenaline work during it still? regardless if those two mods work or not, it still doesn't seem to change the fact that iron staff just suffers compared to everything else. huh.
  14. To avoid an unnecessary argument(and i understand you're possibly tired of explaining) could you explain why it's unnecessary? I mean, every other exalted, barring desert storm, has the drain...and as a valkyr main who abuses hysteria to no end, im confused about how this is a problem.
  15. I should've just let you comment, lol. Thx for the corrections. Though i never said it needed a dmg buff. I was just pointing out how weak impact is compared to my talon's slash damage. Baruuk's fists, at launch were still horrible due to having no value against armored targets(something wukong didn't have issues with at the time iirc) the range is great, but even wukong could do more against them. Reactive storm dramatically improved desert storm to the point that, with the right build on baruuk, it drastically out classes all other melee weapons. Personally, a rang
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