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  1. Is there a planned fix sevagoth's claws not applying bonus exp?
  2. Are we going to get a fix for sevagoth's claws not applying bonus affinity(boosters, dark sector, etc)?
  3. Won't solve the issue of sevagoth's claws not applying bonus exp.
  4. I can actually support OP's claims. I've attempted to level Sevagoth's shadow's claws and only get default exp. I have a booster active and I got to Gabi. I then build up my shadow and start swinging. normally, in just less than 3 minutes, any other melee(with this setup) will be at least level 6, it takes much longer for my claws to get there. I'v tested my epitaph's leveling and had my brother recreate the conditions only for him to meet the same results(tho his response was so convoluted that i don't actually know if he believes my claims or not.....he was not mak
  5. Building off my previous reply, i can confirm that exp bonuses across the board are borked atm
  6. last i fought the stalker, it IS immune to being dispelled. I can even float into nully bubbles without even worrying about them. unless that ISN'T intended....
  7. I'm not certain if its a problem on my end, but i'v been able to repeat this: TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Simply playing the game VISUAL: no screenshot as it is unnecessary here REPRODUCTION: slap a forma on Sevagoth's shadow and/or its claws then attempt to level it with affinity boosters active. EXPECTED RESULT: On Gabi[Ceres], once any item has reached level 20, the bonus experience after the mission should cover the remaining 10 levels OBSERVED RESULT: No affinity bonuses are actually being applied to the shadow and/or its claws, boosters don't activate,
  8. More so if you're using umbral mods. My build will have 6 forma on all 3 parts of sevagoth.
  9. Im not really looking for "bestest leveling method" here, im wondering if anyone else has noticed the issue i mentioned.
  10. Strange. I was using gabi (ceres) to take advantage of my affinity booster, naramon's boost and the bonus dark sector exp but i wasn't getting my usual amount of exp, resulting in the claws leveling incredibly slow, even for my, more casual method. Usually, with my method, a melee weapon takes 11 to 15 minutes(depending on its range and attack speed) to max out.
  11. Potential issue: sevagoth's shadow(and claws) don't seem to register affinity bonuses(boosters and dark sector bonuses) thus causing both to level up painfully slow compared to everything else. This only started after the hotfix
  12. Question, did you have issues leveling his shadow and claws? Affinity boosts(booster or dark sector) don't seem to apply to the shadow AT ALL.
  13. A couple weeks ago doing a recovered nightwave challenge. Killed harry with probably <30 seconds to spare. My team was just barely prepared for it.
  14. I personally like being able to walk at times because there are plenty of days where i'll walk through a tileset and enjoy the level design(its also helped me discover little things from time to time.) And we can mantle as warframes still? I know spoiler mode can(got stuck in an animation loop while in the sim a couple days ago) but agree on its removal
  15. On console, specters still spam fire the exergis btw. Its been consistent for my brother and I
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