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  1. I have no clue why i got 4 notifications for you simply linking my post.
  2. Hello Tenno, today i want to present a possible QOL overhaul of the testing grounds that our beloved Simaris uses for his "research." EDIT: not sure if this is the right place, but it's the only "suggestions" area. The Simulacrum. 1. Let's start with a question: What is the Simulacrum, or Sim? The sim is a place to test the effectiveness of our abilities(weapons, powers, and mod combinations.) 2. What can the sim do? simple, it allows us to spawn up to twenty(or more depending on the enemy type.) enemy units for the previously mentioned testing. 3. What are some controversial arguments against or for using the sim? some tenno will argue against using the sim due to the fact that it cannot emulate life fire excersizes, thus preventing us from fully realizing what our equipment can do. some will argue for the sim due to the fact that it provides a static "control" for you to work with. The sim also has issues with how it handles some tests, particularly melee. if the enemy is paused, it counts as unalerted, which multiplies dmg by 4. Now, this isn't a 100% major issue, but it is still a very limited system. this brings us to our last, starting question: How can this be improved? Not easily, but lets start with the basics of what this "Simulacrum 2.0" will be able to do. 1. Spawn enemies in both specific types, and by faction. This new spawn system will allow players to either spawn up to twenty random units from a faction, or select specific units(as we can do now.) This will allow us to test our gear against a full faction without going through the process of hand picking them. There wil be other functions concerning this, but I''ll bring it up again later. 2. Removal of the level - MR limit. the single most annoying thing: being unable to spawn enemies at any level we wish without increasing our MR(mastery rank.) Sim 2.0 will remove this restriction, giving us the ability to choose the enemy level from 1 to whatever we wish. this would allow players to go full scale with testing how well their weapons would work in long term endurance runs. 3. The ability to apply modifiers to both the player, and the enemy. By modifiers, i mean things like what you see in sorties, or disruption. this would allow us to test our gear against sortie level units without having to live fire it. things like augmented enemy armor/hp/elemental dmg(and resistance.) It would also allow us the ability to apply modifiers to our frames/weapons. corruption buff, lua buff, and disruption buffs. this would allow us to test our weapons to the absolute possible limits. 4. Overhaul of energy, health and warframe stats/limits whilst in the sim. by default, upon entering sim 2.0, the warframe would be invincible, have infinite energy and the mod cap removed. companions would always be invincible whilst in the sim 2.0. this would allow us to fully test our abilities without any restrictions as well as test what our warframe would be like with broken setups that normally can't exist. Same would apply to the rest of our equipment. all of these options would be togglable of course. 5. Revision of the simulacrum's physical design and limits(part 1). The sim as it is now, is too limiting. we only have so much space to both move and work with. This new sim would about as big as the custom obstical course(possibly bigger.) and it's kiosk would be in the center. walls would be present around the area and all gaps in the floor would no longer be present. This would prevent enemies from flying off the map area and allow us to properly test certain setups without worry. Enemy units would spawn directly around the central console in groups of five(solely for the sake of evenly spreading them out.) 6. Revision of the sim's design and limits(part 2.) Now, the biggest issue with the sim right now is that we cannot test our weapons or powers in a live mission. how do we change this? by allowing players to apply a live mission test in the sim. with this change, we would be able to spawn in a defense target(either static or npc.) at the level we desire. same would go with intercept towers, excavation drills, and disruption consoles. the sim area would also alter depending on which target we spawned in, as to not give enemies a clear line of sight. upon spawning these defense targets in, all enemies would start focusing on it. This setup would give players the chance to test how well their gear performs in a simulated live fire scenario. archwing mission types would of course be available, and one could summon their archwing within the normal area. It's at this point we get to the biggest part of this overhaul: 7. Overhaul of enemy spawning and manual level growth. upon setting up a defense target or simply activating the function, a player could tell the sim to steadily spawn in enemies of a certain faction(once again, up to twenty.) and upon killing enemies, more would spawn to take their place. This function could even be used to simulate a survival run(there would be the option to simulate life support as well.) Defense simulations would function via a enemy limit counter that would be dependent on the current level set. Mobile defense would be set by a timer, and other defense targets would be based on their respective mission types. The second function would allow players to turn on enemy level growth as well as manually adjust it. This would cause enemy unites to gradually grow in level as you continued in an endless sim, thus allowing us to functionally test endurance runs without potential risk of failure or inconsistant results. Level growth would be alterable as well. you could set it so that enemies start at any level you desire, or even apply absurd level growths. want to test a defense mission where enemies jump up 100 levels every rotation? knock yourself out. Side note: all defense targets would have a toggleable invulnerability, for full on testing without limits. Even their armor/EHP/DR would be changeable(this would apply to all units in question). Now, the final addition of part 7: Boss simulations. This function would allow players to be placed in a simulated boss arena of the boss they choose(rapter, ambulas, etc.) Field bosses would also be available To spawn these units, one simply has to have defeated the boss in question, for those of you who missed out on the OG stalker's scans. 8. Level limits and beyond. The absolute max level would be from 1 to 9,999. that's pretty much all i need to say in this section. 9. weapon, frame and friendly limits. All possible buffs one could apply would be available. we're talking corruption, arbatration, lua, etc. Players would also have the ability to spawn in a modified tenno specter(or multiple) to test certain frame setups. These specters could be told which power to use, and how they would be modded(you could have them copy a loadout or manually adjust their mod setup, with or without limits.) this would allow you to spawn a Wisp(for example) with maximum possible power strength, or even dramatically enhance multiple frames with various frame buffs. Basically, you could make an 8 person setup and see how fast you can make Gauss run without needing 7 other players. you would also be able to apply the aformentioned modifiers to these specters, allowing for absurd limit breaks. 10. closing. As things are now, there is a bigg difference between using the sim and being an actual mission. Actual missions are inconsistant and the sim is static...a control test. as the sim is now, we have very little options to simulate proper tests and results. Sure, we have no reason to overhaul the sim as we can just boot up the most difficult survival and do that, but this change would allow players to have consistant results in various mission types, with various modifiers. they could even be made inconsistant to allow us to test in simulated live fire excersizes. Is this a priority change? No. but it would improve upon the current sim without taking away what the simulacrum exists to do. It's supposed to be a simulation room, but as things are currently, it only does one thing. This QOL change would drastically enhance what we have while adding in many more options. At the end of the day, the simulacrum 2.0 would basically be giving players access to dev options in a controled area that only exists within that instance. A controled environment, controled testing, controled results...making the sim a true testing ground for tenno to use. accessing the sim would be same as before, but all other limits are removed. Another possible addition would be, after unlocking access to the sim, allowing players to build a sim access point in their dojo. this dojo access point would allow clan members to access the sim together(up to groups 4.) Accessing the sim from a relay, would place a player in the default sim instance. accessing from the dojo would place them in a clan instance. private instances could be accessed as well from the dojo. Any active testing would prevent newer clanmates from joining your sim instance, unless invited. I'd love for feedback on this system and QOL concept.
  3. i should point out that any decent crit gun that has full auto(Tiburon prime has a fire mode for this) can make liberal use of munition alongside viral to clean up shop on those same lvl 100+ targets. granted i can only spawn 125s, but that's not an enemy you'll face unless you go out of your way to do so(endurance runs mostly) which is why i brought up the star chart. if my weapon can kill the 125s in short order, than it's useful. Cernos prime, tiburon prime, sybaris prime and a whole load of other weapons i enjoy can do this with ease(using munition and viral, at least. now...i admit two of those do have rivens, but can achieve similar results without. hence my point) so i'v never understood the decree of "my [insert power creep sniper here] is useless now!" no, it isn't. my rubico prime w/o its riven can easily kill any eidalon with a chroma buff, so yours should accomplish this feat as well without the riven("you" as in the general group, not "you" personally.)
  4. probably stated already but i'd like to point out that the tiburon prime is very strong even w/o a riven. same goes for aklex prime, sicaris prime, Vectis and Rubico prime, lanka and the kitguns. most of these do extremely well on the star chart in just about every way. eidelons and orb mothers are not good places to make a comparison as those are specific enemies and you literally can't find them anywhere but their designated zones. most shotguns that can't hit 100% status have decent enough crit chance to make use of hunter munitions and can dish out enough dmg to make that practically as powerful as their 100% status kin. i'll reference the kohm(hybrid weapon) strun wraith and hek series for this. the corinth is another good example. I'm honestly confused as to what you lot did before rivens were introduced, since you seem to think rivens are the only way to make any weapon powerful even though those weapons were still at the top of the food chain before rivens(aklex prime and it's single counterpart are still powerful side arms.)
  5. he can also just speed blitz off out of sight in a blink and you'll miss it part of the fish team section. right after placing his charge, the gauss bullet jumps off, lands then straight up vanishes from the grendal's view. and if his rumored 1.4 sprint speed is a thing, then he's gonna be insanely fast
  6. hmm....no major drops on my or my brother's end(his dread is now uber powerful. i mean it already was, but now it's just 1% over 200% CC) the snipers got their dispo nerfed? oh well, the guns listed are already stupid powerful, so losing dispo isn't going to change that. my rubico prime and vulkar wraith already do amazingly well without rivens, so no big loss other than time. they'll still nearly one shot anything other than an Eidolon.
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