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  1. You can all die and wait for him to leave to complete the mission if you guys are unprepared and even though you know he has a high spawn rate . Period.
  2. Wolf of Saturn six I think was very fun, fairly easy to kill solo even on Hydron. I don't like how his minions were invincible until we kill wolfy (that is complete BS and should be changed). Maybe we can get mission specific assassins that show up time from time based on each faction. So on defence wave 10 there is a 10% of a mission specific assassin spawning. And please be generous with the drop rates. Meat shields are pretty easy to kill, make the fights more creative please,
  3. Didn't even took me a full minute to kill him on Hydron 6 times now, maybe its the warframe community that needs to git gud. Period.
  4. How else is DE suppose to make people to buy plat to buy rivens?
  5. i screwed my self over a bit, i had school. i just wanna know if anyone got it before?
  6. Yeah its about the comment i expected. "Primed operator suits and Excalibur prime have also been updated before, please update this one", Ask them to undo this then we can't have people asking for free stuff "because once upon a time they bought something"
  7. What mastery rank are you guys? Do you guys think players with very high MR are generally better indicator of commitment to the game than founder status?
  8. I know for a fact that Saryn prime can equip skins and still have some of the prime parts showing and more out there too.
  9. If the cost of the umbra forma is high enough, i see why not. No need to add unnecessary grind
  10. That is third party platform that doesn't connect the warframe user base efficiently. Not everyone uses it. Usage of third party platform is not an excuse for a inefficient trading system.
  11. You sound like you don't have the liset prime skin, like i said before people who don't have liset prime skin naturally don't care.
  12. People list all the items they are willing to sell, and buyers can use a search feature to find the item they are looking for and message one of the people that has it to negotiate price. The person will not be listed if they are not online or afk after 1 hour. Also they person could have a little message box telling to other people what it will sell for.
  13. Its comments like these that make the warframe community unique... Unfortunately its the same reason as why the founder pack, prime accessories and auction house wont be easily accessible, majority of the warframe community just simply don't support for weird, mostly illogical reasons. You can't make everyone happy, yes auctions houses does make the majority of peoples lives easier, prices will be more transparent, but people don't want to take the chance for inflation, super low and super high prices. But warframe most likely would not have that issue, because if it is platinum only nothing should change all that much. Add a tax and credit fee, limit the amount of stuff you can put up or implement price controls mechanics.
  14. Devs look in feedback? I thought they only listen to youtubers with 100k+ subscribers
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