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  1. Release Excalibur prime pls, ignore all the hater trolls that don't want it back and are not even founders, but for some reason they don't want it?
  2. If you could pick any game out there, destiny, mhw, dark souls, borderlands, fallout, or even WoW or ESO. Basically you take all the gameplay elements of a game and coated it with the warframe IP. What game would you chose? So and example is swtor it has the star wars IP, but WoW gameplay elements
  3. Can we have the option to consume our previous non-prime warframe in the construction of the prime variant so that the additional forma can transfer over? I never use the old warframe once the prime comes out and don't like to forma a non prime warframe if I know that a prime variant will come out eventually. Not everyone will use this option but it will help us if we are time sensitive. I think paying 5p for each forma we want transferred over is also fair.
  4. are thout not grateful for DE generosity for even giving you neo relics?
  5. Can we make the liset prime a separate landing craft so we can put on the prisma and lotus skin on the damn thing? It is going to be released again in a accessories pack so no one should be salty if they do it.
  6. Bring back Excalibur prime, I think DE is running out of money
  7. Devs look in feedback? I thought they only listen to youtubers with 100k+ subscribers
  8. Giff excal prime つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  9. or let EA, activision or ubisoft buy out digital extremes
  10. If enough goes inactive it can happen
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