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  1. I like the game mode, but what Imbarator said would be awesome Only issue for me is.. 5 minutes is 50 nakak pearls.. you need to play around 320 minutes so 64 matches to get most of the rewards... plz upgrade the amount of nakak pearls to atleast a 100
  2. went to his dojo and everything works.probably a issue on with other peopple not having there two-Factor Authentication: enabled
  3. Go to https://www.warframe.com/user and Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Both party's need to have done this before you can trade. also you both need to be higher then mastery 2 to trade
  4. Wij zijn vandaag van een shadow clan naar storm clan gegaan, dus genoeg slots vrij voor nieuwe leden!
  5. Hey, ik zal je even invite. onze discord en die van de alliance staan in de MOTD
  6. Calm down, damm somebody his panty's are pulled up to high. Everyone expected the plague to lange last night, so it's understandable for all players to be triggerd, especially if its on a console you dont play. Just hope xbox get's it sorted fast so we all can play.
  7. Netherlands would be 00:00 7 juli. so if you know the difference between your place and the Netherlands you got the time.
  8. Great for the new players, but anyone playing for over a year already has him.. feelsbad
  9. How wil we be recieving Nekros, build or blue prints.. i would prefer the prints because i already own a nekros prime.. so no clue what to do with 2 build...
  10. Maybe work on getting a active clan, like we did.. kick members that are afk for 30 days without notice.
  11. This new game mode is great, only two issue's i can find with this update is that you changed IO to much, i prefered the old layout but with a new skin and the clan reward. really hope it would be the Amprex Vandal blueprint for in the dojo
  12. Well that went fast enough, an hour of gameplay and we got all 4 trophees..
  13. Actually never seen them spawn in the plains only on orb vallis, did all my missions so it would be like 60 fugitives XD
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