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  1. Mr12 or higher should be the requirement. Anything below is pretty much easily rushed by exp grinding I see enough Mr 8-10 who dont even know the basics so setting it to 8 to cater to a vocal minority is just absolute horrendous.
  2. Advanced system shouldnt be early either.... DE catering some vocal minority yet again. Also I see no reason Dispensary gets nerfed because you cant cast multiple anyway....
  3. Soon Ill be using a MOA with Helstrum as pet. Yet Im curious how to build my MOA. Im fond about the Nychus MOA´s Blast Shield and also Vacuum and Medi-ray. Any tips on what else would be ideal? Also seen some people using shield charger on builds but I feel like im missing the point. Can someone also explain whats good about it?
  4. Are you sure you are on the right account? Because it states on your forum profile you joined 18 hours ago.
  5. Looks like we are out of luck.
  6. DE again forgets lesser projectiles / bomblets = less status procing. Was with the mirage nerf now again. Seems you guys dont learn from your mistakes! (i Dont have Kuva Bramma but less ammo wont hurt me once I get it, theres a workaround)
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