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  1. Some lower mr weapons have the beter quirks etc but if youd make em do garbage dmg just cause its low or lower Mr would hurt the game. Im doing just fine stripping armor or nuking groups. Ok given, I got a pretty much perfect riven with CC/CD/flight speed and -puncture So far I know ZP fires faster and better for stripping and you dont have the zoom.
  2. Sniper vs crossbow I also still stand that MR shouldnt be a marker for strength/power.
  3. Start at 8:15 for a general build without riven 13:30 with a riven NOT MY VIDEO
  4. What people seem to overlook is that the Zhuge prime double procs. 1 shot = 2 bolts with multishot a hit can cause 2 procs 1 with the impact and 1 with the explosion. 1 shot = 4 procs when you hit 100% SC. Ofc it could proc the same element 4 times.
  5. its good at spreading status though. Initial hit and explosion will apply status thats on the weapon. so firing 1 bolt (with multishot = 2 hits) becomes 4 hits. Havent had any problems in ESO with a viral slash build without HM.
  6. firing it doesnt break ivara's stealth. you can hit 100%sc easily. so with multishot you can proc 4 status in 1 shot, which is nice.
  7. Max ammo + DMG / MS / toxin Harmless negative preferably a 3-1
  8. I never see people use it. Hell im sad af right now. Had a riven which made the alt fire crit 100% of the time... now its 99.3% DE WWWWWHYYYY
  9. Lato also hit. Not extremely good weapon but a fan favorite...
  10. DE Stop ignoring the following and fix it already
  11. FIX MECHA MODS ALREADY! They still cant be equiped on Helminth Charger.
  12. Please look into the new kubrow mods (mecha mods) and helminth charger. ty!
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