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  1. Well, certainly an interesting read for tweaks to Atlas. Rumblers feel like they are in a decent spot, with Petrify and Tectonics needing the most significant tweaking for Atlas.
  2. With that Riven, seems like that shared build, from imgur link, is a nice option in Sortie with resistances are present to elemental. And so I'd have two configs for the Tenora, that one would be my 2nd config. Then on my first config, I would consider taking off Heavy Caliber, Bladed Rounds and Argon Scope for Radiation and Toxic mods, as Vital Sense and that Riven with Point Strike should give you plenty of Crit.
  3. o.0-

    Shield Buff?

    I've wondered if Shields can build upon the concept of projectile deflectors, bouncers. Where base flat damage uses up Shield energy, and sends projectiles ricocheting (bouncing about a bit), with a deeper interaction with punch through and other damage effects. Such a setup could not only provide Corpus with something similar to Armor scaling as well as modulate the dynamic in facing against enemies with Shields, with how we currently apply damage to enemies. Toxic would still be powerful, followed by Gas, and utility would be added to Magnetic and Electricity if Shields would react
  4. o.0-

    Djinn Reawaken

    I hope a gear item that can revive Sentinels can still be a possible option.
  5. At this point I favor just rethinking key-binds altogether, allow combos to be executed from the variety of key-binds we have available and have swapping occur as a result of player input. Seeing that we will in time have some melee weapons held at the same time with some secondaries, I have a few ideas that could be explored. And existing Holster mods could just get new modifiers as necessary. Build within the limits of the gaming controllers and have a new integration with key-binds for actions, with a few new menu options as needed. Then allow for actions to execute fluidly as a player
  6. Well, I use Shotguns and Supra alot with my Chroma, so I tend to get up close and personal with the enemy. And having played him so much, you get a feel for where you can align an enemy with the business end, when zoomed. I'm gonna double check my PoV too.
  7. Gee, I dunno... At any rate, would be nice to be able to do more with all of that, and I can't help but wonder with others players who have tons of these things, the impact on the servers!
  8. If you like it great. It's not enticing me to get the Prime Access. Kudos to those that are though. As for me, I'd want to fashion my Operator up as a Crewman or Clem even. Until then, I'll use whatever default he's got on now.
  9. Bro, I am disappoint. Reading the title, I was imagining an Invasion or Crossfire setting, having Tenno Specters engaging the enemy and we join the fray to help against the invaders, not some idea to automate farming.
  10. Ah, an example of why the capacity exists in the first place. Curious to see how the code behind the scenes looks like in such cases, and how much memory it takes on the servers.
  11. I'd rather see repair drones that regenerate health and can restore machines than see another immunity mechanic. And yeah, we need totally new and separate Corpus syndicates from the others we know about. I think it could be interesting to see various Corpus Cartels and Monopolies that make up the Board, so one or three new involved Cartels/Monopolies on and around Venus would be most interesting.
  12. I don't get upset much anymore. I'd rather just get drunk now anyway. So thanks for sharing, and I wish I had a better rig back then, not to mention credit to spend, as I wanted to participate; but that's water under the bridge now, and I can buy myself some yummy beverages now and leave it at that.
  13. To the question, what do I think? All I can muster is I still don't know. I decided to search a few terms used in the OP, as it was so vague as to the premise of why taking the time to investigate was worth the time to do so. And so Crytek seems to have this: for warface https://crycash.io/ So again, as the concept is so new to me, all I can share in evaluation is I don't know yet, and seek to learn what I can, as to how such principles could apply to Warframe as asked in the OP. Interesting to say the least.
  14. I hope that once the devs complete their audit on Companions, and determine viable Kavat breeds to incorporate, that there'd be a different means available for collecting the DNA scans.
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