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  1. How do I do a support ticket?
  2. Action did not work. @[DE]Rebecca Can you see if there is anyone who can figure this out. I've run all of the programs that the people in the ticket sent me(a couple of which I already use) plus Windows memory check, file checker and did the above actions and I still keep getting kicked out of game.
  3. OP is expressing his opinion and how he feels. Your negativity is neither needed or wanted. I find your attitude of "OMG! SOME ONE INSULTED WARFRAME! RETALIATE" an elitist one and unwanted. Sick and tired of every time some one says somnething negative about the game, you fanbois feel the need to come to the rescue. I've been playing for 9 years now and Im really tired of it. If you cant do more than haunt the forums(you know... actually PLAY the game instead of defending every slight) maybe your fanboi side is insulted by you actually feeling the same way and you might need to take a break so that you can see that no game is worth being put on that high of a pedestal. It's not like he's a wow fan that joins every other game and then quits but not before posting in the world chat, "This game sucks. Im going back to WoW." A more helpful way of dealing with it would be to ask about specifics and maybe find out a different game you know of is more suited to what he's looking ofr. Or giving some reason as to how the game got to this point. Being an a$$ doesnt help anyone. Every once in a while, people gotta vent. Better here than on a review somewhere or in steam he writes a negative review that the game is toxic because of your reply. You're not as important or smart as you think you are. Stop acting like you are. And note... it's more than just you being a toxic pain so dont get all sefl important and think you're the only one Im talking about.
  4. Have you ever thought of stepping out of the meta and going to something more akin to a covert rescue? Go alone. Take a loki. Sneak passed everything and only use stealth when you absolutely have to. Stealth kill all of the wardens. rescue the target and get out fast. Sometimes, you need to make your own fun instead of relying on the devs to provide it. I Solo Steel Path in a military style. I find cover, try and draw a single enemy, etc etc. Yes it takes longer but the bonus is more acolytes.
  5. Im guessing by this that you've never gone on steel path. Because if you had, you would have never said this. SP is +100 levels and %250 to armor, shields and health. After doing the steel path, vanilla feels soft. Not saying Vanilla should be harder because you need that stepping stone to get to SP. Good gawds. Imagine a new player facing that? *shudders*. You probably weren't around for the beta release either. Back when people would stay in endless missions like ODD forever and with only 3 deaths PER DAY. With 2 arcanes maxed, you now get 6 PER MISSION. I think the overall game has been overly nerfed. And I think this would completely ruin any kind of challenge the game has left.
  6. And the ability to switch out which ones you want to use depending on how many people you have with you without having to re-buy them if you remove one. Hot garbage.
  7. Corpus spy with the central tower you can drop into that has lazers at each platform you have to time your drop thru. Go around the back of the tower and switch tele thru the 1 or 2 walls of lazers and hack the door. Switch tele your way passed enemies. Not useful for anything but laughs and payback for all of the grineer who did it to you. High jumps made easy with ST That's 3 I use. Im sure there's more but Im really not that creative.
  8. I dont find Inaros boring. I get tired of Frames where you have to do all these special things with your abilities to get them to work right. Inaros is awesome. Only 2 abilities needed. 1 and 4. Add in Magus lockdown and magus restore(or is it replenish?) and there's no need for his 2. Jam up his health and armor and you have the perfect run & gun or Melee build. K.I.S.S. Sure, I like other frames and Ember is and always will be my favorite, but sometimes you just wanna get your hands dirty. And for that, Inaros is da man. Boring? That would be Trinity. Stand there and give everyone health and energy... oooo so much fun. NOT! And with magus arcanes, she's now 100% pointless. Even Oberon is more interesting since you can snooze thru a defection without having to stop at a restore point when bringing the escapees back to safety. Even Nyx can confuse enemies into shooting each other while you pick em off. Hands down, Trinity is the most boring frame.
  9. @DE_GlenS Can you have some one move this to the right forum please. I read the topic incorrectly. Thanks in advance.
  10. Above attempt did not work. Action had no effect. Checked Error Code and found in MS forums, the links below and applied the actions. Will return if errors to PC or game issue continues. First link is steps 1-10 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-performance/error-event-id-10016-distributedcom/130522d2-beac-4495-980a-65e1e3279901 This link is steps 11-17 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-winapps/weather-application/e4630db3-50c2-4cc5-9813-f089494a1145 Reason for 2 links is more detail on one and one is win 8.1 with the other being win 10. Steps are same, just details were excluded that were important to getting it right.
  11. There's always some elitist or professional gamer who doesnt consider that this is a pass time for the most of us. And in that regard, if the pass time is a PITA, we find another one. Again.... the details need to be on the riven or the mechanic needs to be changed to fit the description. Period.
  12. After several attempts at trying to figure out why, when nothing is wrong with my machine, that the program kept kicking me off of warframe and saying something was wrong with my machine, I searched in coputer management/Event viewer/Custom views/Administrative events. Error and one Critical that related to aesm_service. The solution in both MS and Intel forums was to uninstall the program and the directions are here https://www.file.net/process/aesm_service.exe.html I have uninstalled the program and will return here if there are any continuing issues with warframe to note that this is not a solution or if there are and negative effects to the pc within 1 week.
  13. Pay attention to the theme. This is what I said early on. THE RIVEN NEEDS TO EXPRESS THAT YOU MUST DISMOUNT THE PILOT OR THE MECHANIC NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. Can you hear me now? And really PO'ed at myself for getting side tracked from that point.
  14. And catching them on the ground with titania and using her 1 to lift them also counts and isnt as wonky as doing it with zephyr. My point is... it says to kill them before they hit the ground. It doesnt say, "knock them off the dargyn and then kill them before they hit the ground" So point blank shot in the back with an exploding arrow fits the criteria stated in the riven. Had you read all I've said you would see that I said either change what the riven says or change the mechanic.
  15. Right tool for the job....??? That would be fine except with 50+ frames, there should be more than one that isnt a major pain.
  16. 9 years in game... I know what's possible. And before now, I would settle for using titania to unlock this riven. Im not satisfied any more. It's a wonky mechanic that needs fixing.
  17. Yeah..... No. Just like it pretty much requires Ivara to get a perfect tame. Sick of "Have to" frames for things. I'll probably do that, but seriously... they need to change it. I have all of the frames but not everyone does. I would be rage quitting if I came into the game at this point.
  18. Then the riven needs to express that or it needs to be changed
  19. I can one shot the troop transports but point blank shots in the back on a dargyn pilots doesnt kill them. More than 30 downed and only one counted. Wha.....??????
  20. Allow you to hire and take an additional crew member. You can now customise Fighters and crew can now take the Fighter role. Fighters are small attack craft that can take one of your side guns as a primary armament. Your Orbiter. I've long wondered why the orbitor was just "your house". It's a ship and should be gigged out as a combat fighter.
  21. Actually, not even then. Cant count the number of times I had to jump out of the seat and use the forward battery because no one else had high enough intrinsics.
  22. Im sorry but sometimes I want some one else to fly the RJ while Im outside. Maybe if it were an issue where only the Host is the only one who can fly it when the host is actually IN the RJ, then I would be on board with you.
  23. Defense - bail and it becomes archwing or defense by RJ of a 3d target. Not sure that would work at this level since archwings get wrecked pretty fast(the way we used to mod them) might have to add some archwing mods and RJ would have trouble with 3d defense Spy- They would have to program a skiff or add a new archwing for stealth where the RJ distracts the main mobs and then once inside a radius of a SMALL outpost that you dont have to land to hack it and then return to the railjack for a trip to the next hack point Disruption... I got nothing Mostly because I despise them. Defection- sort of a ferry from the big ship to an escape vessel using arching, RJ or the afore mentioned skiff. Basic theme of what Im saying is... try staying away from "away" missions that are just copy/paste of vanilla warframe.
  24. there are 2 dry docks besides the dojo, on the RJ solar map. One is on pluto and I cant remember where the other one is. So only 2 relays have RJ dock. Hop in your RJ from the orbiter, navigate to one of those 2 relays. Not sure if there is a fast travel to them since I've never gone to the relay and then the DD.
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