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  1. Hello there, I did some tests and I think I found what is happening : during missions the convergence end pop-up display the focus affinity earned during the whole mission until the orb pick-up (instead of the affinity earned during the 45 second bonus)... see below : test : exterminate mission (Baal Europa for this test) FIRST convergence orb : - take screenshots of progress screen before taking the first convergence orb - exterminate some dudes - take screenshot of convergence orb end pop-up after 45s - take screenshots of progress screen SECOND convergence orb : - take screenshots of progress screen before taking the second convergence orb - do NOTHING - take screenshot of convergence orb end pop-up after 45s - take screenshots of progress screen End of test : do a screenshot montage and post it on the forums ...
  2. Hello there, liked the quest (although a little short ;) ), the music and song is great, the railjack skin is AWESOME ! Hope to see more of that antagonist soon(TM) very cool to introduce relics cracking in proximas (with added rewards as a bonus !) ... not a fan of the random zapping though
  3. Hello there ! What I like : Having a crew altogether ! I play mostly (almost exlusively) solo, and it is really cool to have the crew at the turrets and controlling/patrolling the ship whil I am away on objectives :) Suggestions of improvements : Piloting : piloting seems to work (the ship is moving), but it is often more useful to not let the AI pilot. Here are examples of situations where pilot AI could be more useful with suggestions : - when I want to use the forward artillery, the pilot is moving away from whatever I had in my sight ... Suggestion : have the pilot AI point towards relevant targets (e.g. crewships) while a player is using forward artillery. Alternatively, just prevent the AI from moving the ship in such situation... - in Grineer skirmish, the AI just wander aimlessly around the objective (if there is one) potentially attracting a lot of enemy fire (from ship killer platforms, missile batteries and galleons). Suggestion : have the AI circle objective points at a relatively safe distance... SUPER DUPER Suggestion : have the crew fire at radiators on grineer objectives... please :) Defense : It seems the defense AI doesn't try to search actively for intruders, and just circle the ship until it finds enemies... Suggestion : make defender AI more active when being boarded, and actually run towards the breach. AI behaviour outside missions : it seems the crew doesn't really know what to do when the railjack is docked, and just walk/jog around aimlessly... Suggestion : have them sit/stand in the Railjack doing something specific, that would be a good way to make them show their personalities in relation to their voicelines ! Im not saying one of them has to spend his time doing calibrations on a giant gun... but something approaching ? ;) that's all for now, thank you for reading ! cheers !
  4. Hello there ! Please have a look at this, thanks ! TYPE: UI - Configure Railjack Console DESCRIPTION: Railjack Armaments are not displayed correctly in the configure railjack console VISUAL: -- REPRODUCTION: -- EXPECTED RESULT: Zetki Armaments should appear in the Zetki tab, and Sigma armaments in the Sigma tab OBSERVED RESULT: New Armaments, Zetki Laih MkIII, Zetki Talyn MkIII, Zetki Vort MkIII do not appear in the 'Zetki' tab Sigma version of Apoc MkIII, Carcinox MkIII, Cryophon MkIII, Photor MkIII and Pulsar MkIII do not appear in the 'Sigma' tab Those are the mismatch I found with the Armaments I have.. REPRODUCTION RATE: -- Cheers !
  5. Hello there ! Please look into this, thanks ! TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Focus points displayed during convergence orb in missions don't add-up with actual focus earned REPRODUCTION: Tested on Terrorem, Deimos, survival : 5 min, 4 convergence orb collected Focus affinity before : Madurai 192,313 / Vazarin 453,429 Collected focus during convergence orb bonus : Orb 1 : Madurai 9 / Vazarin 13 Orb 2 : Madurai 257 / Vazarin 361 Orb 3 : Madurai 645 / Vazarin 919 Orb 4 : Madurai 929 / Vazarin 1,316 Total : Madurai 1,840 / Vazarin 2,609 From convergence orb bonus only End of mission screen : Madurai +1,211 / Vazarin +1,711 Focus affinity after : Madurai 193,524 / Vazarin 455,140 (consistent with end of mission screen values) similar to other reports : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1253783-focus-on-so-cut-by-two/?do=findComment&comment=12078378 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1255122-incorrect-number-of-focus-convergence-on-onslaught/?do=findComment&comment=12086863 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1254504-bug-with-farm-focus-on-elite-sanctuary-onslaught/?do=findComment&comment=12082718 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1254480-focus-bonus-with-convergence-orbs-in-spy-missions/?do=findComment&comment=12082581
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