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  1. Hello there ! update for prime vault 30.6.1 please ? <3 thank you !
  2. hi, yes it is probably that :) Hotfix 30.2.2 (2021-05-13) Removed Cephalon Cy Research from Clans and moved Blueprint to the in-game Market for Credits.
  3. hey there, I received mine + also the twitch drops just fine ! thank you all for this great tennocon <3 !
  4. hello there ! TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Parazon kills on downed Sisters fails to activate very often. *Might* be because of "bad" positioning of the player, or player is still moving while activating parazon prompt. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Draw out a Sister. Attack until One health bar is down. Try Parazon with "X". EXPECTED RESULT: Parazon Stabbing animation. OBSERVED RESULT: No stabbing. Parazon prompt disapears : Sister can't be stabbed. Sister is immobile until the health bar is fully recovered. REPRODUCTION RATE: about 1 in 3 parazon attempts Note 1 : also happened during Showdown in Neptune Proxima, which resulted in mission impossible to complete (Sister doesn't recover Health, and stay downed with no way of finishing her) Note 2 : Parazon kills animation often fails on Thralls and Hounds too, BUT it defaults to a simple stabbing... thanks for reading !
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