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  1. while this is a welcomed change for sure, it also means Mk II Lavan and Vidar will give at miminum higher avionics cap than the sigma Mk III ... so maybe the sigma Mk III could get a little boost too... 🙂
  2. RJ Turrets stats bugs summary Here are some turret stats that are displayed in the dry dock (typically in the tab stat) that are probably wrong regarding stat progressions between generations (base, MkI, MkII, and MkIII) and houses (Sigma, Lavan, Vidar and Zetki) Some of these have been tested by wiki users to be only UI bugs (e.g. Photor)... hopefully most of them are also UI mishaps Note : basic rules, as we found on the wiki, are that Turret stats follow the same pattern between Houses within the same generation, i.e. compared to the Sigma variant: Lavan variant has same damage, 1.4x Status Chance, and increased accuracy Vidar variant has same damage, 1.4x Critical Chance, and reduced accuracy Zetki variant has 1.5x damage with 1.5x Critical Chance and/or Status Chance and increased accuracy at the cost of increased Heat Accretion Also : Only the Crit chance, Status Chance and Damage values change between generations within the same House Carcinnox Sigma MkII and MkIII Accuracy : displayed as 80, should be 28.6 as the MkI Vidar Carcinnox MkIII Fall-Off : displayed as 2000-4000 should be 500-1000 as other Houses and generations Cryophon Cryophon MK I Status : displayed as 23% should be 15% as base version Vidar Cryophon MK I Status : displayed as 23% should be 15% as base version Cryophon MK II Status : displayed as 32% should be 21% as vidar MkII Cryophon MK III Status : displayed as 45% should be 30% as vidar MkIII Photor MkI MKII and MkIII generations, all Houses: heat accretion displayed as 0, should be 10 for sigma lavan and vidar, 40 for zetki Additional UI BUG Carcinnox MkI, MKII and MKIII (possibly all Houses) have the same icon as the Photor, only the base version has a unique icon in the UI have a nice bug hunt 🙂
  3. About the Requiem Relics rewards : why is the Rare reward an Exilus Weapon Adapter Blueprint ? - it doesn't seem lore related - Exilus Weapon BPs are already available through syndicates (and that is good, it is consistent with warframe exilus BPs sold by Simaris and Theshin) - it doesn't feel rewarding when farming for Requiem Mods : when you are lucky and get the rarest items, it is not what you are hoping for... in this case something you can get more easily through the syndicates... (it doesn't feel good when being lucky is bad) Dreamy suggestion : put a combo of the two Requiem Mods as the rare reward of Requiem relics... thanks for reading !
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