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  1. it is a general scheme for all bounties, independently of the number of stages : that is why it states "stage 4 of 5" and not just "stage 4"... for a 4 stage bounty you will have "stage 1", "stage 2", "stage 3 of 4" (which is the same as stage 2) and "final stage" more in depth explanation : rewards are divided into common, uncommon and rare rewards... each stage pick a reward into each pool according to this : Stage 1 commmon rewards Stage 2, Stage 3 of 4, and Stage 3 of 5 commmon and uncommon rewards Stage 4 of 5 commmon, uncommon and
  2. Hello there ! New Deimos Arcana Isovault bounties were added to the drop table (thanks !) but I kinda suspect it is not in the right form... :) they appear with the same format as Isovault bounties (so 1 "Final Stage" reward pool per bounty) ... However they play like a regular bounty with a reward at every stage... so I guess we should have a table with something like that : Level 30 - 40 Arcana Isolation Vault (Tier 1) Rotation A Stage 1 smthg smthg X% Stage 2, Stage 3 of 4, and Stage 3 of 5 smthg smthg X% Stage 4 of 5 smthg
  3. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
  4. TYPE: In-Game, Cambion Drift Bounty DESCRIPTION: Graav (grineer survivor) rescued from a previous bounty took the place of Latrox Une (corpus scientist) in the following bounty VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Did a first bounty (tier1), last stage was rescuing grinner survivors (Graav) Started a second bounty (tier 1) from Mother in the Drfit (without returning to Neccralisk), Grineer survivors followed me 1 stage of second bounty goes well (hive destroying, grineers are still following me) 2 stage is helping Latrox Une (corpus scientist) to get samples. Latrox
  5. And a big thank you to everyone who made this tennocon possible ! It was an amazing experience !
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