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  1. My Rhino looks like a power ranger now... T_T
  2. Nice 🙂 Ayatan Challenges - too RNG dependent. yep... maybe something more realistic like "find 5 ayatan stars or sculptures" would be fine for a weekly challenge ... Survival Challenges - too long in one sitting. "you have been playing for more than an hour, please don't forget to take a break" .... it is indeed way too long... not everyone enjoy endurance runs ^^' Friend / Clan Challenges - "I have no friends/my friends don't play Warframe".  also : sortie specialist is just a weekly, while sortie with a friend is an elite weekly... ? so... having one friend is worth 2,000 standing points ? 😛 more generally, the other challenge are reasonnable so far, but they might be a bit unbalanced... example : Jailer = Complete 3 capture missions, about 10 minutes work, worth 3,000 points Invader =Complete 9 Invasion missions of any type, can be 30 minutes to an hour depending on the missions available... worth 3,000 points as well
  3. - Cool stuff, good work team ! - Mildly unconfortable thing for me though : weekly challenge "slot 5 ayatan sculpture" doesn't really engage people to play... rather it incites in sleeping on your ayatans in case that challenge comes back in future weeks... for example : if I wasn't so lazy and cleaned all my ayatans last time I needed endo, I would not have been able to complete it, because I would have needed 5 "new" ayatans to find in missions... you can find 5 ayatans of course, but they are not common enough to engage people in hunting for them reliably (well... people as lazy as me at least...) In that sense, that challenge is odd compared to the others that can be readily farmed consistently...
  4. hi guys ! have the drop tables been updated with H24.0.6 ? can't find akvasto prime relics... thanks ! edit : updated now, thanks 🙂
  5. Sorties drop table disapeared last night (23.10.0 pre-launch)
  6. I was waiting for this mod... now the question is : will it be compatible with all self-damage weapons ?
  7. Hi, so every void node gives Void Relic at the moment, either during rotations or as end reward, which is great !! ... I am just wondering : is it planned to stay after Nyx and Rhino return to the vault ? would be cool
  8. So, melee weapons don't strike through walls since yesterday... from my small testing it seems it also applies to zenistar's disk.... is it really intended ?
  9. Hi guys, is it me, or the mouse hover "tick" sounds in the UI are really loud and crispy since this update... ? It is rather unpleasant, even with the FX volume halfway down... 😕
  10. the distant future : Digital Extreme developpers are ready to ship yet another update. The update 22.308.12... lol
  11. By the way... do we get simaris syndicate rep when playing sanctuary onslaught... ? that would be nice ^^
  12. I like the idea : more fun, less meta (although, obviously a new game mode won't survive with that kind of rewards alone... )
  13. Khora looks cool... but I am a little worried about the cast animation of her 4th... looked kind of un-natural and weird in Rebb's demo... :/ (the other cast animations looks great ^^ )
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