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  1. Just saw that this was a thing that sometimes happens on Radiation Hazard sorties, so not I'm sure if this is a bug or intentional
  2. Was just trying to do the second part of the Sortie and was defending the Telemetry System when I noticed that while I was using my 4, the System lost 3/4s of it's health. I then tried to aim and shoot at the system with my 4 directly to see if I was hitting it or if there were just a bunch of enemies hitting it, and I destroyed the system on accident, resulting in me failing the mission.
  3. So far I haven't had any issues with any other melee weapons, maybe this is a bug exclusive to swords/Mire?
  4. Not sure if the bug is a controller bug or a bug with a stance mod. I was trying to level the Mire with an Iron Phoenix stance mod on it. To start with, every attack I used on the Mire always started out with the stab from the neutral combo coming out first. However, at some point in the mission the Mire just completely stops working, and I become unable to melee for the rest of the mission. I'm currently using a PS4 controller that is emulating an Xbox controller with DS4 windows. EDIT: Just tested with no stance mod and the issue happened again. Tried pressing the keyboard m
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