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  1. Despite my concerned perspective, I do think 'The Sacrifice' quest is tragically beautiful- and I can see how it resonates with you, almost artistically. Im happy that Warframe could offer at least this much for you. Wishing you and your family the best experiences and most beautiful moments in the time you have together.
  2. My condolences op, but something about this seems rather concerning. In a time of devastating tragedy such as this, where the real world will be forever darker, is thinking about how this could fit into your warframe obsession as RP really the healthiest relationship to have with a video game? And how one of your more recent realizations is how this horror has somehow determined your new "main" playable character in said video game and to discuss your revelation on forums?? I understand people have their ways of coping, forgive me if i come off as insensitive. This just seems worthy of concern and reevaluation of priorities, in my eyes
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