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  1. This is so meaningless it's hard even giving it the respect of a response. Warframe is a live service game; the whole point of it's design is that it can be continuously developed and further built upon, without need of any form of sequel. And what would a sequel do other than divide your strong, hard earned player base? There is nothing a sequel would bring that could not just be added to the current build. New star charts, new game modes, new engine, new game play mechanics, new anything- Warframe is structured for any and all conceivable additions/redesigns.
  2. Closed beta player with MR 11, been playing with the same loadout for years now
  3. When you shop from wish.com
  4. It's an online multiplayer game. You need to take these things less seriously. You're probably quite young, or you simply just don't understand how ridiculous this all is- and I feel ridiculous for having read any of it
  5. Gotta give it to the artists and modelers; aesthetic opinions and expectations aside, they're getting damn good at this
  6. How do you know there's enough interest in dedicated servers that the amount they'd make from you paying players would cover the costs? Or if its even worth going through the trouble for you and about 5 other players who want dedicated servers this badly
  7. +1000. Was looking at my gf's kubrow the other day and all i could think of was how horribly dated it looked. The new hairstyles for operator's are a step up from the base styles, though, I'll give DE that much. As for fur on armor/kubrows, i don't even mind if it's statically placed with implied flow and textured to look full and soft, or have the hair be chunky locks of clumped hair with minimal movement ala games like Overwatch and For Honor. It's a stylistic approach that looks infinitely better than the horribly ugly wire we have now
  8. They do, though. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not
  9. Anyone can adapt/reimagine anyone/thing/deity as any shape/form. It's an important part of storytelling, to add interesting and new perspectives that otherwise could not be depicted. Though you've completely derailed that topic of discussion by fault of misunderstanding the word "adaptation"
  10. Without getting too off topic, the game's a glorified mobile game, massive cash grab and time sink, with god tier combat animations and graphics (thats the initial pull). You wouldnt catch up to the top 5% starting now anyway, I had full TET/TRI gear and accessories and wasnt close. But once you do start to see traction, and finally start hanging around heidel arenas (and you will), pvp is an absolute joke. There once was a time where pvp wasn't *completely* broken by a fateful change they made incentivizing stronger gear and overpowering the already top geared back in march of 2018, but I'm getting ahead of myseld. In short, bdo is a shallow albeit beautiful experience with little payoff by the time you've realized all you've done was meaningless. But yeah ninja op
  11. As a long time avid player of black desert, i can both reccomend picking ninja if you want to deck anyone and everyone, and also to never get involved in that game ever
  12. I believe Liger Inuzuka is emulating the straw hat samurai in a fleshy, connected to helmet manner, as we've seen in a few warframe helmets that have a "hat" fitted organically and partly on the helmet itself
  13. Good thing they added that toggle button 😉
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