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  1. I'm cool with all those changes, but the gunblades feel very weak now. Before i could melt anything with charges shots and Sarpa, now i can barley hit anything cause any combo moves you around like crazy and the damage is pathetic 😞
  2. People who have paid 11k plat for an Artax Riven must be quite annoyed now^^
  3. That part of the update took a huge part of my fun... Man fashion is like 30% of my playtime. If i want to play with plastic, i'd play with my old LEGO Technics. ...(Yes, technically spoken, i play with plastic, but you get it 😉 )
  4. I love the whole update, except for one point: The game looks like as if i had all sliders set to LOW. Metallics and the lights in general are horrible now 😞
  5. Can we have the Sarpa Day of the Dead Skin texture flicker fixed? ;_;
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