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  1. Thank you for increasing my Riven capacity to include the two daily reward increases that hadn't applied when I was already at 90! That was a pleasant surprise.
  2. I'm finally through grinding for the stuff in this event I didn't have. Here's me shouting into the void with my opinion on it. What I liked: 1.) The map is cool. 2.) The music is good. 3.) When no one looks the same, everyone looks the same. The inner-tube around Tenno was a nice way to identify who I shouldn't be shooting at. Neutral: 1.) Grineer bullet jumping was awesome the first time I saw it. It became less awesome when paired with a host with a crappy connection, and rather than bullet jumping they were stuttering or teleporting around the field. 2.) Pearl drops. I'm super thankful for the fact that they cut the grind down by about a third, but they were a sort of terrible way to do it. In the beginning I didn't care who got a kill, since it advanced the team. With the pearls, it as super frustrating how often I wouldn't see anyone else shooting my target until it was almost dead. I quickly found out that just loading into a single player map would get me 10 to 15 more kills per 5 minutes on average. The pearls should have been an actual drop (promotes people moving around), or given to anyone who damaged the target. You track assists, why not use that for this? The fact that the pearls-per-kill were a hot-fix after the event started is just further proof to not waste time on the long events the first day or so they release. What I didn't like: 1.) It's not Warframe. The only personalization in what I get to do in the event is the frame I'm wearing, and that has no impact on the actual gameplay. I'm logging into Warframe to not play Warframe, and that's lame. Without getting to pick my loadout, it just feels like I'm playing a knock-off game where someone stole some of your graphical assets. I got bored playing it even faster than when DE did the same thing for the holiday challenges on the PVP maps. 2.) The grind is horrible. A new player trying to get everything, without the pearl kill drops, would be looking at over 10 hours of five minute matches. That's mind-numbing. As someone who already had all the mods, it's still over six hours of play. The ten hours is way less than I put into the original Rathuum event, but there I was able to pick my frames/weapons/skills/do Warframe things, so it didn't feel so horrible (although, I woudln't have minded just getting to select the last mod I needed when near the end of the event). Overall: The only positive emotion I felt during this was when I got the last kill I knew I needed to have enough pearls to be done with it.
  3. Those email messages replace the "Delete this message" with a "Delete all Messages" button. I'm pretty sure they count on those to trick people into deleting their inboxes to clear up database space.
  4. The new Syndicate interface adds an extra click to buy things. The cost of the reward is shown when you hover over the item, so the extra Puchase click after you select a reward is new and redundant. The interface change to selecting relic rewards is also sort of annoying. The old interface showed me how many of each reward I already had, now it's hidden until I scroll over a reward. That also makes it impossible to see all of the numbers at once. Please add a filter to relic selection for if the relic is vaulted or not. In the beginning that was the default sort order, and I really miss it.
  5. Could we get a HUD icon for when allies are under Haven? Plus a number on the icon shown next to the player for how many enemies are linked? It'd be helpful to get an idea of the drain I'm under and if it's an okay time to drop the ability and regen shields. From what I've seen in the comments, I'm not in the majority in that I like that her blueprint is locked behind a high faction rank requirement. For most frames, shields are worse than health or armor. There's almost nothing in game that tells a new player that, and the fact shields regenerate makes them look appealing. Valkyr was a great learning moment for me, getting me to look into why this frame with very little shields still has high survivability. Having a frame that wants to use shields unlock early on one of the earliest planets would just reinforce using shields. Putting it behind the faction wall gives a chance that players will use Valkyr, Nidus, or Inaros first; and hopefully realize Hildryn's an outlier.
  6. I really want this, too. At launch the default sort order was release date of the relic, so it was really easy to see what was new and what was old. That was changed to alphabetical, which isn't actually helpful. Please at least put release order back into sort options at the very least. Or let us filter for vaulted vs. not.
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