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  1. The point I'm trying to make is one that Pablo made when he nerfed the Catchmoon. Everyone was using the catchmoon so, there for his logic was we (DE) needed to nerf it. I understand what they are doing. They are making Great and Deadly weapons that people use a lot poor performers so we (the players) run out and purchase new hardware. Then use forma to level that up, put mods on it so it can be deadly. THEN DE will nerf that one. So on and so forth. Don't get me wrong this is a fun game. What I really wish they would do is turn off the nerfs for steel path.
  2. You will get your wish my friend.
  3. I remember when Rebecca Ford showed the Kuva Bramma in Scarlet Spear. I wanted that bow. I had to ask around to find out about it, then spent time and plat to get it. I even went and found a riven to make it real deadly. I was so deadly that DE nerfed it, saving me from myself. DE went so far to nerf how riven's work saving me from myself further. I found Xoris was fun play with and DE nerfed that. DE has reported making $186 Mill last year on our revenue and this is cool. They are getting like Blizzard and being like Blizzard, plan each month to nerf something. Blizzard called it bal
  4. [DE] giveth and [DE] taketh away. Pablo must be at the bottom of this. It never fails, I start to invest my time and plat into rivens and BOOM they nerf it. You do know this is another method not to balance the game but later to institute another method for us to spend our plat. Peeps were upset about the Catchmoon nerf Pablo put in and now he’s board and they nerf the rivens. Next it will be the Bramma.
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