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  1. If you play public, no matter what it is, use a loadout to solo the mission. Always expect random to screw things up. If it happens you are prepared and won't care. If they actually do their stuff, mission finishs even faster and you still won't care much.
  2. Do trade in game pls

    How can that site destroy prices when it is the players just setting there offers there instead of using the tradechat spam? Players are setting the prices for all items, warframe market got nothing to do with that. So if something destroys prices it's the players, not some random site.
  3. Venus Zaws

    Where did you see or hear anything about modular melee weapons for venus? As far as i am aware there was zero information about that. More like we got more hints towards modular primary/secondary weapons in the latest devstream where they showed a small video of the new hubtown in which you could clearly see a shop with range weapons on the wall
  4. Putting univac to rest (SURVEY)

    Pointless vote. DE has all stats of anything that is being used. And univac is in since PoE release. Watch Devstream 100 if you don't believe it
  5. Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    What happened to the new Katana Greatsword? After showing of some attack animations there hasn't been any news about.
  6. Warframe is Dying

    Obvious troll is obvious.
  7. Zephyr Prime or Khora

    Khora probably won't happen any time soon. Her quest is delayed to focus on the next big quest at least that was the info given on the last devstream. So unless they announce something else this friday Khora is several month away, at least that is my guess.
  8. Mesa Is Good But She REALLY Needs A Buff

    There might not be a correct build but there are definitely builds that simply don't perform good. If you have trouble with a frame that is borderline OP and want it buffed while it already has one of the strongest damage reduction abilities, the fault is 100% with you/your build. Mesa can deal insane damage and be incredibly tanky at the same time. Your build just sucks.
  9. Depends on nothing. An indie game is without backing of a publisher. Doesn't matter if it's made by one person or 100.
  10. That was before Warframe. Warframe is the very definition of an indie game. If Warframe had failed Digital Extremes wouldn't exist today
  11. Abilities that make you go Argh!

    Zephyrs 4. Simply hate it, not helpful or useful.
  12. My friend Has an ayatan problem...

    If your friend has a problem, i don't know what i have
  13. Void Dash overall simply behaves weird. There are times when i dash into a door and nothing happens, door opens and i move along. Other times i dash into the door and get thrown out of operator mode back into my Warframe where i left it but without the operator dying animation, just a fading out screen and back in the frame. So it's less about DE nerfing or tweaking stuff here but more about the ability itself not working at 100%
  14. Banned for no reason at all !

    Mods close threads like this because they are pointless whining. If you want to be helped get in contact with the support. Opening a thread like this in the forum does absolutely nothing.
  15. PC Players: Controller or M/KB?

    M/kb is just superior in any type of shooters, that is something that won't change