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  1. Make Khorra "CALL VENARI" Skill Toggleable.

    Pacify and Provoke work different. They are not constantly draining energy but use energy for every enemy affectedd by it.
  2. Chroma will probably get a look at and some changes when he gets primed, which won't happen before summer 2018, fall if Limbo gets primed first (if it's those 2 frames which should according to release order). Before that nothing will happen, at least very unlikely.
  3. It behaves quite funny, leaving the blade in full length while not equiped. Especially on the Sigma & Octantis where the blade is twice as big as on the other weapons
  4. Why is Mirage Prime in my ship?

    That's Mirage Prime, not Khora. And to answer your question, no clue but seen stuff like this posted more often now, some weird bug going on
  5. Any way how to make your pet suck loot?

    Pets might not have it but Warframes have it, although the range is quite small, it is there.
  6. Does Chroma need a rework?

    I can see a Potato flipping tables with threads like this
  7. What was your hardest warframe to farm?

    Not really hard but extremely annoying: Vauban. Took me 5 or 6 month to get all party to pop up. And it wasn't because i simply missed parts, no, the helmet simply didn't spawn more than that. Other frames didn't really bother me that much since i could farm them. If i had enough of unsuccessful farm runs i simply took a break. If i had to choose, Mesa was the most annoying of those other frames because of keyshare runs where people left after 2 or 3 runs to not use a key, if they even had one.
  8. Thoughts on cassowar?

    It's okay? Another weapon Condition Overload viable but nothing special to it, so kinda meh
  9. Gara, been playing her almost non stop, only switching to other frames for specific tasks, sortie spy or eidolon hunt setups. Aside from those Gara just fits everywhere. Great for defensive stuff, great CC and basically unlimited dmg potential Oh and having a stat-stick with blast when using her 1, just hilarious
  10. Eidolon's Biggest Flaw

    If you'd follow the changes to PoE, you'd know that there have already been several changes for that problem, at least on PC. First you can leave the squad under your profile picture like you would on the liset. Second is with 2 or more members inside the gate area a timer starts after which the squad extracts. If both of those aren't on consoles, you simply have to wait for them to be implemented.
  11. Try her 1 with a blast melee weapon equiped. It's the best.
  12. How do you troll/grief others in Warframe?

    If people are obviously leeching, as in staying afk the whole mission, staying dead the whole time, doing absolutely nothing, hell yeah i fail the mission and report them. DE does not have the report leeching/afk for nothing. If you want to support afk leeching, go ahead, but i won't.
  13. How do you troll/grief others in Warframe?

    I don't or grief, but try to ruin the time of leechers by failing missions and reporting them
  14. Mesa is OP enough to count as two frames