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  1. They end up in a blender, always has been the case, anything else was just a lie to make you feel better
  2. Kalec

    Bringing Excalibur Prime On Consoles

    Excalibur Prime will never ever be released again. Deal with it. Forum is already full of pointless threads like this.
  3. Kalec

    Excalibur umbra vs prime

    Umbra gets the triggered energy from the void balls as well
  4. PC always gets updates first, console comes some time after because of developing and certification reasons. Never been different but DE gets console patches out faster and faster over time.
  5. Nothing. I think the sacrifice is simply something we witness, not something we have to to. Like something related to Umbra gets sacrificed, maybe its Operator
  6. Kalec

    Fishing hit box is absolute grade A trash.

    One thing which causes me to miss a lot is throwing the spear too early after a fish spawns. The fish can't be hit the first few seconds right after spawn and if you use the thing to make them glow (can't remember the name) you don't see them slowly spawning, they just pop up instantly.
  7. Easy solution, Stop playing the game if everything is just boring for you and you have to force yourself by using the most simplistic and overpowered builds to make it playable for you. Because if i don't enjoy playing a game, guess what, i just stop playing, problem solved.
  8. Because those oh so efficient ways are just boring and not engaging. You are doing one action over and over and over again, you are not actually playing the game and DE has clearly shown they don't want this kind of "not actually playing the game" playstyle. Not too hard to understand
  9. Because nuking the map by just jumping up and down is fun engaging gameplay and not extremely boring in itself. Surely not. nerf was needed and if you didn't see it coming, you are at the very least ignorant
  10. Kalec

    I'm so tired of hearing about Saryn

    How salty can you get? Saryn is one of three Frames that are Pablo's babies and if wants to rework her who are you to say he can't? Or is your brain incaopable of realizing that with a rework a lot of posts are centered around that very frame? Put this thread in the garbage where it belongs, this is no feedback, just salty rant from a salty kid
  11. Khora and the Sovereign Syandana still don't like each other, clipping like crazy
  12. Kalec

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    You can't compare that with Nidus at all. Sure losing the Spore damage might suck but depending on your range, power strength and number of enemies, it ramps up insanely fast. And what good does it really do when it won't fall of completely? Lets say you retain 50% of the stack on your next cast, all it would do is just end up at an instant kill of everything on cast/first tick. And you know what comes after that? A nerf. Letting the damage drop off is the right choice. You have 3 ticks per second per enemy, that will stack up very fast over and over again and with 50% base corrosive proc it melts armor light crazy which will leave anyenemy without armor quite fast, no matter what level they might be. Don't try to compare that to Nidus because it is something entirely different.
  13. Kalec

    Sovereign Syandana

    This syandana has some serious clipping issues, especially on Khora. Her hip parts are always sticking through it and her idle animations make it stick through her body, leaving the end in front of her legs.
  14. Kalec

    wukong... any use at all?

    Wukong is my goto frame for radiation sortie missions because there is always a Saryn or Mesa and if they keep triggering my Defy i simply kill them and go on with the mission, as many times as needed for them to learn. Usually until they only have 1 revive left.