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  1. Wondering if this is intended at all. It feels like there is a chance for Mass Vitrify to reset the duration of Splinter Storm because sometimes it happens within the first second of channeling, other times it never happens even if channeled the full duration. I like this synergy between the skills as it enables Gara to give her team great support but the way it works now is like a coin flip if it resets or not. E: Ok after testing in the simulacron there might be an issue while not being the host. In the simulacron it always resets the duration instantly. While public play i notice the issues described above, reseting later or never while channeling. E: Ok after some more testing i now realized that the duration only resets when hit with the expanding wall, i was just being stupid for not noticing that
  2. Murkray Bait Bugged?

    There are pools in some areas, ripples, thats where you have to aim the bait. Only with thoseyou can get them to spawn. Don't have to screenshot to show how they look but they are somewhat easy to spot if you bulletjump and look and for weird behavior that doesn't look normal on the water
  3. Eidolon Teralyst Loot Bug

    And that only applies to the host. At least in my case i could never loot anything at the gate, only the host could
  4. Eidolon drops are STILL bugged @DE

    Had this happen to me several times now, every time when working with lures. Only host could see loot which was infront of the Cetus gate, everyone else got nothing
  5. Had now several runs where no one except the host could see and loot the core and shards on finishing the hunt. Did all those runs with the extra to get the brilliant shard. ost could loot the items infront of the Cetus gate, not where the actual kill happened. Aside from the host, no one saw the loot or could get it
  6. The front paws don't seem to be quite in place, in fact, that looks painful
  7. Finished a Eidolon hunt by capturing it and there was no loot left over, no core or shard. Only the 4 shards for limb destruction were dropped
  8. Twitch Achievement Rewards.

    The sigil is for the survive the night achievement. Not for killing the Teralyst
  9. Fishing Blueprints

    The Blueprints for the lures and dye should really be re-usable. Increase the cost to match that of mining but just make it re-usable. Having to use standing for those is quite punishing since at least the dye is just almost needed since it is quite hard to see those fish depending on location and day time.
  10. And another one of these stupid threads by uninformed people.
  11. Plains of Eidolon

    Or people shouldn't take stuff out of context and take things any other way as they were said. If people fixate on this it was promised, it was scheduled release crap, they are to blame, no one else. Someone is only responsible for what hey say, not what others take from it. And defending DE or some crap like that got nothing to do with it. Saying PoE got delayed or they said they will release it on X is nothing but lies.
  12. I feel stupid...

    Wiki: Prior to the Specters of the Rail update, Neuroptics were called Helmets/Helms.
  13. I feel stupid...

    Lua spy is incredibly easy with Limbo. Easier than other spy missions since you can simply ignore so much stuff.
  14. Plains of Eidolon

    Stop it with the Plains delayed nonsense. They NEVER set a release date or time frame. All they did was saying they hope to release it in a certain frame, hope. If you take that as a promised date, schedule for release, it's your own fault for not listening, taking words out of context or simply lying to yourself. Srsly, not a day without a new thread like this and none of them bother to actually check other threads.
  15. I'd like to thank the Chat Mods

    I think i am missing out on stuff by leaving the game client in german. Our region chat is so calm, whenever i look it's just people asking about stuff and getting helpful answers.