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  1. Friend of mine is so looking forward to it. Knowing that huge majority of people who main Nidus are annoying and how Nidus is designed is not helping things just next to Inaros level of boring.
  2. Eh... I respectfully disagree with your statement. Bigger issue is tile set design being bit too cluttered and claustrophobic in some places for usage of Merulina. It is not impossible to move with it but it would be an understatement of a year if I didn't say it is definitely difficult and buggy in quite a lot of places. With some practice the movement with Meruline becomes quite close of tolerable but like I said understatement of the year if I wouldn't say that it is difficult and buggy in some places. Example: In RJ Corpus mission when you go inside of the ship there are rooms with particular areas where if you hop on to a merulina on the floor you get clipped through the floor and get sent back outside of the Corpus ship.
  3. Pretty sure this is against the tennogen skin rules. I might be wrong though.
  4. Banshee working as intended and people slept on her for so long and is refreshing and making fights far less frustrating? I will definitely not be mad and scream for a nerf. She does need some rework though... Banshee isn't as good as you think it is. Banshee is pretty much lives and dies with the team deal.
  5. Buggy quest? Friend of mine let out the loudest kek I have heard from him. He completed the quest in first day of the patch and he says it worked 100% fine. He even admitted that some of the challenges were a bit daunting feeling as he hasn't done any K-Drive for a quite a while and he is not even that good with K-Drive. Load screens between tasks are kind of mandatory for saving your progress. Do you REALLY want to just go for about 3 hours of game play and only with manual save then something happens that pretty much nullifies all of the progress you made in that 3 hours? Spoilers, You don't want that. Biggest pain in the rear you can ever imagine is having something like that happen and nobody deserves it. K-Drives are working just fine for him maybe remember to holster your sidearm when you are done clearing nearby enemies. What comes on Sevagoth, pretty sure that is player choice whether you want to invest resources to piece of equipment. Or did this suddenly one day become not a player decision? If you like something and want to keep using it. Use your resources as you see fit. If you don't like something just max it out, throw it away and move on with your life. Also pretty sure there are others too who also went through it just fine without any kind of bugs. My friend knows there are a lot of problems within the game, for one this game is huge time investment heavy game so if you don't like a game like that he definitely wouldn't recommend it. He likes this game but is open to talk about the problems it has. Because of the new update he has been cursing his forma situation quite a lot and still hating that he has to wait (Pretty much) entire day JUST for one. The new damage dealt calculation method on the nemesis enemies is just super annoying in his opinion and would advocate at least giving it a second thought. Game's claustrophobic tile set design what comes on Yareli needs to be given a thought. Graxx tennogen items, MIGHT be bugging out the sisters of parvos and liches not to spawn with ephemera not confirmed yet but two cases he has heard where item conflict COULD be the cause. (Not confirmed yet but like I wrote two incidents of item conflict might have something to do with but it also could just be RNG being RNG) The whole thing about 3 hours of game play was that if you go through that amount of time. You damn well want to have your progress saved. Friend of mine is close of the end of closed beta player and he has lots of stories of progress lost because of host migration or something else from there to here. Most of the loading screens you go through save the changes you make to your equipment etc. Friend of mine has gone through server connection loss a few times and had to make changes to his equipment again because of the server connection loss it didn't save them. He was very frustrated when he finally got a larvling that was going to spawn with Kuva Hek if he secret mercy killed it. He some reason lost connection to server and was kicked out in to log in screen and guess what. He didn't get that kuva lich with Kuva Hek. Don't know how many he skipped to get it again but probably was more than 10. He speculated that it is probably client side issue though as he has strict nat because of certain ports on his end are not open.
  6. Radou spoke with Kacilius for a moment about should he become involved in Kacilius' personal matters. Just like Miraley thought this sounds like a blood feud either wants to become an involved party in. Radou refused to become part of Kacilius' personal matters but he talked respectfully to Kacilius and Miraley. After some talking about matters of both human and tenno. Miraley and Radou parted ways with Kacilius and headed to the garden.
  7. Mostly waiting although I have been quite focused on other stuff too. Also, MAN, this summer is WAY too hot for my liking...
  8. Never really cared enough to know the exact number. Personally, Inaros is just mastery fodder.
  9. If situation evolves that it requires a nerf, yes. Right now. Very unlikely. Most of the kubrows and kavats are balanced on health and damage. Although I can not overstate the hilarity of seeing over 8k health pet when using Inaros.
  10. I guess good time for you to actually consider asking for information about what has changed on the game. What new content mostly.
  11. Radou only made a quick look as Kacilius put his hand in to his pocket as soon as he saw it is just a credit chip he's gaze returned to Kacilius' eyes his face didn't really say anything about seeing the credit chip. 'I do not mind, Radou Elten.' Radou said with mildly stern manner. Miraley came to Radou and Kacilius 'He asked about how we met' Miraley said which didn't seem to matter to Radou 'I used to be a part of a mercenary group and we were on our last mission together before we would disband. Our path intersected with Miraley's own to her objective in Neptune surface. We didn't exchange fire at each other. Our paths just intersected and we ended up firing at same foe. As soon as enemy influence in the area was removed we had a chat' Radou said normally. At this distance personal details of Radou are far more easier to see. (Refer to the post in OOC). Depending on how many humans Kacilius has seen. Radou either just is part of humanity seen today or is variant or different faction of humanity. He is standing straight, arms folded lightly between the chest and stomach level. Miraley just pulled out her own datapad and started using it. To which Radou looked at her for a moment then returned his gaze back in to Kacilius' eyes. His stare is just focused.
  12. Friend of mine just provided me this kind of description of him: He is much more difficult to ascertain what comes on profile. For now I would consider him a roll of a dice. He isn't truly a friend but he is neither pure opposite or opposition to us. More surveillance and monitoring of him is required. Current Agenda?: I can only speculate but strongest guess I have is taking back leadership of the Corpus whether good or bad for us hangs on the interpretation of his words. Current goal: is easy to see Returning to 'reality'. FOR NOW: It might be better to keep him in arms length (Keep him within the Granum Void) and continue monitoring and surveillance of what he is doing.
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