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  1. Is Hildryn available for Tennogen artists yet or everybody just has overlooked her? Just wondering.
  2. Or have the mask positioned at the top of the head of the kid when you want it to be open.
  3. Use Frost for protecting certain areas, Limbo for regulating how much enemies will come at you and protect certain areas and use Gara to deny access to certain area. What do I mean by this? Gara's Mass Vitrify... Is just awful... But it does have a use. Use it to block enemy accessing the interception consoles against Grineer. No idea who made the AI but the Grineer just don't understand it or you can lock certain enemy spawn areas within the walls.
  4. Only Nidus? What about Titania, Nyx and Vauban deluxe skins? I mean the skin looks awesome but I think fan bases of those other warframes would love to have the deluxe skins for those Warframes come out same time.
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