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  1. Using that on the Prisma Skana would be nice but the attack speed is kind of a downer.
  2. Roll it a bit. If you get status chance+ it's going to help. Kuva Quartakk actually can become pretty good status weapon.
  3. *Cough cough* Ember *cough cough*. She is so much better now what she used to be don't get me wrong. Wukong's rework is not bad but don't forget about rework on Ember.
  4. Make sure that you also have enough credits to do the trade.
  5. How has your new year started? Just wondering, my own has so far been uneventful just still dodging covid-19 and go on with daily routines.
  6. I think that is the slipstream helmet for Nova. Nice work with the art.
  7. 'No, I am not lost' Miraley said warmly with small friendly smile, pulled her hand away from Shard as this seems to have refused not to shake hands with her. 'I am looking for a human. If you have seen one, could you please tell me where this is? I set up a meeting here with this' Miraley said remaining warm in her tone and retaining the small friendly smile. She seems quite oddly undeterred in her approach of Shard despite his size and how he looks while also same time treats Shard like a member of kin.
  8. "Nice to meet you Diamond' Miraley said still remaining warm in her tone. She decided to take the Trinity Prime helmet off revealing wine red hair and face of woman in upper twenty. She approached Shard so he is able to see her a bit better. Iris color of her eyes is comparable to the green growing at Earth today. She set the helmet to hang on her left side of her waist on the warframe she is wearing right now. She aligned her hand to shake hand with Shard. While it is notable that Miraley is not that old. Probably why she treats Shard like a junior is due to experience or just habit that has
  9. Miraley looked the whole thing unfold and was mildly amused. "I appreciate your willingness to help but I think you are forgetting something. Name is Miraley and no need to be formal with me. What is your name young man?" Miraley said warmly, patient and doesn't come across as too much of a parent figure. She kind of wants to asses how Shard feels seniors and how he would like to be treated by them. After all healthy skepticism is always welcome.
  10. Miraley stopped looking at the architecture to look who is speaking and is mildly amused by the proclamation of idleness of the youngster. Although does acknowledge that the young man does mirror her thoughts even if she isn't as eager to return to the front lines. Reason for her to return even if slightly begrudgingly is because that is the place where the lives can be saved both present and future and as the other reason doesn't exist yet. Even she does find the sudden shift by the cease fire depriving her of her work she is passionate about, idleness she doesn't fully appreciate but such is
  11. Miraley is currently walking around the place in the sun wing.
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