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  1. *Nods and moves on* that is pretty much what friend of mine said to what you wrote. He is veteran player too and he already had so much mother tokens that he just bought everything he felt like needing and ignored this event. He never criticized the event just said that he was in the position where he doesn't need to care about it. He doesn't like the plague star event grind and half of him almost prefers doing relics than PS. It was fun when it was released and fixed though.
  2. Is everything okay between you two (NSW)0nuku and Clshadow?
  3. Depending on how Vydraixenne starts the interaction and how it will go on, Radou's opinion of her might be either good, decent or bad. Usually he finds people who try to annoy him the casual friend way, a bit more interesting but depends on what kind of nuisance the individual is to him.
  4. Actually, Radou lied about his true profession to Thraks as he has worked against Steel Meridian. As mentioned, one of the Steel Meridian leaders had a bounty on it's head but Radou failed the shot but got away in belief that they didn't even manage to identify the sharpshooter. On another occasion Radou was hired by somebody to steal an item from Steel Meridian and in this he was successful. He doesn't hate Steel Meridian but he is very aware and understands if they feel frustration because of what he has done. He did not lie to Ashtare at registration about his identity, he was last to regis
  5. Unlikely that you are going draw ire from Psychotoxin. I am somewhat looking forward for conversation between Radou and Vydraixenne.
  6. So, how are you all? Just wondering since it has been one mildly intense year to put it lightly...
  7. Smoke Detector in my house went off because it was running out of battery that was installed in it and I woke up because of it. The alarm went off when I was sleeping... Battery HAD lasted more than 3 years which I respect the battery product for but... Man... The time when it started sounding the alarm was just really horrible. Well, I did get more sleep after eating a bit.
  8. Man what a nasty wake up... Smoke alarm was running out of battery and started peeping because of it. Well, the battery lasted more than 3 years which I will have to respect but damn that notification came at horrible time.
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