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  1. A big issue i have in the mid to late game, is managing what weapons i have and have not built, and what parts i do or do no need. And it would be a real quality of life change to clean that up in a few places. For example. In the ducat trade interface, if you have a weapon bp, you can see by looking at it that you have weapon mastered. It would be really helpful if you could hover over a weapon part and see if the weapon it belongs to has been mastered. That is to say whether it is baro fodder. The same applies to the relic reward screen. A relic part may say 0 owned, but you may have the weapon built already and not need it. Right now when playing relic missions i have a list of parts i need open on second monitor. That should not be necessary. What would be really fantastic is if in the relic refinement station, you could look at all relics owner and not owner, and mark individual rewards as 'needed' until the weapon they belong to is crafted. At which point the needed can be checked again (maybe you want 2 of a weapon for some reason or are farming sets for trade) In summary it would be great to have a better way to sort trash from treasure.
  2. take my word for it, pop to orb vallis as long duration ivara. gather a bunch of enemies and cloak, wait the 15-30 mins for the nora notification, then steal from then kill the glassed enemies. you should come away with from 4-8 of the drop. I will note that i think for each nora callout there may be multiple fissure points
  3. The fact you lose your cephalite on fall is the real killer to me. you are not punished anywhere in warframe for falling, yet here you are suddenly crucified for it. Going against established gameplay expectation like this with no warning is literally top of the list of DO NOT DO THIS in games. Dont create a norm and then randomly go against it with no warning. How the hell did i just fall you might ask. easy. i jumped, and then went to aimglide. but while jump and double jump are enabled, aimglide is locked. Again, randomly changing the rules with no warning.
  4. finally got 10 cephalite and promptly fell off. no worries i though. nowhere in warframe is falling off platform punished. not a big deal. Booted out. gg DE
  5. I did these without vaz before. Just take a banshee
  6. i got this too, spend 40 plat on xp booster. hotfix. cant log in . ggde. And fixed.
  7. Based on being able to get -1 second rechage haha.
  8. Broken frame. Note, all power costs and other numbers are basically random. Devs can balance it. The frame being made up of three separate designs with a void binding element is interesting. There is definitely lore here about a squad of frames, maybe prototypes (tie this frame into somatic fibres and lua) The somewhat sentient styling maybe points to these being some of the earliest warframes, also built by the orikin. possibly a precursor. 'Fusing the strengths of three frames, but unreliable for it as their souls collide.' Passive - Animated/broken by the Void The tendrils uniting the warframe animate it like a wild animal. Like a fish it must keep moving forward to push the void energy through itself sustaining it's existence. While sprinting the warframe regenerates 5 energy per second. However while not sprinting the warframe loses 5 energy per second. Power 1 Representing the white part of the frame. cost 25-75 The white frame was a long duration weapons specialist. On cast The warframes ammo regenerates for a short period while boosting damage, while a longer lasting buff is applied to projectile flight speed/melee range. power 2 cost 25-75 The Red frame was a brute force defensive specialist. On cast, 100 percent DR is applied to hits on the red part of the frame. 75 elsewhere. status chance is radically buffed based on damage that should have been recieved to red section. power 3 cost 25-75 The blue frame was an agile hacking specialist. On cast, movement and attack speed are buffed, while hacks auto succeed. 5 percent chance to turn a robotic or sentient enemy against its brethern within range per second. Cost variation of the first three powers is either 25, 50 or 75. Power cost increased for each of the other first three powers active at one time. So for example, while you are receiving the buff from 1, powers 2 or 3 cost 50. similarly while you are getting buff from 3, powers 1 and 2 cost 50. while you have buff from 1 and 2, 3 costs 75. etc This represents the increased strain on the void tendrils from drawing from the strengths of these three individual frames. The flip side is, when a power costs more, its buff is accentuated. So the order in which you choose to stack your power casts changes their buff properties. Powers 1-3 are balanced to be pretty strong but with a catch, you cannot simply mash all these frames together and expect it to work. There is a 5-10 percent chance on activating power 1-3 that the power simply wont work, while draining whatever the cost would have been all the same. This failure chance may or may not be tired to whether buffs are being stacked as described above. The buffs should be balanced with this in mind. Power 4 cost 100 Representing the void binder. Dissolution. Special note. Defying the standard rules of the game, this power can be cast from a downed, or dead state (even with 0 revives). Apologies for this being overly complicated in description. Upon cast, the void tendrils animating the body disperse, attaching to and wrapping around the other frames in the squad. This begins draining the casters energy at X per second. X is affected by whether each frame affected is sprinting or not. The game interface switches to something along the lines of the overview 'X' menu in railjack, where by you can select which squadmate to follow at any time. You can apply buffs to each frame individually based on your 1-3 powers, in addition to causing 5 energy to regenerate per second for each affected squadmate. However each squadmate that is standing still will drain 5 additional energy per second. Casting cost penalties for these buffs still apply, BUT, only if stacked on the same frames similar to how the cost of multiple buffs stack on your frame. So you can apply one of each of the 1-3 power buffs to each frame at 25 cost. It could be giving everyone buff set 1, or you could give set 1 to one player and set 2 to the other players. Applying a second concurrent buff on a frame costs 50 etc. When a squadmates energy is full, the overflow returns to your own energy pool. The players operator may transference out of any followed players frame, providing additional support (handy for resetting sentients). This would be balanced so that under and absolutely ideal build, with cooperating team mates the power would be long lasting 1-2 mins, with a more average practical length of 20-30 seconds to allow assessment of the situation, selection and application of squad buffs. Allowing the player to act as a guardian angel support.
  9. The market disagrees with your assessment of how bad grind is given the price of arcanes have completely collapsed.
  10. if you are defining a perfect run as 5000 score per run, does this account for fact a run is now like 4k score. Also, most successful servers have things wrapped up in just over an hour- 2 max, why is a run time listed as 3.
  11. If a further reality check for people in this thread is needed. In the time this thread has been live there are people playing who have earned enough scarlet credits to buy 5 arcane energizes , what would have been 500 plat worth of items on the market a month ago . Arcane energizes that were 100 plat on the market just over a month ago are selling for 20 plat a pop right now. 20 plat. And we are a week into a month long event. This is a very clear representation of how much easier it is to get these arcanes than at any other point in the history of the game.
  12. 'Oh, but of course you want everyone to get and max one arcane .' i literally said you could do that in 5 hours. and it assumes starting from a position of having 0 arcanes. i had 85 k since start of event and i spent them just now taking a bunch of arcanes from rank 3 to 5, including barrier. ' again im sorry that they couldnt make it any easier for you. You might have to actually play the game, or god forbid, you wont have all the arcanes in the game to rank 5 by the end of the event, you might have to do some single eidolon kills to get the common ones. or buy the commons for like 1-2 plat a pop on the market. god forbid you cant get most of the end game rewards maxed out from 0 from a 30 day event playing an hour a day.
  13. 10 hours a day for 2-3 weeks? you can do 3 space in an hour in your sleep. netting the bones of 12 k credits plus a 10 k bonus for 100 murex. so 20 k for an hour or 5 legendary arcanes in an hour. Which is comparable to the absolute height of speed for an elite eidolon tricap team. Except that tricap team does not get to pick their arcanes. So if you want a specific legendary there is a literally no comparison it is orders of magnitude faster to get legendary arcanes by this method than any other. So in 5 hours with abundant change you can max out an arcane energise. you would have to literally do hundreds of tricaps to achieve the same result. so with an hour a day you can max out 4-5 legendary arcanes over course of event. I am sorry that that is not enough for you. i really am, my heart bleeds for you as someone who dropped 1500 plat on energizes a few months ago because there was no universe i could put that much time into hunts on. Im only going to be playing an hour or so a day but i plan to max out many rare and maybe 1-2 legendary arcanes.
  14. honestly i expected 10k for highest level arcanes.
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