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  1. So where are the changes to make co-op play in Liches less garbage? I'm still just wasting time if I play with my friends/clan? Cool, thanks.
  2. Most people want Kuva, and the system is literally called Kuva Liches, it makes a lot of sense for Kuva rewards to be involved.
  3. Stop asking for this it's a bad idea.
  4. Just put it back the way it was! Don't over-complicate things for yourself, the simple solution is the best solution here, very obviously. People enjoyed the co-op Lich farm, people enjoyed getting Kuva. Let people enjoy the game.
  5. That's a pretty wild misunderstanding of the situation. We're upset at how much extra time this is adding to the grind, and the fact that it gives all the bad players even more excuses to not kill their own Liches and gate yours from spawning. It's a trash change that actively makes playing in squads worse, and disincentives teamwork. In a full co-op game.
  6. Can you guys just go one day without removing improvements that actually made the Lich farm bearable, and dare I say, enjoyable? Why is DE so aggressively against players actually having fun?
  7. Let him kill you so everybody in the party, including you, gets huge Murmur progress, because you read the patch notes.
  8. Well, at least you improved it for an hour.
  9. I don't understand releasing so many skins for the non-Primed variants of Primed weapons, why would anybody ever use those? They literally just make the weapon uglier.
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