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  1. Happened this week ( and I have been playing for 5 years + ) During Transference to Operator Mode - I ended up Inside another players Warframe body. I couldn't control their body, but The camera was stuck in their body and my body was sitting around freaking out as I tried to move.
  2. I would say the opposite, Octavia's passive needs to be removed then just triple the duration. Essentially it would have same effect for Octavia in time to get energy and recast, though her team mates won't get the passive energy rbut that's OK we got energy pads. Desiccation Blinds. When an enemy is blinded it opens them upto finisher damage, which is massive.
  3. DE is used to the outrage considering all the changes they make to drastically alter the game. So I doubt they really care about outrage. The God Tier Warframe Nerfs Maiming Strike Nerf Vauban Crafting Hema Crafting Excal Umbra Release Helminth Changes etc. They aren't exactly being cautious around a minefield, they are running head long through it.
  4. Now that's a bad idea. You want Full 360 CC and a Weapon? Firing Line simply puts enemies infront of you.
  5. I don't know if anyone mentioned but you can have 2 exacavators out at once. Also if you do Pluto Exacavation you can get Axi Relics + Cryotic and because its infested just run Vauban. Makes life super easy. It is not a good idea to farm something to get that specific something. Instead play the game normally and when you "reach" that point craft it, but don't grind to craft youll go nuts.
  6. Biggest Offender for me is Vay Hek, I hate his little Weakpoint the most. I have to use specific guns ( or warframes liek mag ) to take him out without getting irritated by the fight
  7. They could Fix Firing Line up by a lot where killing enemies in firing line drops Repair Orbs ( to fix necramech ) \ Energy orbs IT would be one of the most used abilities overnight.
  8. i don't know why the Blueprint is a reward for every Rotation , and an extremely high drop rate to boot. Can you make the Blueprint only Drop in Tier 1 at C level? At Tier 3 it drops at A \ B \ C rotations. Why? Players want rare crafting mats \ relics \ or something constantly useable. We don't need a ridiculous amount of Sniper BLueprints when you need the parts to craft them. Drop Rate of Sporothrix Blueprint is higher than Oberon Parts at same amount of time. Or just Move the Blueprint to Father for purchase with Reputation at Tier 4.
  9. Ya any IT Support person will find this super suspicious you suddenly lost phone access + backup email access + email access? That's the definition of a hacked \ sold warframe account. Which is why they are probably not going to reply.
  10. Could take upto a week. It also will matter if you made purchases or not so you can prove you are the owner with receipts and other proofs. Otherwise anyone could claim they lost their email and need access to anyones account. If you sent more than one support request in a day they will ignore all of them. You are only supposed to send one request and wait for a reply. With that said ALWAYS USE 2FA. 2FA isn't optional, its mandatory even if the email provider says it isn't.
  11. People are going to say it no matter what, but the advantage of the proposition is that you don't "Need a railjack" to do the content as a free one will be provided if you don't own one. So even though it is a railjack mission you don't grind for one.
  12. Invasions are already 3 part separate missions. That is literally how you get Invasion rewards you got to beat it 3 times and in many cases the exact same mission 3 times. All this suggestion is to add Railjack to one mission, Void Rig to another mission, and ground for the final mission.
  13. Yes, exactly Currently Invasion missions are incredibly boring. By making it a 3 part mission with more meaning like a Sortie - it does alleviate some of that bordem. It also makes it much easier to connect the 3 gameplay mechanics. Yes Rent a Jack is one possible way to do it. It could first check all the squad members on mission load to see who owns one and picks that. If no one owns it then it becomes a Rent a Jack.
  14. The ability was always called Rift Surge, but how it functioned before is different than how it functions now. Before what 3rd ability used to do was be a damage multiplied to every enemy inside the Void Rift now what it does is charge enemies with Void energy then when they die it explodes spreading it to other people. So you could time stop multiple enemies in a chain reaction.
  15. Keep in mind Archwing essentially was kept out of the main universe for almost 5 years, hence the reason it died out. Now the main purpose of archwing is still being an open world Fast travel service and still nothing more. After scarlet spear they didn't seem to show an interest of linking the universe together. Their next major Railjack feature set is Corpus + Command Crews. That's why I mentioned Invasions, they already exist in game and gameplay mechanics wise I am not actually adding anything "new" Hence it would have a signficantly faster turn around in getting it
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