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  1. Tried this riven today - went around 30 minutes killing every condor on the map. Riven did not count a single killed condor whether i killed them in flight 5 feet away from me or 200 feet away from me. Apparently even in the Air it still thinks the condor is on the ground.
  2. So much information the OP posted is wrong. I think it is meant to be a parody post. Manual switching removed? - wrong Can't manually channel? - wrong Less Immersive with hot switch with lmb? - wrong Channeling mods now useless - wrong In retrospect probably would have been just easier to write the correct points.
  3. Problem is it is switching to Primary instead o secondary when holding an object.
  4. Please see images as explaining is a bit complicated. This is the Base Stats for Arca Scisco #1 This is the Riven in Question which has a -94.7% multishot with a +84% Status Effect Even with +84% status effect it drops Status Chance down to 3.4% # 2 After adding 3 +60% status chance mods it becomes 14.3% #3 Finally, after adding all 4 status effect mods it suddenly jumps from 14.3% to 100% #4 In summary Negative Multishot on rivens some how causes the Status chance to go into an "invisible" negative value. Which requires +300% Status chance to break it make it go to 100%
  5. Doesn't make her immune, it simply removes it. More importantly, the way it works is it fires a LoS Projectile to the enemy, which then comes back to her. If she moves to a different location and there is an object inbetween, it blocks the projectile from returning.
  6. Shield is probably the worst thing you can have. So many procs bypass shields entirely making her completely useless . You have 4,900 shields? Slash and Toxin looks at you and you are dead.
  7. While visually Hildryn is extremely beautiful - gameplay wise she is sorely underpowered 1. Due to low health pool procs can skip her 4.9k shields and directly attack her 250 hp health. 2. Her 1st and 2nd, 3rd, 4th abilities do extremely little damage the higher level you go, due to lack of damage scaling. 3. Ageis Storm - While CC is strong its a really disappointing ability for an ultimate. Long range units can easily snipe her due to her lack of mobility in the air. Basically, she is a flying target with a shoot me sign on her back. CC like Rhino Stomp is infinitely better where he does not lose his mobility while applying, even more, CC than her. Some recommended changes. 1. Make Haven give her and her teammates in range immunity to status effects while active. Or at least give Hildryn 100% immunity while active. This will give her the survivability she needs in high level areas that have slash ] toxin \ gas etc. 2. Shield Pillage - Make it take a percentage of armor \ shields based on Power strength 180% = 25% ripped. In compensation increase cost per use. 3. Ageis Storm - Change Ageis storm functionality where the more enemies she captures the more her abilities get buffed. 20 enemies caught in the storm = 100% buff to all her abilities for 20s. Buff = power strength \ drain reduction etc. Also the higher her smash damage should increase by 25% per meter of height upto a maximum of 500%. The reason being many maps have low roofs limiting where she can use the ability, more importantly, the time it takes to to fly up that high and finally how small her cone becomes as she goes higher which should compesnate for buff.
  8. Was doing the new Buried Debt mission 2 of the players left early after completing 3 fissures. Me and one other player stayed for 10 more minutes. When we both tried the elevator it did not work. ( When I was inside ) the elevator did not work no matter how many times we went in and out of it. Afterwards I tried waiting outside for 30s while he waited inside. The elevator worked and took him down. I then went in after him and waited 10 minutes inside elevator refused to function. If other players take the elevator before you - it seems for host the elevator will stop functioning. This was a Public matching.
  9. By the time you hit day 1,000 it is quite likely you would have hit hundreds of thousands or even millions of resources. Many resources lack any sort of a resource pit to dump it into. Before day 1,000 hits we need new resource pits to actually allow veteran players to use those resources in a meaningful way.
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