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  1. Doing Profit Taker missions is essentially the only way to level up Little Duck. There are numerous problems with this. 1. You need to go back into Fortuna each time to get a new bounty ( not fun for low end machines ) 2. The rewards are pretty bad for doing the bounties ( one of 9 rewards? ) 3. Even the reputation gain is pretty minimal unless you kill profit taker non stop - even then you don't gain enough torroids. Suggestions. Have Little Duck be part of Quills faction but you can only buy from her after you defeat profit taker once. Also her reputation is only gained from trading in Fortuna resources, but levels are unlocked by Quills faction global. Have profit taker instead drop "Resource Keys" which allows you to exchange the keys for specific resource packs like Torroids \ Void Essence \ Kuva \ Gems etc.
  2. You seem to be missing one obivious point. All you are thinking about is you damaging the enemies. You forget the opposite is true, enemies can damage you. Crowd Control essentially either prevents enemies from damaging you or decreases drastically the number of enemies shooting you. This will drastically decrease the damage done to you - giving you much higher survivability.
  3. Cross platform means delaying PC updates every time for console certification, its not needed.
  4. I totally misunderstood the meaning of the post from the title.
  5. I miss Radiation Sorties when you had an Ash \ Ember \ Equinox \ Banshee causing team wipes.
  6. I mean the issue is they don't know "when" intermission is going to start. So they could just stop nightwave 1 - 2 days when they set it in stone. Otherwise its 1 week without alerts for new players.
  7. One thing I don't understand is why End Nightwave, have a break then start intermission? Why not continue nightwave until intermission starts? Is that Dead Space time really necessary?
  8. There isn't much chance of it. Even though Warframe has changed leaps and bounds it is a very dated game. DLC Purchase won't make much sense because it divides the community. EA it self has moved away from that policy as you can see in Battlefront 2 where all maps are released to everyone. We actually have lots of Lootboxes and Surprise mechanics already. That is what Relics \ Caches are. Also every map is based on RNG reward system. Garunteed item for some drops is about 500 attempts already. So we already have heavy grind. ( Keeping in mind Garunteed doesn't mean same as the chance to get it - most people get it within 50 )
  9. I think the FREESWORD code should still work
  10. Thanks, for the replies For some strange reason I didn't get any notification some one replied.
  11. So I am out of the loop and haven't been playing for a while. After Nightwave ends tommorow what happens?
  12. Slash \ Puncture \ Impact are not elemental effects - which is why I never mentioned them. Even then Puncture and Impact are pointless - high impact can followed by a meele finisher on knock down incase of Hammers but because of the extremely long animation it is a death sentence in high zones. More importantly gas is a Compound effect of Heat + Toxin and cannot proc against shields. While your point is true - you forget certain abilities and mods give 100% status chance on use. Tweaking those mods and abilities to grant multiple stacks as well would balance slow firing weapons.
  13. Status Effects is an interesting way to add new mechanics to damage enemies the problem is certain status effects are underwhelming ( magnetic ) and basic status effects ( Besides Toxin ) are not even considered viable. While other status effects are almost always used ( Radiation \ Corrosive ). I feel like Status Effects needs another look at, for example my suggestions Toxin - applies DoT toxin damage - when 10 stacks of toxin are on an individual causes abilities to be disabled and cool down of abilities to be reset and doubled. Fire - applies DoT fire damage - when 10 stacks of fire are on an individual armor gets reduced by 10% per second. Cold -applies DoT Frostbite damage and enemy is slowed - when 10 stacks of cold are applied enemy temporarily freezes and impact damage against it is always crit. Electric - Applies flat damage - at 10 stacks enemies are stunned then knocked down. Decreases resistance to electric damage by 10% every 5 stacks. Damage against shield is doubled. Viral - Reduces hp by 50% - when an enemy dies to viral damage 25% chance to spawn a Larva that health leech for Tenno Radiation - Applies confusion at Death causes AoE damage based based on overkill damage Magnetic - Applies Blind to Infested and Corpus - Aim accuracy drops by 80%. Applies Magnetize to Grineer causing them to take more damage from bullet weapons. Gas - Applies DoT toxin damage - causes a gas cloud to appear on Death for 3s. If an enemy on Fire enters gas cloud - causes an explosion applying 20 stacks of fire to any enemy caught in blast radius.
  14. While visually Hildryn is extremely beautiful - gameplay wise she is sorely underpowered 1. Due to low health pool procs can skip her 4.9k shields and directly attack her 250 hp health. 2. Her 1st and 2nd, 3rd, 4th abilities do extremely little damage the higher level you go, due to lack of damage scaling. 3. Ageis Storm - While CC is strong its a really disappointing ability for an ultimate. Long range units can easily snipe her due to her lack of mobility in the air. Basically, she is a flying target with a shoot me sign on her back. CC like Rhino Stomp is infinitely better where he does not lose his mobility while applying, even more, CC than her. Some recommended changes. 1. Make Haven give her and her teammates in range immunity to status effects while active. Or at least give Hildryn 100% immunity while active. This will give her the survivability she needs in high level areas that have slash ] toxin \ gas etc. 2. Shield Pillage - Make it take a percentage of armor \ shields based on Power strength 180% = 25% ripped. In compensation increase cost per use. 3. Ageis Storm - Change Ageis storm functionality where the more enemies she captures the more her abilities get buffed. 20 enemies caught in the storm = 100% buff to all her abilities for 20s. Buff = power strength \ drain reduction etc. Also the higher her smash damage should increase by 25% per meter of height upto a maximum of 500%. The reason being many maps have low roofs limiting where she can use the ability, more importantly, the time it takes to to fly up that high and finally how small her cone becomes as she goes higher which should compesnate for buff.
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