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  1. Nidus and Harrow are probably the worst frames to farm. Both are dead nodes - are annoying missions.
  2. Well if you actually played those games you probably would have your answer. SInce you didn't, I guess I can help you out. Horizon Zero Dawn; Uses a Critical Weakpoint system, where hitting them in the generic body does very little damage. Only Targetted skills at specific points do high damage. More importantly if you do enough damage to a weakpoint they lose an ability. The enemies do extremely high damage and can harass you, so disabling various body parts is critical to winning a fight. In many cases crowd control and timing is also important. Even if you used a T
  3. You know what I am thankful for? Them removing Leech Osprey Spam. There was a point in time where there were so many leech ospreys spawning and their damage scaling simiply standing on the ground is instant death.
  4. The answer is simple, The game isn't meant to be a slog. You can add difficulty without having to just make it so it takes longer to kill an enemy. You can actually create more difficult enemies that require new tactics to beat. Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls, Even games like Division 2 did this beautifully. By creating new more challenging enemies that require you to constantly think on your feet to beat. Unfortunately Warframe doesn't embrace this idea and uses gimmicks like Orb Mother that has rotating Elements to annoy players.
  5. Is the dates for the Anniversary been fixed? I am not finding the dates in both the offical overview or this.
  6. Oh oh oh, how about you pull a limbo and disappear into the void. Trust me everyone would love that idea.
  7. Imagine fighing in an Asteroid Field with massive rocks, and a Giant Orb mother Bouncing around the rocks and crawling around it. While you are flying your Railjack through the Field dodging shots, flying through giant Asteroid Donuts trying to kill it. With tiny little Archwings Buzzing around it. Like some sort of Space King Kong
  8. Thread can probably be closed now, They are announcing Year 8 Anniversary Event in tommorows Dev Stream
  9. Certain things like Smoke Ephemera requires Ash Parts.
  10. Not sure how new you are to warframe, but Anniversary event has been around for years. Its no different than Gift of the Lotus Rewards for Dex Weapons, Sydannia
  11. Ya but it would be past the anniversary at that point, its so weird they usually announcec the anniversary nearly a month in advance.
  12. So months almost over and Anniversary event never started.
  13. Strike Missions are 3 Part missions which automatically start next phase immediately after first phase is over ( doesn't go back to lobby ) Phase 1: Starts on Railjack -> The first part usually involves fighting into a fleet or landing on a planet \ asteroid. Fleet - massive battleships are on the map which telegraphs massive beam attacks ( you see a shadow of the beam before it fires ) allowing pilot to move out the way. The fleet is also protected by smaller frigates which are also large in size and can't be destroyed but parts of it can be disabled by Archwing or R
  14. They should rerun old events for all the new players that missed out on them.
  15. Planet Eater is essentially a massive infested station. Into Cinematic shows railjack coming upon a massive infested monstrocity, swarming with infested. Then Railjack Dives straight into one of the holes. ( Important for cinematic reasons ) Now essentially the Railjack is in a giant Cave it flys through - full of toxic gas, along the walls are explosive pustules that do explosive damage, with infested creatures flying round. The Railjack has to fly to various points inside the cave structure to "docks" where the tenno have 120s to reach core place the explosives and get back.
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