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  1. It is pretty simple eventually there reaches a point no one will pay for the amount. So they will hold on to the rivens and complain no one is buying it for a "Fair" price. After a month or two after that prices keep dropping. The only thing DE can do really is decrease the Extreme RNG and add a point system into Rivens so Rivens are not just purely terrible. Point system is essentially a system which determines the value of a stat. Damage is 10 points per 1% Magazine Size is 2 points per 1% Rate of fire is 5 points per 1% Negative Damage is -20 points per 1% etc So maximum points a Riven can have is 1000 and minimum points a Riven can have is 750. Negative stats essentially Cause the other values of that riven to be "Buffed" higher toward the maximum - idea similar to a Forma and Energy Capacity.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  3. Unless you are turning every 0.5s yes. you normally will be looking at it from the back not the front.
  4. I mean normally you look at a warframe from behind not from the front.
  5. Instead of equipping "Multiple" tools in various slots, Just using a Single tool letting you access all other tools would be nice. For example if you equip the hunting rifle currently and press "1" it opens a wheel but no other items. Instead have the items show various tools. Then the #2" key to deal with subcategories of those tools. So #1 = all tools #2 = Sub category of tools ( various fishing rods ) # 3 \ 4 \ 5 - various objects relating to those tools.
  6. Protea is a fun frame and shines in lower levels, but later on her 1st and 2nd become pointless. Grenades Some suggestions - Make Hunter Recovery -> Slash damage heals companions instead of just meele. This way her 1st ability will have nice synergy with hunter deck. Make her Grenades damage scale based on meele counter or something. Turret Turret has a lot of downsides, while its fine in close quarters combat it will miss often in range. What makes it worse it is only builds combo if it hits. So essentially it is a "Ranged" ability that does poorly at range. Does Poor Damage. It may not even kill 1 target at highest combo levels. Maybe having some sort of "Power Meter" system where her grenades build up damage for her turret or something, cause turrets really need a lot of love. Dispensory Probably one of the most useless abilities. It has a Duration + static + and takes time to drop 1.... item. Recommended Change: When you "Deploy" Dispensary a "Kill counter" appears similar to Harrow skills. The more you kill during the period of time the more "Dispensory" items are dropped. Once the kill timer finishes the dispensary disperses the items like a "loot explosion"
  7. This is what happens when you don't actually read everything written. Says Clear as day, "Level 100 Version" Now either 1. You think that players fight a level 100 Jackal Version after vor 2. You don't think players have Void mode in Sorties So want to try again bud? Or was first attempt a valuable lesson learned on reading the entire post before replying?
  8. I think Nightwave is fine bu they should change the way rewards work. Where you can either just level up the battlepass to get the reward, or use nightwave credits to buy the reward directly. ( once you reach the level you gain nothing if that reward has been bought in advance )
  9. When you reach C rotation amount - the void should auto end. There is no reason to keep players longer than needed since hey don't gain anything at all.
  10. I really love the new Jackal Boss Fight. The problem is you can cheese it easily by simply going into Operator Void Mode. I think the level 100 Version ( Sortie ) should have an its beams damage operators in Void.
  11. Tell me does that Book in that shelf look like its glowing with a bright light in the image?
  12. What could have been a great mechanic resulted in a Frustration simulator caused by a A Domino effect of terrible design choices. Let's use the Investigation Method. Evidence of Terrible Design. 1. You walk at a Snails Pace 2. Game never tells you to Remember the Evidence ( especially images ) 3. Some Clues are Obvious while others are not. Resulting in you simply Smashing Interact with every object. 4. Because the game does not tell you to Remember the Objects you have to use Geriatric ( New Slogan - Arthritis Patients Play Free! ) Simulator to walk EXTREMELY slowly to the clues to review them. 5. You can only collect Glass Fragments every 30 minutes or so. Meaning if you screw up the clues this entire nightmare needs to restart incase you forget the clues. How it should have Been Done. 1. Pace is a Brisk Walk 2. Add a Notepad UI ( Borrow Code and Mechanics from Inbox \ Communications and rename it "Notepad" Everytime a clue is found it gets sent to the "Notepad" Each link in the "Notepad" opens the existing clues for the investigation ) Yes, this idea is absolutely genius. For 2 reasons, it uses existing systems in the game so no need to reinvent the wheel and has insanely fast turn around time. It also reduces frustration level of player having to walk back to each clue to review. 3. The Longer the player Stays in Crime scene - Hints are added to the scene to decrease frustration. Such as a Ping noise when near a clue.Or Hints what next clue could be through Dialog ( Borderlands 3 does this beautifully - if you can't figure out a Puzzle it uses dialog every 2 minutes on various clues on what to do. The Earliest example is Dump Truck - after you kill him you need to find his Stash. The Character first tells you that you need to power the lines. After a period of ime tells you to look around for things that can send eelctricity. After another minute tells you to look up. After another minute tells you to shoot the target. This is a fantastic way to deal with player frustration ) While Glass Approach is keep randomly clicking on items until you find it. A bunch of iems but no way to know the clue is actually the book on top unless you just click on everything. How to Improve Even Further. The biggest problem with Crime Scene Attempt is it lacks logic. It simply Hides items in a "Where's Waldo Fashion" then tells player to find them. Crime scenes have a logical flow; A room that with items everywhere with bloody footsteps walking out the door. A blood trail leading to a locker, a bloody handprint on a terminal. A body with a caved in skull and bullet wound. With blood on a Statue with a sword nearby. The Locker full of dust of old statues, with a dust free area that looks like a square. From such a few basic clues the player can ascertain what to look for and what happened. 2 People entered a Room, there was a fight. Upon looking at the wound you notice the skull caved in so it was a blunt object that did it. Likely the person was shot and forced to open the Locker, the assailant after getting what they wanted caved the persons in with the statue then left through the door. The item taken was likely in a Square container a jewlery box or small safe. This kind of methodology gives players what clues to look for, and tell the order of events that happened. Instead of just randomly placing items with no rhyme and reason.
  13. TYPE: Railjack Screen Transition Lockout. ( Black Screen ) Description: Upon Entering Pulse Facility in Viel Proximia Via Archwing. I loaded into a "Black Screen" - I was Client The area actually loaded - I can hear enemies shooting at me, I can see my HP dropping. I used my Teleport Device to teleport back to ship thinking a "New Load Screen would Fix it" Unfortunetly even as I teleported back into the ship the Black Screen Remained. Again - The area loaded I could move around as seen on the minimap and attack things as seen in the video. But I could not Quit the game or mission because the ESC menu would not appear. So I had to ALT + F4 Expected Result: No Black Screen. Reproduction Rate: Rare - It happened me a few times since Railjack launched but out of 80 missions - might have happened 6 times at most. Side note: These kind of "Transition" Error have occurred for years in main game, but it only really showed its face in Railjack since the core game the only time you transistion is when you enter a mission and when you leave a mission. This occurs when the next area starts loading when the previous area has not finished unloading. This causes a GUI lockout.
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