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  1. Wouldn't the easiest solution to be to stop moving? If he is going to turn around to come at you anyway, standing still will let him gain distance faster.
  2. Crew ships were the main problem which prevented other archwings from being viable because their shots with would home onto the archwing to instantly kill them. Now other archwings can be used a little bit more, but probably won't see drastic changes until better rebalancing.
  3. Right now Ameesha is the only viable Archwing as shown by Dev stream. That 70% use of Ameesha is most likely because 30% of the people don't own Ameesha. Otherwise it would have been closer to 97%. The main issue is viability and balance damage for Archwing. Many Archwing Abilities do very little to no damage even with Maxed Primed Transformer. Many Archwings also have no Defensive abilities that would help them survive in Railjack. Take Electryon "Nuke" for example. It is extremely slow, the chance to hit a target in rail jack is Zero to Negative Percentage - is close to 0 unless the target is standing still or you are point blank at which case you are hitting your self. Odonta's "Dumb Missiles" again same issues because they aren't tracking and the high speed movement of enemies and extremely low damage of the missiles they are pretty much useless in rail jack again. Iztals cloak requires it to stand still and do nothing. Not even sure why this ability exists. Maybe to let players AFK to use the Bathroom? Maybe rename it to Iztals bathroom break? It is much more accurate description on the usage of the ability. Recommended Changes Odonta's Missiles - > Should work same Mechanic as Ash's 4th ability. With a massive Buff in Damage Iztals Cloak -> Works like Loki's Invisibility, but decloaks when player is damaged but can shoot while invisible. Electryon nuke -> AoE Size Drastically increased 2.5x, damage increased by 1000%, increased energy cost by 50% and has a 2s windup time. This way it actually feels like a nuke and can actually not be embarrassing. Right now you hit a target above level 40 in normal archwing mission it may do 5 - 8% of the targets health in damage. Odonta's Energy Shield -> Should work similar to Iron Skin where the more damage it takes in the first few seconds the bigger the shield. Except the Damage Timer should be 5s. There are probably a lot more changes to be made but this should be a good starting area.
  4. Railjack resources needs to be found outside of Railjack to better supplement gameplay. When you have resources exclusive to one mode it forces progression by only that mode. By having resources found in other modes - it allows you to play standard game and lets you progress in other modes. Especially when it comes to repairing and constructing railjack parts.
  5. Glad to see those Credit Caches were removed, there are better ways to earn money.
  6. So I had this mission a few times, and I found out once there is an alternate path to reach the reactor. Essentially you have to go in the completely opposite direction and look for a set of stairs down. The waypoint can't be trusted - as it shows you the shortest way ( through the locked door ) . Once you can find the path down it goes through to the other side and into the reactor room. I found it by accident by just roaming around through doors looking for items.
  7. CRUISE SHIP SPAWNED INSIDE ASTEROID! + Twilight Zone Bug You can see the Crews ship is physically inside the walls of the asteroid Making it impossible to attack. At the end of the Video below you will see the Crews Ship shooting and killing me while being perfectly safe inside the asteroid. This might be the reason why some players are unable to find cruise ships. This was "resolved" by having all players going inside the Building ( not the ship ) then coming out of the building. TWILIGHT ZONE BUG The entire game changed to this strange hues of blues after Host Migration ( Includes Crews Ship inside Asteroid in Video Below ) https://streamable.com/c7l06 GATE BUG If you enter the Giant Door way featured in the Image - which normally is blocked off. You can get trapped inside forever without Omni Recall. As the Doors behind will shut and you will be facing an image of the exit instead of a functional door. ( Unfortunately this part was not captured in the video )
  8. Crew Ships sometimes spawn at extreme ends of map - with no marker. When only few remaining enemies are left associated with mission objective - have them marked on the map regardless of distance. Or have the ship just self destruct if its more than "x" distance away from railjack.
  9. Middle Mouse button also does heavy meele attack
  10. Pilot HuD needs a UI Update Pilot HuD should include amount of revolite "Stores" on ship. This way some one will be aware of when to refine. Auto marking dangerous targets when they become visible to Pilot or Gunner ( Marking Mechanic similar to Battlefield Series \ Division ) If this is supposed to be the "Greatest Warship" Targeting telemetry is really important.
  11. The Combat Ai style needs to change so each craft serves a purpose. Right now; Crews ships -> Good at everything Flak Ships -> don't actually use flack Fighters -> Seems to be fine What it needs to be change to Crews Ships -> Bad at targeting small enemies ( archwings ) - homing does not affect them. Flak -> Good against Arch Wing ( usually protects crews ships ) Fighters -> focus on Railjack Ram Sleds -> Highlighted Marker on Screen when they are launched.
  12. Problem is Crew ships and certain other ships have homing munitions - - with the amount of random fire happening in space other Archwings just don't have any survivability skills. Elecytron being the greatest joke of all Archwings. Press 4 fire nuke, watch it do 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 hp damage. That is if it even is able to hit anything to begin with.
  13. Railjack and Orbiter are one single ship, which also includes drop ship. If you go to your engine area of your orbiter there is a platform to drop into your Railjack. It was the best "Waraship of its time" that was like a 1000 years ago. Now its like a Ford Model T - trying to race against modern day F1 car.
  14. It is actually supposed to get refined at the end of the mission - actually a lot of features are there that aren't working. 1. Resources above the Cargo limit is supposed to be automatically added to the player inventory 2. Once you go back to Dry dock all the resources are meant to be automatically refined But neither of these are working properly currently
  15. Spent 15 minutes farming around the map after mission ended, Host went back to dojo - received 0 resources we farmed on victory screen. Only recieved the mission completion reward.
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